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# Antwort: 41 - 03.05.2017 um 10:51 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 07.05.2017.

Arma 3:


CBA3 / 3.3.1Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases/download/v3.3.1.170504/CBA_A3_v3.3.1.zip

FIXED: Maps with "Wooden Power Pole" objects crash when loaded from save (#661, #663) commy2
ADDED: Function to report all CBA namespaces (#608) commy2
ADDED: Functions to convert CBA hashes into CBA namespaces and vice versa (#609) commy2
ADDED: Some Japanese translations (#626) classicarma
ADDED: Function to add options to pause menu (#634) commy2
ADDED: Debug Console to the single player Virtual Arsenal mission (#643) commy2
IMPROVED: Settings framework (#510, #580, #606, #624, #640, #641) PabstMirror, jonpas, commy2
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_removeXCargo functions to retain items properly (#596) jonpas
IMPROVED: Init-box size and enabled local variables and return values (#612, #620) commy2
IMPROVED: A description in the defend and patrol modules (#618) McDiod
IMPROVED: Performance of CBA namespaces (#619) commy2
IMPROVED: Extended Debug Console (#625) commy2
IMPROVED: CBA Keybinds are translated according to the keyboard language (#631) commy2
IMPROVED: Some array functions (#635, #636) Dorbedo
FIXED: Eden-Editor hotkey for Config Viewer not working (#611) commy2
FIXED: Unit player eventhandler not called when leaving remote control (#615, #617) dedmen
FIXED: A missing stringtable entry (#621) PabstMirror
FIXED: CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler broken for respawning units (#622) PabstMirror
FIXED: A inconsistency with the initPost eventhandler (#628) commy2
FIXED: Addon credits and versions in main and pause menu (#629, #637) commy2

ACRE2 / +-

Link: http://dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.4.2.958.zip

- [New] Vehicle Racks (experimental) - VRC110, VRC103, VRC111, SEM90

- [New] Rack-Intercom integration (experimental)

- [New] Ability to disable infantry phone ringing and defining custom ringing sounds

- [Fix] ACE3 spatial interactions (setting radios to ears)

- [Fix] Infantry phone kept connected when entering vehicle

- [Optimisation] Cleanup of sys_io
- [New] Polish translations

- [Fix] External radios too attached to the owner and not willing to be used by anybody else.

- [Fix] Players able to use rack radios and external radios while being naked and screaming over the radio.

- [Fix] ACE3 rack radio where playing hide and seek. Luckily we found them in time.

- [Improvement] Changed default Terrain Loss coefficient to 0.5 (from 1).

- [Improvement] Radio can now be opened on the ACE3 action icon point as well. We considered them too lazy and wanted to give them some use.
- [Fix] ACE3 rack radio actions not showing

- [Improvement] Open radio on base ACE3 action point in addition to sub-action

RHS / 4.2.2Infos +-



M67 sight unit on M252 mortar
81mm mortar cases
Animation for hand on M107 stock when deployed
Flag proxies for USAF ground vehicles
Camo texture variants for HK416 (SOPMOD Stock)
New sounds for M590, MP7 and M242 (Bradley autocannon)

NIT-A Scope
Added flag proxies to all ground vehicles
Added AK74N w/ GP25 & NPZ variant
TI maps for AK(S)-74 and DTK (1983)
New 1PN79 optics for the Kornet-M (6x, 12x, 20x)
AK-74 (Plum) and AK-74 (Emerald)
AKS-74 (Plum)

Flag proxies for GREF ground vehicles (BRDM variants)


^ Updates to M252 mortar
^ Improved Abrams Fire Geometry around wheels
^ Abrams loader speed is now also dependent on speed of vehicle
^ Improved A-10 MFD (CCIP piper, working compass etc.)
^ Advanced hitpoints & suspension for A10, C130J & F-22
^ A-10's GAU-8 is now using mixed AP:HE rounds in 4:1 ratio
^ M230 & M197 30mm rounds have HEDP penetration now
^ Improved hitpoints for UH-60M, CH-47 & AH-64
^ Improved shadows on CH-47 and CH-53
^ UH-1Y flight model is a bit more agile/flies less like a whale
^ Removed artifacts in UH-1Y rotor textures
^ Moved some seats to reduce clipping with passengers on UH-1Y
^ Reduced glossiness of UH-1Y interior materials
^ Hand on stock script is more flexible for use with 3rd party mods
^ Modified position of M249, M240 & M107
^ Adjusted HK416/M27 scale
^ Adjusted suppressor position on SR25 EC
^ Improved bipod and grip proxy alignment on USAF weapons
^ hasUnderBarrel animation for M16A4 lower rail cover
^ Better ACOG reticle calibration & adjusted appearance of USMC chevron reticles
^ Made Mk211 Raufoss ammo explosion less apocalyptic (until a custom effect can be made)
^ Darkened dataplate texture on M72
^ Mark V SOC use now "deleted" event handler - additional roadway lod is removed in all cases now (i.e. while using VG or deleteVehicle script command)
^ M113 & RG-33L now use turnIn/Out event handlers for handling hatches
^ New turret limits for M113 & RG-33L FFV seats
^ Customisation option to mount flag at the front or rear of HEMTT (for convoy procedure)

^ Mi-28 & Ka-52 should no longer trigger ejection sequence while being on deck of some vehicle
^ Cleaned up ingameui.hpp
^ Reduced reflection on Ka-52 MFD
^ Added some missing cfgPatches entries
^ Converted Kamaz & Tigr hatch actions to new turnIn/Out event handlers
^ Tweaked Ka-52 & Mi-28 MFD
^ Added proper mass to AK74
^ Added proper mass to russian pistol mags
^ AK-74 textures
^ Added rotational anim to OG7V
^ PTS-M radio antenna copied from View LOD to resolution LODs
^ Improved Ka-52 cargo lod for 6DOF
^ Improved FG of T-72, T-80 & T-90 (mainly more accurate tracks & wheels + turret ring for T-90 & T-72B3)
^ PiP monitor on Mi-28 & Ka-52 is changing zoom mode while flying with AI depending on distance to target & selected weapon
^ Rebel flag script is now using deleted EH
^ Score for RGO/RGN grenade kills is now properly handled (setShotParent implementation)
^ Changed RGO/RGN script to use new weapon event handlers
^ Tweaked specularity of Ka-52 instruments
^ Added ability to toggle pilot MFD for Ka-52
^ Updated Extended Armour/Reduced Damage warning infographic

^ Updated M70 and M92 recoil values on par with RHSSAF
^ M76 now uses the appropriate PSO1M2 instead of PSO1M2-1
^ PhysX suspension for L-159 and L-39


@ Typo in UH-1Y displayname
@ Typo in firegeometry of UH-60M left doors
@ Typo in rvmat path of UH-60M MEV
@ M24 was missing bipod memory point
@ M27 IAR grip switching didn't work correctly with some vert grips
@ M249 bipod shadow didn't animate when deployed
@ M249 VFG (long variant) didn't hide its original flash-hider when muzzle attachments were fitted
@ Abrams FCS overshooting targets
@ Gap in Abrams driver's triplex view appearing in some screen resolutions
@ Some unit loadouts (USMC javeling carring SMAW missiles in backpack & overloaded units mainly)
@ MRZR and RG-33L classnames missing from cfgPatches units array (affected Zeus spawning)
@ DUKE activation/deactivation hints were broadcast to other players
@ Wrong M112 demo charge magazine generated after defusing
@ Wrong path to CH-53 RotorLib config
@ CH-53 rotors spun in the wrong direction
@ Reference point for towing CH-53 with Leshrack's mod, was underground
@ Sound occlusion made weapons too quiet

@ AK-74 missing UV in lower lod + muzzleflash on AK-74 lower lod
@ Fixed PM muzzle flash in distant resolution lods
@ AK-74N missing rhs_npz script line
@ UAZ DShkM gunner no longer use invisible uber magnified scope
@ Fixed Su-25 hitpoints compiling .rpt errors
@ Removed updating base class errors
@ BMP-1 (basic variant) had wrong camo selections in last resolution lod
@ Fixed Mi-28 proxies which were inproperly configured - they had wrong name in cfgNonAIVehicles & were missing autocenter = 0 property in geometry lod
@ Fixed healing & mine radio messages causing error in stealth mode
@ AK-74 had small section missing material references
@ AK-74 had UV data in shadow lod
@ AK-74 finger was clipping with the trigger
@ Infantry riding on top of BMP-1s could not be shot
@ PGO-7V reticle resembled PGO-7V2 reticle when illuminated

@ "Updating base class" .rpt errors due to adding textureSources
@ Plamen muzzles

ACEX / 3.2.0Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACEX/releases/download/v3.2.0/acex_3.2.0.zip


    Add Volume Toggle (#47)
    Add Headless blacklist group and vehicle Eden attribute (#43)
    Add Korean translations (#55, #56, #57)
    Add Japanese translations (#50)
    Add Hungarian translations (#46)


    Allow Headless blacklist on group (#42)
    Allow ending mission if AI distribution is disabled with present Headless Clients (#51, #60)
    Prevent transferring groups with waypoints with synchronized triggers (#54, #60)
    Optimize Headless handling (#60)
    Optimize Sitting initialization (#59)


    Prevent sitting on another chair if already sitting. How would that even work? (#45)
    Fix Headless empty group check (#42)


    Update Headless framework documentation (acemod/ACE3#4950)

OCP / 1.2.0Infos +-

Link: FTP
Taunus Fix

BW Camo

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 07.05.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 530~ MB.


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# Antwort: 42 - 13.05.2017 um 19:20 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 14.05.2017.

Arma 3:

ACRE2 / +-

Link: http://dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.4.2.961.zip

- [Fix] Garbage collector for racks and mounted radios

- [Fix] Possibility to access racks from other vehicles when using infantry phone

- [Improvement] Optimisation of rack's vehicle crew PFH
- [Fix] Vehicle Racks on Arma 3 release candidate and dev-branch (upcoming 1.70 update)

- [Improvement] Added missing privates in PRC343, SEM70 and SEM52SL components

Camofaces / 3.1.0Infos +-

Link: Sk3y hats selber

OCP / 1.2.0Infos +-

Link: Sk3y hats Selber

Kleiner Fix

BWMod / 1.5.1Infos +-

Link: https://bwmod.koffeinflummi.de/BWMod_A3_comp_ACE_v1.5-1.zip , www.marc-book.de/bwmod/releases/BWMod_A3_v1.5.1.zip

- geändert: Zusätzliche Eden-konforme Textur für den UH Tiger
- geändert: Alle addon-Ordnerpfade auf Kleinbuchstaben
- geändert: Einige G38-Klänge inklusive der schallgedämpften
- geändert: Lautstärke der FLW100 auf dem Eagle IV
- geändert: Rückfahrtgeschwindigkeit des Eagle IV auf ~33Km/h
- geändert: Distance-LODs beim Eagle IV
- behoben: Die Darstellung von zerstörten Reifen beim Eagle IV
- behoben: Leuchtkörpermunition für die P2A1 und Carl Gustaf waren vertauscht
- behoben: Texturfehler bei Leopard 2 und Eagle IV
- behoben: Warnblinker konnten nicht wieder abgeschaltet werden
- behoben: 'Bone X does not exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton' Animationsfehler
- behoben: Texturfehler beim JPC
- behoben: AG40-Visier war immer aufgeklappt
- behoben: Leopard 2-Ladeschütze hatte immer Nachtsichtgerät
- behoben: Texturfehler am Wrack-Modell des Leopard 2

Sk3ynet / Infos +-


Update/Fix: Logistikportal Update

3.JgKp DebugKonsole / Infos +-


Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 14.05.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 10~ MB.


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# Antwort: 43 - 31.05.2017 um 23:02 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 04.06.2017.

Arma 3:

ACE3/ 3.9.2Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.9.2

Gatling 30mm UBC issue (#5125)
The Eden pylon magazine fantasy names are "fixed" and are using their realistic counterparts. (#5165)
The FCS has made its way into vanilla. So we removed it from most vehicles. (#5152)
The aircraft countermeasure mode switching is now part of vanilla too. So we removed that one as well. (#5163)

ACRE2/ +-

Link: http://dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.4.2.962.zip

961 -> 962

- [Add] Added API functions for vehicle racks.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_initVehicleRacks: initialises the racks in a vehicle.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_getMountedRackRadio: returns the mounted rack radio.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_getVehicleRacks: returns vehicle racks.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_mountRackRadio: mounts a radio.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_unmountRackRadio: dismounts a radio.

- [Fix] Rack intercom actions did not make a distinction between accessible racks and racks in intercom.

- [Fix] A bug in inner channel function of AN/PRC77.

- [Doc] Added SEM90 rack.

F/A 18/ 3.1.0Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22594

     vanilla TGP support
    vanilla ejection seat support
    new afterburner mechanism, deploys at 90% throttle and above
    vanilla auto wing folding support
    new gun ballistics computer
    added laser to F/A-18E
    add sensors support
    add USS Freedom tailhook support
    add throttle indicator to HUD

A new pbo can be found in this release, containing community contributed skins: js_jc_fa18_contrib_squads.pbo


    suspension is broken, wheels float 5cm above the surface
    frame rate drop when looking straight at the engine

Sk3yNet/ Infos +-

Link: Sk3y hats schon

SanZelte gefixt
LogistikPortal gefixt

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 04.06.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 26~ MB.


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# Antwort: 44 - 29.06.2017 um 21:51 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 02.07.2017.

Arma 3:

ACE3 / 3.10.1Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases


Setting for refuel to be able to set the hose length, because sometimes size matters. (#5224)
Ability to change repair times of vehicles by script or config which allows your funny kart races to remain fun and your realistic convoy operations to remain realistic. (#5205)
Ability to only add a certain amount of ammunition to a munitions truck because artificial shortage isn't only a thing in marketing. (#5182)
Support for the Arma 3 1.70 pylon vehicle loadouts and supply actions are now dynamically added. (#5183)
More objects now support refueling and showing a fuel hose where it wasn't possible before (Fuel barrels, bladders, Huron containers). (#5151)
Ability to toggle the interaction menu with a keybind (default unbound). Special request by a very cool, one handed ACE3 user. ACE3 becoming more accessible. (#5095)
Setting to tweak the time of how long a paradrop takes. (#5116)
Code handlers for detonations (script based triggers) that can be fashionably used to e.g. block an explosive from ... exploding. (#5115)
New latitude entry for the map Lythium. (#5109)
Advanced Throwing now uses setShotParents (sad Batman) to set the "shooter" and instigator of the scripted grenade throw. (#5052)
New Zeus Module that adds the ability to direct AI suppression fire to a certain position or unit. (#4977)
Keybind for quickly mounting a vehicle. (#4931)
Predicted Line Of Sight Guidance and Overfly Attack Mode for the NLAW launcher. (#4791)
Eden attributes for cargo vehicles to easily modify vehicle capabilities directly in the editor. (#4780)
Laser guided Hellfire missiles (K version) - finally. (#4679)
Ability to add Virtual Arsenal to an object using a Zeus module. (#4576)
Italian translations (#5193, #5198, #5243, #5268)
French translations (#5017, #5032, #5040, #5041, #5043, #5079, #5217)
Japanese translations (#5011, #5133)
Polish translations (#5008, #5018)


Use getUnitTrait for medics, engineers and explosive specialists for more compatibility and easier changes. (#5246)
Use correct TransportX type for items, because categorizing is important. (#5168)
Disabled custom aircraft flight model changes. (#5167)
Lowered minimum speed limiter speed to 5 km/h because slow is smooth. (#5065)
Expanded Cargo load menu with a list of vehicles to load into so you don't have to play trial and error with the boxes anymore. (#4871)


Glass doors and CUP doors can now be open in a stealthy way. (#5226)
Belt linking now has less duplicated code. (#5206, #5213)
Update helmet hearing protection with standardized values. (#5146)
Aircraft configs are now clean. (#5197)
New cook-off sound effects for more glorious cook-offs and explosions. (#5179)
Switched 2 permanent PFEH's to EachFrame's. (#5140)
Map now closes on getting hit. (#5099)
Spectator Improvements. (#5083)
Tweaked ACE3 main menu info box. (#5073)
Use getPosASLVisual for icons and camera position. (#5067)
Frag cleanup and performance improvements. (#5010)
Updated Sandbags surfaces so you can now deploy them where you couldn't before. (#4971)
Slightly tweaked overheating for more realistic jam chance and barrel temperature. (#4969)
Increased maximum distance of attach to vehicle action so you can attach things to big vehicles as well. (#5262)
Following advice from top tier marketing experts, "Repair Specialists" re-branded themselves into "Advanced Engineers". (#5248)
3rd party mods compatibility. (#4713, #5096, #5097, #5145, #5201, #5204)
Advanced Fatigue minor performance enhancements. (#4887)


Large IEDs didn't like being defused so we forced them to increase the max defuse distance. (#5261)
1.70 AA Turrets caused a lot of medical issues. It is now forbidden to drag them. (#5251)
Pylon weapon is now a valid weapon on Orca/Kasatka (#5250)
Non-local objects didn't like being raised or lowered, now they do. (#5234)
IVs being shamefully ignored in patient display. (#5230)
Ammo count hiding in UAVs. (#5222)
Zeus remotely controlled units thinking they were players and using player's damage threshold. (#5219)
currentThrowable is not always what it is expected to be, Advanced Throwing now handles that. (#5216)
Zeus unit and group interactions didn't conform to locality. (#5214)
Laser pointer unit list now removes the unit when the laser pointer is removed for increased performance. (#5190)
Zeus teleport players module did not like non-local players either. (#5175)
Map gestures and map tools properly separated. (#5154)
Spotting Scope interaction point is no longer elusive. (#5132)
Refuel nozzle was ignoring objects when being dropped to ground. (#5119)
Jerry can liked telling about itself to everyone connected, now only tells the server. (#5131)
Jerry can refuel interactions were fighting each other over priority. (#5107)
UAV AI no longer cares about G-forces. (#5094)
Headless Clients liked the idea of teleportation, they are now filtered from the Zeus module. (#5070)
.338LM API526 now has correct BC G1 value in ATragMX. (#5069)
FCS vehicles hated initialization and didn't inform other clients about it. (#5063)
Tagging model cache's numerous disorders. (#5055)
Weapon on back and holster for large modsets. (#5054)
Smuggling cargo in locked vehicles no longer possible. (#5049)
DAGR not showing bearing in mils. (#5047)
MicroDAGR movement by adding custom CfgUIGrids after 1.70. (#5014)
Advanced Ballistics water vaporisation pressure calculation. (#4956)
Unarmed sprint to prone animation for Advanced Fatigue. (#4887)


Custom CfgAiSkill config changes. (#5091)
Custom MFD additions for Comanche. (#5197)


Conformed function headers to coding guidelines. (#5255)

ACRE2 / +-

Link: http://dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.4.2.963.zip

- [Add] TeamSpeak Channel Switching channel name setting

- [Add] Japanese translations
- [Add] German translations

- [Add] RVExtensionVersion interface support and Windows file details to all extensions

- [Improvement] Allow configuring racks without intercom

- [Improvement] Privatization and other SQF Lint reported errors

- [Fix] Prevent sharing accessible rack radios

- [Fix] Intercom configuration for infantry phones

- [Fix] Initialization of the integration between racks and intercoms in some cases

- [Fix] Prevent simultaneous transmission on manpack radios

- [Doc] Add Troubleshooting section to Installation page

- [Doc] Update Manual installation instructions for plugin auto-copy

- [Doc] Fix some links on Basic Concepts page

CBA3 / +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases

ADDED: Ability to bind mouse buttons (#83, #638, #651, #652) commy2
ADDED: Music functionality (#598, #672) fishykins
ADDED: Debug Console Watch fields for remote machines (#658, #659, #664) PabstMirror
ADDED: Ability to name groups in the lobby (#667) commy2
ADDED: player events for group and leader changes (#703) jokoho48
IMPROVED: Keybinding component (#249, #647, #653, #654, #656, #657, #673, #674, #677, #678, #679, #680, #688, #692, #694, #701) commy2, PabstMirror
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_directCall (#665, #689, #690) commy2, PabstMirror
IMPROVED: Performance of CBA_fnc_players (#668) SilentSpike
IMPROVED: Updated Joint Rails for 1.70 (#669, #698) robalo
IMPROVED: Statemachine component (#671, #675, #676) PabstMirror, Dorbedo
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_removeWeaponCargo can be used with to remove just the weapon from a container, not the attachments (#706, #707) jonpas
FIXED: Wrong file when loading settings from userconfig (#666) jonpas
FIXED: CBA_fnc_taskPatrol with 2D Position (#670) commy2
FIXED: XEH preInit has to re-run in 1.70 when changing the mission (#684, #685) PabstMirror
REMOVED: An unused file. (#683) commy2


Andors NATO Symbols / 1.0Infos +-


Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei James, Frostie oder KrisSynper melden.
Steht ab 02.07.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.


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# Antwort: 45 - 07.07.2017 um 16:36 Uhr
Update erfolgte am 07.07.2017.

Arma 3:


ADV - ACE CPR by belbo / 1.3.2 Info +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32574

For mission builders:
If you want to limit the usability of CPR you can do so by setting adv_aceCPR_quotient to a value of your choice. This way resuscitation by CPR is only available for a fraction of the ace_medical_maxReviveTime. So let's say you set adv_aceCPR_quotient to 2, then you can only resuscitate a patient if his revive-timer has not reached half of ace_medical_maxReviveTime, if you set it to 4 you can only resuscitate the patient within the first quarter of the ace_medical_maxReviveTime, and so forth.
Just put this in your init.sqf and change the 1 to a value of your liking:

adv_aceCPR_quotient = 1;

It's possible to limit the CPR to units with ace_medical_medicClass > 0 only. In that case regular soldiers can still keep a patient from running out on revive time, but they can't resuscitate him. An ACE-medic (ace_medical_medicClass == 1) or ACE-doctor (ace_medical_medicClass == 2) can use CPR to resuscitate a patient, depending on your setting.
adv_aceCPR_onlyDoctors = 0; //all players can resuscitate.
adv_aceCPR_onlyDoctors = 1; //medics and doctors can resuscitate.
adv_aceCPR_onlyDoctors = 2; //only doctors can resuscitate.
Additionally you can set the probabilities for successfull resuscitation individually depending on the value for ace_medical_medicClass a player's unit has.
adv_aceCPR_probabilities = [40,15,5]; //the first entry is for ace_medical_medicClass == 2, the second for == 1 and the third for regular units with ace_medical_medicClass == 0.
If you want to enable logging to rpt set this variable:
adv_aceCPR_diag = true;

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei James, Frostie oder KrisSynper melden.
Steht ab 07.07.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 1 ~ MB.



Herkunft: Krefeld
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# Antwort: 46 - 29.07.2017 um 20:51 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 30.07.2017.

Arma 3:

ACE3 / 3.10.2Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.10.2

Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations - (#5295)
Japanese translations (#5277, #5280, #5309)
Hellfire N (November - Thermobaric) variant (#5294)
New latitude entry for the map G.O.S N'Djenahoud (#5275)
Refuel support for Tanoa and Malden Fuel Pumps (#5353)


Taru pods are no longer super-light and can not be dragged or loaded (#5271)
Increased Huron pods interaction range for less arm pain (#5271)
"Join Group" action to show group name (#5287)
Huron pods now have cargo space to match against the Taru counterparts (#5315)
Fuel Canister is now automatically a Refuel object (#5353)


Made Cargo holders dynamic to support Cargo on any object (#5274)
Interaction support for Hellfires, now checks for config value instead of weapon class name (#5294)


Refuel nozzle position calculation to support lower vehicles better (#5279)
Repair depends = "0" config entry is now handled correctly (#5283)
RHS compatibility config name for resupply vehicles (#5300)
Cargo canLoad set to scalar, for backwards compatibility with some 3rd party mods (#5306)
Repairing from Huron and Taru pods (#5316)
Spotting scope "GetIn" position no longer requires you to face the scope from the front (#5325)
Cook-off sound effects variants no longer different on different clients (#5335)
Broken font for map GPS display (#5337)
"Open Door" interaction now respects locked doors properly (#5345)
Rally-points will no longer modify canMove variable on spawn allowing actual disabling of moving them (#5347)
Rearm locality, because multiplayer matters (#5307)
One can no longer steal your refuel nozzle and render you incapable of running (#5352)
Vanilla throwing will no longer be used when trying to use Advanced Throwing during reloading (#5336)

NIArsenal Core / 1.2Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_Core%20V1.2.rar

-  Add 75rnd drum of 7.62x39mm to magazines arrays, fixes #61
-  Add a couple new AK mags from RHS 0.4.2 to magazines arrays
- Update G36 RHS compat (SAF)
-  Fix muzzle class inheritance
- Added new AK animations plus respective cfg entries
-  Lowpass filters for soundshaders added.
- Adjustments to IK values in new prone AK sequences
- Added Macros for FN30-11 Magazines (10-round FAL magazines)
- Added __MAGSWITCH handler
-  asdg_PistolOpticMount: Added compatible Docter and Romeo-1 sight options (hlc_optic_DocterV,hlc_optic_RomeoV)(V is for vanilla)
- Moved Configs from hlc_wp_p226: hlc_muzzle_Octane9,hlc_muzzle_Evo9,hlc_muzzle_TiRant9,hlc_muzzle_TiRant9S,hlc_muzzle_Octane45,hlc_muzzle_Evo40
- added animation data- HLC_GestureReloadp226
- Added CBA/ACE Accfunc switching to hlc_acc_DBALPL, added hlc_acc_DBALPL_FL, Now can switch between IR laser and vis-spec tac-light
- Ballistics Data Updated(see Comments in file for more details): HLC_556NATO_EPR, HLC_556NATO_SOST,HLC_556NATO_SPR,HLC_300Blackout_Ball,HLC_300Blackout_SMK,HLC_762x39_Ball, HLC_762x39_SUB,HLC_762x39_Tracer,HLC_762x51_ball,HLC_762x51_MK316_20in,HLC_762x51_BTSub,HLC_300WM_FMJ,HLC_300WM_BTSP,HLC_300WM_AP,HLC_300WM_BTHP,FH_545x39_Ball,FH_545x39_Tracer,FH_545x39_7u1,FH_545x39_EP,HLC_9x19_Ball,HLC_9x19_JHP,HLC_9x19_M882_SMG,HLC_9x19_JHP_SMG,HLC_9x19_Subsonic,HLC_10mm_FMJ,HLC_10mm_JHP,HLC_45ACP_Ball,HLC_45ACP_JHP
- Migrated classes from separate packs: HLC_68x43_FMJ,hlc_68x43_IRDIM,hlc_68x43_OTM,hlc_68x43_Sub
- New Ballistics added: HLC_357SIG_FMJ,HLC_357SIG_JHP,HLC_40SW_FMJ,HLC_40SW_JHP,HLC_40SW_SD
- M60E4 displaynames reformatted.
- respective magazines updated to match new ballistics

NIArsenal AWM / 1.4Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_AWMs%20v1.4.rar

- New Soundsamples (Credit: Navaro)
- Soundshader/Soundset changes:
  +  Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)
  +  Midrange Gunshots tweaked
  +  Tail volumes improved
  +  Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
- General AI Behaviour improvements.

NIArsenal G36 / 1.25Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_G36%20V1.25.rar

- Support to magswitch function on all Weapons
- Soundshader/Soundset changes:
  +  Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)
  +  Midrange Gunshots tweaked
  +  Tail volumes improved
  +  Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
- General AI Behaviour improvements.

NIArsenal G3 / 2.05Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_G3%20V2.05.rar

- Support to magswitch function on all Weapons
- Soundshader/Soundset changes:
  +  Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)
  +  Midrange Gunshots tweaked
  +  Tail volumes improved
  +  Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
- General AI Behaviour improvements.

NIArsenal MG3/ 1.1Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_MG3%20V1.1.rar

- Soundshader/Soundset changes:
  +  Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)
  +  Midrange Gunshots tweaked
  +  Tail volumes improved
  +  Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
- General AI Behaviour improvements.

JBAD Buildings / 0.7.0917Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26806


-fixed Cannot create object with abstract type Land_jbad_Misc_Rubble (scope = private?)
Cannot create object with abstract type Land_jbad_Misc_Cable_Rugs1 (scope = private?)
Cannot create object with abstract type Land_jbad_Misc_Cable (scope = private?)
Cannot create object with abstract type Land_jbad_Misc_ConcBox (scope = private?)
Cannot create object with abstract type Land_jbad_Com_tower (scope = private?)
Cannot create object with abstract type Land_Jbad_most_stred30 (scope = private?)
Cannot create object with abstract type Land_jbad_market_stalls_01 (scope = private?)
-fixed the lights not working on the Jbad_most_stred30

-fixed Jbad_House_C_3 being able to walk though damaged wall
-added Jbad_Wall_L_gate and damaged version
-added Jbad_Wall_gate
-added Jbad_Wall_L_5m_Hole_1
-added Jbad_Wall_L_5m_Hole_big
-added Jbad_Wall_L_5m_Hole_IED ---mem point IED_1 and IED_2 added to model for peopel who wish to script in ieds
-added Jbad_Wall_L_2m5_IED ---mem point IED_1 and IED_2 added to model for peopel who wish to script in ieds
-added Jbad_Wall_L_5m_murder
-added Jbad_Breadoven
-added Jbad_Leanto_1
-added Jbad_Leanto_2
-added Jbad_Steps
-added Jbad_Bed
-added Jbad_Oil_Pump
-added Jbad_Oil_Tower
-updated project to new eden editor listings
-added sounds to most all doors
-changes doors open/closings to functions vs execVM script --removed 6/10/17 and
changed to animateSource which should improve performance
-added environmental sounds to buildings
-tweaked damage values to better display damaged states
-fixed general store damaged version(being able to walk through the model) and the 01a version not displaying the correct damage model
-fixed general store door actions showing up in damaged models
-moved door anim sounds to cfganimationsoucesounds
-moved Kamenny and Most bridges to their own seperate folders due to binarize inability to pack different rtms in the same pbo (sorry guys)
-added pictures to most editor placed items

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Steht ab 30.07.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3  600~ MB.


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Arma 3:

CBA A3 / v3.4.1.170912Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases/tag/v3.4.1.170912

ADDED: Chinese localization (#727) GodofMonkeys
ADDED: A warning if the default keybind is out of bounds (#716) PabstMirror
ADDED: Keep contents/attachments support for CBA_fnc_removeXCargo functions (#726) jonpas
ADDED: CONFIG type as param in CBA_fnc_getTurret (#729) Dystopian
ADDED: XEH compatibility for v1.76 classes (#734) commy2
ADDED: CBA_fnc_removeGlobalEventJIP (#741) PabstMirror
ADDED: CBA_MiscItem and CBA_MiscItem_ItemInfo base classes for generic items visible in the Virtual Arsenal (#744) PabstMirror
CHANGED: Adjustments for v1.76 debug console (#735, #737) commy2
CHANGED: Updated Joint Rails for v1.76 (#740) robalo
FIXED: XEH initPost sometimes runs twice (#567, #736) SilentSpike, PabstMirror
FIXED: XEH stops working on respawned vehicles (#731, #733) commy2
FIXED: A bug in deprecated CBA_fnc_getArea (#710) fishykins
FIXED: Lobby group names reset during loading screen (#718, #728) chris579, commy2
FIXED: Invalid result for CBA_fnc_getNearest (#719, #720) nilsms
FIXED: Weapon accessory switching issue with inheritance (#722) PabstMirror
FIXED: Non-existing weapon parents in CBA_fnc_removeXCargo (#725, #726, #746) Entih, jonpas
FIXED: Slow loading settings menu (#739, #742) SilentSpike
FIXED: Debug console disabled in SP Virtual Arsenal mission after v1.76 update (#743) commy2
REMOVED: Superfluous private in player events (#711) jokoho48

ACRE2 / +-

Link: dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.4.2.967.zip

- [Fix] Coordinate system for antenna calculation.

- [Fix] Broken font for AN/PRC-148 display.

- [Fix] ACE3 spatial interactions (setting radios to ears).

- [Fix] `acre_api_fnc_isInitialized` when unit is `null`.

- [Fix] Internal channel function of AN/PRC-77.
- [New] Radio presets to AN/PRC-77.

- [New] 4nec2 Antenna Calculation

- [New] RVExtensionVersion interface support and Windows file details to all extensions.


Lyhtium / 1.06Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32694


Fix with last Jbad update

Fix with last Jbad update

Remove some floating objects.
Update Lighting system map.
Fix some bugs in config.

Remove some floating objects.
Update Lighting system map.
Fix some bugs in config.


Entfernt werden komplett:
F/A - 18
Zee Identity

Kimis HMD
Andors Nato Symbols
Curator Presets Mod
Laxeman Suppress
Laxeman Armfatigue
Advanced Slingloading
Advanced Towing

Neue Repo-Liste

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Arma 3 Event-Repo:

RHS / v0.4.3Infos +-

Link: Steam Workshop

+ Dynamic loadouts for combat aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)
+ Configured sensors for aircraft and missiles (Arma 3 v1.70)
+ Script for operating A-10A's TVM targetting from cockpit view, in addition to pilotCamera (movement controls bound to User15-User18 inputs)
+ New AIM-120D AMRAAM model
+ New AGM-65 Maverick model, and variants with different sensor types
+ Cluster bombs (Using Jets DLC Rockeye model in the interim)
+ Option to disable radio chatter by setting `rhs_vehicleRadioChatter` to 0 per mission or vehicle
+ Option to disable spall simulation by setting `RHS_SPALL_ENABLED` to false (however, it's recommended to leave this enabled)
+ Flag proxies for USAF planes and helicopters
+ Helicopters received Advanced Flight Model
+ More UH-60 variants: Unarmed, ESSS and EWS wings
+ DIRCM countermeasures system added to several US helicopters
+ Customisation option to hide UH-1Y cargo doors
+ Animated steering controls for tracked vehicles that had driver's interior (Bradley and M113)
+ IBAS Block 2 sight/FCS for M2A3 Bradley
+ Caiman MRAPs (M1220 Caiman, M1230 Caiman Plus and M1230A1 Caiman ambulance)
+ New FMTV truck model (Old M0178 and M1083 trucks replaced. New variants: M1078 tactical shelter and Special Operations Vehicle, M1084 cargo handler, and M1085 deployable shelter)
+ Olive MRZR textures
+ User action to fold the MRZR's roll cage
+ Initial version of Army Combat Uniform
+ Eagle MBAV body armour
+ HGU-56/P pilot helmet
+ New ACVC-H model
+ Oakley SI ballistic goggles
+ Shemagh and Shemagh+Goggles
+ Vector 21-B (only has basic rangefinding capability in this release)
+ Aimpoint T1
+ G33 magnifier
+ Remade WMX flashlight textures and materials (inc. new black MWX variant)
+ Camo variants of TiTan suppressor (for M2010)
+ Camo variants of the HK416 D14.5
+ Woodland camo variants of M4A1 PIP's
+ Woodland camo variants of M552 CCO and AFG weapon attachments
+ Laser/Light attachment slot for Glock 17
+ Proper inventory images for USMC 8-Point Cover and Boonie
+ M855 5.56mm ball ammunition+magazines
+ MRZR 4 decals

+ Dynamic loadouts for combat aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)
+ Configured sensors for aircraft and missiles (Arma 3 v1.70)
+ Option to disable radio chatter by setting `rhs_vehicleRadioChatter` to 0 per mission or vehicle
+ Option to disable spall simulation by setting `RHS_SPALL_ENABLED` to false (however, it's recommended to leave this enabled)
+ Flag proxies for AFRF planes and helicopters
+ New Russian digital-style font for aircraft HUDs
+ MiG-29S (9-13) (many texture variants and customisation options)
+ KMGU-2 munitions dispenser
+ FAB-500, KAB-250 & Kh-38 from Lyotchik Snayper's PAK-FA mod
+ FAB-250-M62
+ OFAB-250-270
+ RBK-250-275 cluster bomb
+ RBK-500 cluster bombs variants (some variants use BIS' RBK-500, with proxied nose cones)
+ Many fully-modelled Russian submunition types for cluster bombs and dispensers: AO-1Sh, OFAB-50UD, PTAB-1M, PTAB-2.5KO, PTAB-2.5M, ZAB-2.5T, PFM-1, PTM-1
+ New UB-32 rocket pod and S-5 rocket models
+ R-27R/R-27ER and R-27T/R-27ET missiles and APU-470 launch rail
+ R-60 and R-60M missiles and APU-60 launch rail
+ R-73M and R-74 missiles and APU-73 launch rail
+ Vitebsk and Lipa DIRCM countermeasures systems added to appropriate helicopters
+ "Heavy" armed variant of Mi-8MTV-3, with an extra pair of hardpoints
+ Mi-24 and Mi-8 received Advanced Flight Model
+ Ural truck with shelter body, used for Repair truck
+ New AKM model (including new AKMN side-rail variants, Zenitco railed version, and Romanian PM Md. 63)
+ Many more AK-74N variants
+ PB 6P9 suppressed pistol
+ Zenitco B-13 rail (replaces NPZ rail in many cases)
+ 1P87 sight
+ EKP-8-02 sight
+ EKP-8-18 sight
+ TGP-V2 suppressor for SVD

+ Horizon Islands Defence Force faction
+ Dynamic loadouts for combat aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)
+ MiG-29S (Three CDF camo schemes, and one Takistani)
+ ZT3 Ingwe missile system for Superhind
+ ZT6 Mokopa missile system for Superhind
+ Flag proxies for GREF aircraft
+ CDF and ChDKZ Ural trucks with shelter body, used for Repair truck
+ M93 uniforms in DPM, DPM/Olive, Altis (Greek) Lizard, Altis Lizard/Olive, 3-Colour Desert, Olive Drab
+ PASGT helmets in Altis Lizard, 3-Colour Desert, Olive Drab
+ ALICE webbing
+ ALICE pack
+ Sa vz.58V and Sa vz.58P (additional variants with optics rails and black polymer furniture)
+ Zendl compensator
+ Mosin SBR
+ SDN6 suppressor
+ Tokarev TT-33 pistol
+ IZh-18 shotgun


^ Balanced USAF aircraft armor against AFRF counterparts
^ `PreloadAddons` array for better compatiblity in multiplayer
^ `LODDriverTurnedOut` & `LODDriverTurnedIn` parameter configured for USF vehicles
^ Workaround for AI boarding vehicles in FFV cargo seats before the main gunner seat
^ `viewDriverInExternal` property configured for USF vehicles
^ Included new `tankTurnForceAngSpd`, `accelAidForceCoef` and `accelAidForceSpd` physX parameters for tracked vehicles (Arma 3 v1.78)
^ Some Multiplayer optimization of FCS code
^ Made default key for RHS FCS lasing, the same as standard Arma 3 'Lase Range' key
^ Tweaked engine startup script
^ Adjusted fuel explosion force
^ Improved SPC vest Shadow LOD geometry to remove artifacts on the left side
^ Cleaned up SPC vest UV sets and names properties
^ MARSOC units handed in their SPC vest in exchange for new MBAVs
^ Made planes compatible with the UI throttle indicator (Arma 3 v1.70)
^ Defined targetSize parameters for attack aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)
^ Correct lock-on type settings for Stinger and Javelin (Arma 3 v1.70)
^ Improvement to missile visuals - launch effects and animations
^ Reduced acceleration of AIM-9X and AIM-120 to more realistic values
^ AIM-9X changed to BIS model from Jets DLC
^ Air-launched rockets will have some dispersion pattern (Arma 3 1.78)
^ Tweaked lock-on threat detection for attack aircraft
^ Updated C-130's Flight Model with numerous Apex config settings
^ Visual upgrade for A-10A HUD and cockpit textures
^ F-22A's exhaust damage smoke is now tied to proper hitpoints
^ Standardised F-22A's Virtual Garage UI Picture (white silhouette)
^ New sound configuration for F-22A, using Jets DLC effects
^ Adjusted air friction of ejected aircraft canopies
^ UH-60M MEV (ESSS) now uses the more typical, full-size wings with 4 hardpoints
^ Some passengers were clipping in to each other in the UH-60M cargo variants
^ More zeroing steps for vehicle-mounted Mk19
^ Locality check when spawning M119 spent shells
^ Improved AI support for M252 mortar
^ `usePiP = 2;` parameter configured in M252 mortar
^ Defined `collisionShape` property for static weapon crew animations
^ Changed regular TOW flight profile to flat trajectory
^ Adjusted values of TOW 2B HEAT penetrator
^ Updated Muzzle flashes proxies on USAF vehicles to newer ones
^ Unified physX of M1A1 & M1A2
^ Improved M1 Abrams damage handling script
^ Corrected the number of smoke grenades launched by M1A1FEP & M1A1HC
^ Increased M240C Coax rate of fire to 950 rpm
^ Renamed 120mm (X)M1069 HE/FRAG ammunition with its new designation: M1147
^ Removed last round tracers on all non tracer magazines
^ Removed gun barrel from M2 Bradley's physX LOD to reduce risk of erratic collision behaviour
^ Increased armour of M2 Bradley driver hatch
^ Prevented creation of duplicate tubes when removing a fired disposable launcher via the inventory menu
^ Displayname of 30rnd M855A1 magazine was made consistant with other 5.56mm magazines
^ Aspect ratio of inventory/Arsenal icon images for pistols, were made consistent
^ Laser/light slot for Glock, made compatible with new Joint Rails pistol accessory slot
^ Inventory images for various weapon accessories
^ Better Rotex 5.56mm suppressor visuals and some optimisation of model data
^ Adjusted length of Mk11 rifle suppressor
^ Improved Omega9K pistol suppressor's _co texture
^ Reduced environment reflection on lenses of some some optic attachments
^ M32 grenade launcher now has full support for side/pointer slot attachments
^ Increased muzzle velocity of MP7 ammunition
^ Improved responsiveness of accessories scripts
^ Remade Lerca rangefinder optics at higher resolution
^ Improved MRZR textures and physX
^ Improved accuracy of RG-33L speedometer
^ Animated HMMWV temperature gauges
^ Added buoyancy property to HMMWV models
^ Casing of displaynames for M1117 user action
^ Updated DUKE TFAR jamming script with `tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator` and `tf_transmittingDistanceMultiplicator` variables
^ Reduced vertical stretching of insignia on Army Combat Shirt
^ Adjusted belt loops on 101st Abn. 82nd Abn. and 10th Mtn. uniform models
^ Many tweaks to sounds

^ `PreloadAddons` array for better compatiblity in multiplayer
^ `LODDriverTurnedOut` & `LODDriverTurnedIn` parameter configured for AFRF vehicles
^ Workaround for AI boarding vehicles in FFV cargo seats before the main gunner seat
^ `viewDriverInExternal` property configured for AFRF vehicles
^ Removed `autocenter = 0` & added `buoyancy = 1` to many vehicle models for better interation with water
^ Included new `tankTurnForceAngSpd`, `accelAidForceCoef` and `accelAidForceSpd` physX parameters for tracked vehicles (Arma 3 v1.78)
^ Removed gun barrel from physX LOD of several vehicles, to reduce risk of erratic collision behaviour
^ Some Multiplayer optimization of FCS code
^ Made default key for RHS FCS lasing, the same as standard Arma 3 'Lase Range' key
^ Tweaked engine startup script
^ Adjusted fuel explosion force
^ Configured `muzzleImpulseFactor` coefficient for some cannons
^ Removed tracer from 3OF26 annunition
^ Adjusted the amount of tracers on 30mm rounds
^ Adjusted the available TI modes of AFV thermal sights
^ Updated Muzzle flashes proxies on AFRF vehicles to newer ones
^ Visual improvements to Shtora dazzlers
^ Improved BMP-3 turret firegeometry
^ MFD-based indicators (replacing scripted solution) in BMP-3 driver station
^ BMP-3's PKT now uses a single 2000rnd magazine
^ ZSU-23-4 now uses 2000rnd magazines
^ ZSU-23-4 has sensor-networking capabilities
^ Made BTR less vulnerable to explosives
^ Set up retexturable selection for cover on BTR's spare wheel proxy
^ Disabled Tochka-U sounds in eden
^ Tochka-U control panel is available for remote controlled units too
^ Added basic interior for Tochka-U
^ Enhancement of GAZ Tigr's pilot LOD: animation of gauges, texture and material tweaks
^ Emilinated z-fighting in pilot LOD of several vehicles
^ Moved D6 parachute to `rhs_c_troops.pbo` for higher compatibility
^ SPO-15 is now limited to detecting radar-guided missile, plus further fixes and optimisation of script
^ Made planes compatible with the UI throttle indicator (Arma 3 v1.70)
^ Defined targetSize parameters for aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)
^ Advanced hitpoints & suspension for Su-25 and T-50
^ Upgrades for Su-25, T-50, Mi-28 and Ka-52 HUD
^ Proper ASP-17 sight reticle for Mi-24 pilots
^ Su-25 & Pak-FA are now using throttle animation sources
^ Gave T-50 the ladder & get in animation from Lyotchik Snayper's PAK-FA mod
^ Optimized PAK-FA mirrors
^ Removed "Sukhoi" company name from T-50's 'displayname' string
^ Tweaked Mi-28 pilot camera script
^ Air-launched rockets will have some dispersion pattern (Arma 3 1.78)
^ Improvement to missile and rocket visuals - launch effects and animations
^ Rescaled R-77M shadowvolume to reduce visual artefacts
^ Increased tracer lifetime for 12.7x108mm bullets
^ `usePiP = 2;` parameter configured for Podnos mortar & BMP-3 crews
^ Collision geometry property added to static weapons animations
^ Prevented creation of duplicate tubes when removing a fired disposable launcher via the inventory menu
^ Exchanged Rakurs sight for 1P87, on VDV units equipped with AK-74MR
^ Removed last round tracers from 5.45 & 7.62x39 magazines
^ AK-103/104 given their proper polymer 7.62x39 magazine (removed reference to "steel mag" in AK-103 displayname strings)
^ Better AK(S)-74(U) hand animations
^ VSS/AS Val AI dispersion value
^ "NPZ Rail" weapon attachment renamed as "Rail Adapter"
^ Adjusted DPM AK5 fire light intensity
^ Improved responsiveness of accessories scripts
^ Reduced UMTB and Sidor backpacks capacity
^ Many tweaks to sounds
^ Cleanup of uvs, named properties, proxies & broken materials in many 3d models
^ New sound config for the Orsis T5000
^ Tweaked Mi-8 reticle rvmat
^ Added cluster variants of Su-25 for Zeus CAS module

^ Updated BTR hiddenSelections to accommodate retexturable wheel cover proxy
^ Tweaked L-39 HUD
^ Proper ASP-17 sight reticle for Mi-24G pilot
^ Standardised AN-2's Virtual Garage UI Picture (white silhouette)
^ Advanced hitpoints for AN-2
^ Adjusted colours of Woodland PASGT helmet and M93 uniform
^ More AK-74 variety for the CDF and ChDKZ factions
^ Aspect ratio of inventory/Arsenal icon images for pistols, were made consistent
^ Better synchronisation of M70 magazine change animations
^ _ti maps for Mosin Nagants
^ Added parachute to RKG grenade


@ Missing Arsenal/Garage `author` tags
@ F-22 missing eject action
@ 'Updating base class' errors
@ Errors from dialogs using old `TahomaB` font. Now switched to `PuristaMedium`
@ Weapon holder classes generated by config Macro, were faulty
@ Low `armorStructural` value was making body armour ineffective on RHS units
@ Flickering alpha textures in AH-64D and A-10A cockpits when HBAO is enabled
@ C-130J had invisible propellers
@ SOCOM units were missing NVG eventHandler
@ USMC engineer wasn't equipped with a backpack that had a toolkit
@ Floating parts on one of the MICH helmets' lower LODs
@ AH-1Z rotor spinning in the wrong direction
@ UH-1Y rotor spinning in the wrong direction and wobbling when banking
@ AH-64D & AH-1Z gunners had a doubled HMD
@ AH-64D & AH-1Z AI pilots would ascend continuously when given a waypoint to move to - increased 'maxSpeed' parameter to fix
@ UH-60M right spotlight was always glowing (wrong selection name)
@ UH-60M landing gear caused damage when taxiing on USS Freedom's deck
@ CH-47 could carry a couple more passengers than it had cargo proxy positions for
@ Missing sound `occlusionFactor` and `obstructionFactor` parameters
@ AI tank gunners in player's team refused to fire without explict command
@ AI fire-modes for M240C coax used default BI sounds
@ Several vehicles spawned shell casings from the vehicle centre rather than the turret when firing M2 HMG
@ Typo in HEDP rockets' short description
@ Typo in 105mm M1 HE-FRAG magazine displayname
@ Typo in displayname of Canister rounds
@ Missing font error with Lerca rangefinder when running USAF standalone
@ Ejection seats were causing CTDs
@ Visual artifacts on iron sights of weapon models containing alpha textures, when looking through certain scope attachments
@ Tan PEQ-15/M952V would turn black when switching laser/light mode on HK416
@ M107 inherited laser/light attachments slot
@ M32 sinking units in the ground when deployed (no bipod mem point)
@ MP7 optics proxy wasn't centred
@ Hole in the front of SR25 Supressor mesh
@ Some models had incorrect or outdated material paths applied
@ Some crew-served weapons unintentional inherited Fire Control System following Arma 3 v1.70 update
@ FMTV gunners were missing some UI elements
@ MRZR `idleRPM` value was too low, and not producing engine sound
@ Parts of M1 Abrams, M113 and M109 crew/occupant anatomy visibly clipped out of the hull, following Arma 3 1.76 enabling `viewDriverInExternal
@ M113 caused a large volume of `Message not sent` spam in server .rpt
@ Error when turning out in M113
@ Wrong pathname in M113 textureSources

@ 'Updating base class' errors
@ Fixed super armored T-50
@ Weapon holder classes generated by config Macro, were faulty
@ Low `armorStructural` value was making body armour ineffective on RHS units
@ Missing sound `occlusionFactor` and `obstructionFactor` parameters
@ Autoloader sounds could be heard clearly outside of vehicles
@ Tank AI in player team refused to fire without explict command
@ PRP-3 radar animation was broken
@ BMDs could carry too many units in Eden editor
@ BMD-1PK had the wrong picture in Virtual Garage
@ Typo in Tochka-U cfgPatches - basic variant was not available in Zeus
@ Some crew-served weapons unintentional inherited Fire Control System following Arma 3 v1.70 update
@ Reloading Malyutka missiles no longer fixes gun/turret
@ AI was not able to use Metis & Konkurs, due to misalignment of memory points
@ D30 crew "get in" memory points
@ Configs errors in static radar objects
@ Ejection seats were causing CTDs
@ PAK-FA navigation system script error, following Jets DLC
@ Su-25 compass direction
@ Su-25 missing memory points for shell ejection
@ Tu-95 copilot appeared in the wrong seat
@ Ka-60 duplicated in Virtual Garage
@ Mi-8MT crew was could not be shot
@ Mi-24's Yak-B gun was not selectable
@ Parts of Mi-24P did not hide properly when exhaust covers were hidden
@ Tubes of B-13L/B-13L1 pods were arranged upside-down
@ Added missing `nameSound = smokeShell;` to smoke grenades
@ Visual artifacts on iron sights of weapon models containing alpha textures, when looking through certain scope attachments
@ Zenitco AK-103 was using 5.45mm suppressors
@ Hole in the wrist of units wearing Gorka R
@ Some Russian uniforms did not display wounds
@ Randomisation of face scarfs was bugged on VMF Recon units
@ Rebuilt corrupted models (switch.p3d, svds.p3d, svds_npz.p3d)
@ Russian helicopter pilot can-can legs when AFM is enabled

@ Low `armorStructural` value was making body armour ineffective on RHS units
@ Weapon holder classes generated by config Macro, were faulty
@ Wrong cfgAddons preload array
@ Reload of BRDM-2 9p148 no longer fixes turret
@ Cargo proxies not visible from gunner position of BRDM 2 HQ variant
@ Ejection seats were causing CTDs
@ Many GREF uniforms did not have working wound textures
@ Insignias were not working on TTSKO & VSR M88 uniforms
@ M38 inventory icon


- Long obsolete rhsusf_marks_fix.pbo (may need to be removed manually from your local/server modfolder depending on your method of mod management)
- FMTV M1087 Expandable Van variant (classnames in old missions will direct to appropriate replacement FMTVs)
- 3D/PiP variants of scopes have been hidden from Eden/Zeus/RHS Ammo Box, since they are swapped out by user preference anyway

- Removed old female faces and assigned default Russian ones to the former classnames, at request of author
- Removed magazine model from previously removed PMM pistol
- Removed un-needed test models from rhs_servicemenu.pbo
- Obsolete Ka52d.p3d test model
- Obsolete 2Dscope_SPG_4.p3d and dshk_destruct.rvmat

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei James,Frostie oder KrisSnyper melden.
Steht seit dem 03.10.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.




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Arma 3:

DS Houses / v0.12Infos +-

CUP Terrains / v1.4.0Infos +-

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By04o_GxOry3dTRRbVdUa0ZEQ0U/view

* Hanged man and mass grave items are now available in 3DEN and Zeus ( T2153 )
* Added closed variants of some buildings ( T1939 )
* Macro for doors in config.cpp animationSources entry - statement
* Fixed geometric occluders on HouseBlock, HouseV_2L, Terrace_K_1_EP1, and House_L_1_EP1
* Fixed RVMATs with syntax errors
* Fixed animation and RPT error on Vez_ropa - Fixes T1318
* Fixed RPT errors and path issues in a few of the structures_e/HouseC damaged models
* Fixed view geometry missing on a bunch of HouseBlock ruin models
* Fixed white pixels on furthest distance LOD of t_picea3f
* Removed a loose piece of view geometry from A_BuildingWIP.p3d
* Fixed geometric occluders on some sheds
* Fixed view/fire geometry on part of the A_BuildingWIP_ruins.p3d
* Fixed a benign HouseBase RPT error
* Fixed a few objects trying to use RVMATs with two UVSets while one of their LODs only had one UVSet
* Fixed a few rocks missing roadway texture
* Fixed bone errors from GateSkeleton, and runway lights when using Arma 3 Diag
* Fixed geometric occluders on A_Mosque_big_wall_corner_EP1.p3d and House_C_11_EP1.p3d
* Fixed House_C_11_EP1.p3d using wrong UVSet for second LOD
* Fixed several dozen objects with slightly misconfigured geometry LODs, most notably view geometry of some trees
* Fixed missing component on a couple of Misc_WoodPile.p3d's geometries
* Fixed second UVSet error on SS_hangar.p3d, and Misc_WoodPile.p3d
* IBR Objects received an _IBR Tag at the end - Classname duplication
* Fixed missing footstep sounds on Chernarus
* Fixed missing footstep sounds on Takistan gravel roads
* cwa_Phone are now removed from VA ( T2018 )
* buildings2 addon completely updated to new animationNames for Doors - adjusted animations, that animateSource 1 is opening and animateSource 0 is closing of doors.
* buildings2 - several buildings updated from dvereN to Door_N and new animateSource command
* Added geometric occluder to Wall_IndCnc2_3
* Added breakable glass to WarfareBAirport
* Added material to fire geometry of several buildings2/Ind_CementWorks/Ind_SiloVelke models
* improved rvmats and textures for Arma 2 trees and bushes
* improved rvmats for pretty much all of the buildings roads and stuff
* all buildings (should) be updated to new animationSource Namings - Some new door animations added
* updated ca_buildings - All Animated Models updated to new StandardNaming of Doors and Glass. - Multiple closed Buildings exchanged with open Versions. Multiple Non-Animated Models received a animated Doors and some also Glass. I hate Commit Messages.
* Arma 2 ground clutter now uses Arma 3 RVMAT settings.
* Better RVMATs for Arma 2 autumn trees.
* Most of the trees have been edited so distand lods fit the near view better.
* updated HouseV2_XX for further inspection (Occluder problems)
* Edited Takistani mountains rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Bystrica rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Bukovina rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Chernarus rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Desert rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Proving Grounds rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Utes rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Halved the diffuse setting for all of the Utes map layers for more natural look.
* cup_terrains_ca_misc3_c - Removed classes which were overwritting vanilla classes, causing proxy flags to not work on vehicles/characters on CUP Terrains
* "buildings2HouseBlocks" - Several Models - Roadway-LOD reworked / path's added
* Last files in buildings2 updated to new Door_N and Glass_N Names
* structures_pmc - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names
* missing animationSources added - Ignore Land_Tovarna2 -.- i hate that one. Will be the last.
* modifed - buildings2_c Configs updated to new macro
* HouseBlock_B1_ruins.p3d - Roadway updated (1st Push, lets see what i broke)
* missing entrys in model.cfg - sections added
* buildings(_c), buildings2(_c) and structures(_c) - (hopefully) last changes to the DoorAnims made. - Several Door Animations added to existing Gates
* buildings(2) - several adjustments (Glass Anims/Memory/Geometry)
* buildings(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger... + minor fixes (Tovarna2 fixed (*hate*))
* buildings (_c) rechecked. ToDo Tovarna2 and new Animation for Hangar Gates (follows later)
* Missing land_statek_brana_open added to config. inheriting from land_statek_brana
* misc_e(_c) - DVEEEERRREEEEEEEEEE (updated all doors+Anims)
* Structures(_c) +_pmc(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger ... minor fixes in Axis
* ca_structures - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names. -Several Buildings received additional Glass and/or Door Animations +bugfixes
* structures_e(_c) - Doors (and several glass) Animations added/updated (dvere->door_N) to new AnimationSource naming. Some Door Handle animations added.
* Macro updated with Shutter, Macro for Glass AnimationSource
* modified Door Macro - Statement added - 0 closed - 1 opened -- Examples added
* Shutter AnimationName in condition updated (shutter_N_source -> shutter_N_sound_source)
* ca_water2_dummy - Updated Door Animations

ACRE2 / v2.5.0.969Infos +-

Link: www.dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.5.0.969.zip

- [New] Vehicle antennas (270cm for VRC103/110/111, 166cm for SEM90)

- [New] Support for more than two intercom systems

- [New] Support for automatic connection to certain intercom (config)

- [New] Limited slots for non-crew intercoms to join the crew intercom

- [New] TeamSpeak Channel Password support
- [New] Korean translations

- [Improvement] Antenna calculation on ground (better signal quality, especially in vehicles)

- [Improvement] Reduced name check distance for TeamSpeak channel to match (more aggressive check)

- [Improvement] Allow specifying TeamSpeak channel without "ACRE"

- [Improvement] Notifications on switching intercoms
- [Improvement] SDV now has intercom in all seats

- [Fix] SEM70 CfgPatches (author array)

- [Fix] Premature TeamSpeak channel switch when channel name is used

- [Fix] Name Channels module script error (trying to assign more presets than radio supports)

- [Fix] Babel "Per-Side /w Common" script error (trying to assign invalid language key)

- [Fix] Drones having an Infantry Phone
- [Doc] Update TeamSpeak Channel Switching page

- [Doc] Update Vehicle Intercom Framework page (API changes)

- [Doc] Update Vehicle Racks Framework page (API changes)

RHS / v0.4.3.1Infos +-

Link: Workshop

+ Added warning lights to Su-25 & calibrated some more indicators
+ Added engine startup delay to AFRF jets
+ New AK Animations deployed, Model.cfgs of respective weapons retimed
+ Added Klen-PS targeting system to Su-25 (vehLockTargets (default R) - activate laser, vehLockTurretView (default ctrl+t) - lock target)

+ Extra selection for rank patch and name tape customisation on ACU
+ Added engine startup delay to A10A
+ UH-60M Added Pitch Bias Actuator

+ Added engine startup delay to L159 & L39
+ Camouflaged ALICE packs


^ Some more tweaks to Su-25 interior
^ Changed Kh-25/29 missile trail effect
^ Klen-PS can be now turned off by pressing R second time, cooldown time is dependent on usage time (<15s - 15s of cooldown, <30s = 30s cooldown, >30 & <60 = 60s of cooldown)
^ Added new mixed AT loadout preset for Su-25
^ Tweaked Su-25 hitpoints
^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP
^ Tweaked MCLOS function
^ Tweaked explosionShielding of PFM-1 mine
^ Increased PTM-1 mine hit value
^ Added PTM-1 & PFM-1 to mine module
^ Adjusted 9K32 and 9K38 damage values and parameters
^ Rotated incorrectly oriented submunitions
^ Re-added old AK mag change sound that was synced with RHS_GestureReloadAK2
^ Tweaked BMP-2 tracks rvmat
^ Added short description to ammo types
^ Tweaks to russian SACLOS missiles
^ Small tweak to su25 interior texture
^ Reduced Lipa/Vitebsk mag count due to MP compatibility

^ FMTV fording depth
^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP
^ Improved auto-trimmer functionality for UH-60M AFM
^ Increased M19 mine hit value
^ US Army RG-33 groups now use the 6*6 models instead of the old outdated (and hidden) 4*4
^ Tweaked M430 & M433 damage values
^ Extended AGM-114 locking ranges to some degree. Following indications by gatordev that 4km is below average laser Hellfire performance
^ Extended AH-64D radar coverage in line with the changes to its main armament
^ Removed ace_overpressure entries
^ Tweaked Stinger ammo params
^ Tweaked Mk211 particle effects
^ UH-60M improved SAS
^ M242 lock disabled

^ Adjusted shadow LOD on ALICE webbing mag pouch
^ Darkened ALICE webbing pouches - more similar to ALICE pack
^ Zasatava animation/gestures conformed to updated AK Reload sequences
^ Cleaned up ALICE pack named properties, selections and UV sets
^ Capitalised displayname (ALICE is an acronym)
^ Reanimated Mosin rechamber character sequences
^ Standing Mosin reload character sequence reanimated, model.cfg retimed accordingly.
^ Corrected M21 reload gesture on par with SAF
^ Applied new (old) AK mag change sound to Zastava rifles that use RHS_GestureReloadAK2
^ Weight of TT-33 and its magazines
^ Removed BIS ejection system userAction and EventHandlers


@ Some Kh-25 variants could not be fired (magazines weren't defined as compatible with their intended launcher weapon)
@ Fixed wrong magazine in ammo crate
@ Fixed PKM tracer count
@ Fixed missing missile error while using Su-25 (AT) variant
@ Fixe 2S3 Nuke explosion time
@ Mi-24 Changed Yaw SAS.
@ Mi-24 Changed max tail rotor stress.
@ Mi-8 changed Yaw SAS.
@ Fixed model.cfg errors with pedals
@ Fixed YakB submunition exploding when close to the helicopter
@ Removed some of custom panels from Mi-24, Mi-28 & Ka-52 gunners
@ Fixed UAZ, Ural & Tochka defines
@ Fixed access to Tu-95 control panel
@ Tochka-U wheels script errors and steering anims
@ Removed gunner seat from ejection seats
@ Removed (again) pylons from Mi-24VT
@ Fixed ZSU-23-4 component placement and various other model fixes
@ Fixed Mi-24P GSh cannon memory points
@ Mi-24 corrected force exertion point Z axis.
@ Mi-24 added some yaw stability into the yaw controller channel.
@ Mi-24 Reverted tail rotor Dynamic Pressure Ratio modifier to default.
@ Fixed .rpt errors about missing clear_empty.paa texture
@ Some of the russian missiles were missing missileKeepLockedCone parameter reducing their off bore capabilities
@ Mi-8 atrq pedal anims were inverted
@ Fixed Kh-29L wrong guidance
@ Fixed AK-74 (GP25) aiming memory points
@ Fixed missing Lipa on Mi-24
@ Fixed sound config had incorrect inheritance overriding Kh-29 missile launcher parameters

@ Corrected UH1 HUD position & tweaked FFAR ammo params
@ Fixed IOTV lod issue
@ Improved Chinook rotor sound
@ FMTV exhaust pfx location
@ A10A RWR should no longer detect IR missiles
@ UH-60M Slightly tweaked SAS and collective ranges
@ Changed UH-60M collective and cyclic ranges
@ Changed UH-60M ATRQ ranges
@ Fixed AH1Z/AH64 gunner sensors
@ "lever ramp" misspelling
@ Reduced some the M1 HEAT rounds max lead
@ Fixed F-22 texture selection
@ Caiman transport capacity was wrong on a couple of variants
@ Fixed Stinger inventory restrictions
@ Fixed BMG tracers
@ Fixed wrong texture name for MRZRs in distant LODs
@ ESSS/EWS UH-60s missing from cfgPatches
@ Fixed some MAAWS ammo values

@ M70 rifle grenade sight missing muzzle
@ Fixed PointerSlot on Sa61 (now it should not inherit from SMG)
@ TT-33 was missing from virtualAmmoBox.sqf
@ Shadow on Vz58V, was inverted
@ Attempt to fix normals on all Vz58 models
@ L-39 and L-159 missing eject action.

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Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei James,Frostie oder KrisSnyper melden.
Steht ab 22.10.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.


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Arma 3:

ACE3 / v3.11.0Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.11.0


    Added a pylon menu component allowing players to change aircraft loadouts using an intuitive menu (#5517)
    Added an option to move player placed markers (#5397)
    Added a "Load into cargo" Zeus module (#5528)
    Added a "Garrison" Zeus modules (#4555)
    Added a "Toggle Flashlight" and "Toggle NVG" Zeus module (#4556)
    Added underwater actions support (#4984)
    Added configurable grenade rotation to Advanced Throwing (#5621)
    Added option for UAV Self Interactions (#5379)
    Added function to add Zeus actions on the fly (#5620)
    Added fastrope keybind (#5606)
    Added stow fries interaction without the need to deploy and cut ropes (#5533)
    Added keybind for capturing of a unit under the cursor (#5529)
    Added settings to disable rating system (friendly fire) (#5354)
    Added AGM-65 Maverick L (laser guided AGM) (#5364)


    Changed all ACE3 items to CBA Misc Item type instead of using the mine detector method (#5502)
    Replaced helicopter eject configs with a universal scripted action (#5384)
    Removed rain, lightnings and wind sync (#5622)
    Turned ACE3 FCS off by default (#5580)


    Complete Spectator overhaul (#5171)
    Improved spectator drawing and selection (#5457)
    Distributed the new medical box model (#5278)
    Added support for Orange DLC drones (uav_06) (#5494)
    Added explosive support for Orange DLC mines (#5486)
    Added requireSurrender setting for taking AI captive (#5522)
    Added the ability to abort module actions (#5284)
    Added event handlers for UAV control (#5305)
    Added Hellfire support for UAVs (#5305)
    Added optional parameter to useEffects during setDamage/setHit to skip destruction effects (#5318)
    Allowed selecting a specific vehicle to load captives and unconscious units into (#5519)
    Allowed adding additional icon/text lines for mouse hints (#5524)
    Advanced Ballistics - Improved drag model and corrected spin drift (#5566, #5538)
    Advanced Ballistics - Utilized new parseSimpleArray command (#5496)
    Advanced Ballistics - Fixed values for both 127x108 bullets (#5588)
    Advanced Ballistics - Updated rail/scope height compatibility files (#5650)
    Advanced Ballistics - Improved conversion tool: 'ballistic coefficient' -> 'air friction' (#5573, #5641)
    Improved range card to always display barrel length and bore height (#5551)
    Improved bore height config for ace_scopes (#5648)
    Improved cook off to filter bad ammo and use new rearm config (#5618)
    Updated "no uniform restrictions" definitions for Arma 3 1.76 (#5625)
    Refactored private array to private keyword (#5598)
    Cleaned up optional argument headers (#5543)
    Used selectRandomWeighted command from 1.76 in cook off (#5482)
    Replaced UI icons with vanilla / common ones (#5532)
    Added JIP event deleting in Cargo if vehicle is deleted (#5506)
    Moved the Hellfire hud to the laser module (#5503)
    Added Hellfire support to CUP and RHS aircraft (#5367, #5444)
    Improved laser seeker range (#5365)
    Improved handling of load patient/captive actions (#5544)
    Added new fastrope animations (#5501)
    Improved incremental door opening on vanilla aircraft carrier doors (#5498)
    Allowed loading fuel canisters via ace_cargo (#5493)
    Cleaned up multiple configs and code style (#5463)
    Updated Chinese translations (#5637)
    Updated Italian translations (#5636, #5627, #5576, #5542, #5531, #5535)
    Updated German translations (#5539)
    Updated Japanese translations (#5565, #5612, #5476, #5536, #5505, #5586)
    Updated Korean translations (#5554)
    Updated RHS compatiblity for 3.4.0 (#5607, #5619, #5589, #5574)
    Updated R3F compatiblity (fixed J10 mildot and improved Advanced Ballistics definitions) (#5593, #5541, #5587)


    Fixed bugs in Rearm (#5411, #5289)
    Fixed Taru pod not usable for loading in persons (#5464)
    Fixed virtual spectators exiting spectator when the respawn template is active (#5466)
    Fixed an error in Dogtags with cyrillic names (#5473)
    Fixed Kestrel head and cross wind calculations when Advanced Ballistics is turned off (#5489)
    Fixed an error for laser targets if the turret does not have a primaryGunner config (#5507)
    Fixed a bug that could lead to units never dying when using the "Prevent Instant Death" setting (#5526)
    Fixed a race condition when rope is cut and someone mounts the rope (#5569)
    Fixed a bug where defused UXOs could still be defused again and detected by mine detector (#5623)
    Fixed the GetIn event handler in QuickMount and handled locked seats (#5626, #5611)
    Prevented server-side fastroping teleport (#5629)
    Fixed MRAD conversion in Scopes (#5651)
    Fixed MRAD conversion for ATragMX and range card (#5640)
    Removed legacy medical settings (#5609)
    Disabled checking weapon temperature on the fake weapon helper class (#5600)
    Fixed the restore gear function to not add the fake weapon helper class (#5491)
    Fixed trip flare not showing correctly in Virtual Arsenal (#5564)
    Deprecated the isUnderwater function (replaced by underwater command from 1.66) (#5560)
    Removed deprecated ace_medical_fnc_addToInjuredCollection function (#5559)
    Removed deprecated ace_common_fnc_stringRemoveWhitespace function (#5483)
    Fixed SDV refueling (#5546)
    Hindered unconscious handlers to run globally (#5504)
    Fixed a bug when switching between TBH and AT mode in ATragMX (#5485)
    Removed cargo from fastrope helper object (#5480)
    Hid duplicate weapon srifle_dmr_03_spotter_f (#5477)
    Allowed using entrenching tool on malden grass surface (#5453)
    Fixed cars loaded as cargo taking water damage (#5402, #5398)

Project Opfor / 0.24Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31310

- Added Datsun
- Added Land Rover (SPG-9)
- Added Flags for all factions
- Added More aks-74/aks-74u for Afghan Militia, Islamic State
- Added PM-63 for Afghan Militia, Iraqi Armed Forces, Kurdish Armed Forces, African Militia, Islamic State, Irish Republican Army
- Added Optional RDS compatibility pbo
- Fixed Boko Haram sides
- Fixed Priority on factions
- Fixed ISIS Uniforms (OPFOR is no longer naked)
- Fixed static.sqf editor script error (thanks to Spyderblack723)
- Fixed stringable error
- Fixed CfgMoves error (one left)
- Fixed Lee Enfield is back in VA
- Fixed Iraqi Armed Forces is now using AKM as main weapon
- Fixed RACS is now using M249 as MG and M24 as sniper rifle
- Improved ISOF units
- Improved Boko Haram groups (thanks to >D4S< Shepherd of Fire)
- Improved IRA and UVF groups (thanks to >D4S< Shepard of Fire)
- Improved Islamic State groups
- Improved ISIS HMMWV Textures
- Improved Iraqi HMMWV Textures

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei James,Frostie oder KrisSnyper melden.
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Arma 3:

Redd & Tank Vehicles/ 1.1.38Infos +-

Link: SWS 1128145626

RHS/ v0.4.4Infos +-

Link: SWS 843593391 , 843577117 , 843425103



Added Dynamic Object Drawing option to RHS Menu Options. In planes & helicopters it's possible to decide whether near zero pixel object chopping optimization should be applied to ground vehicles. Following options are available: Off, Limited by Object View Distance, Limited by Terrain Draw Distance. By default option is turned off
Added new S-24 model and textures
Italian strings by AtixNeon
Added FAB-100
Added FAB-500 M54 bombs


Added Dynamic Object Drawing option to RHS Menu Options. In planes & helicopters it's possible to decide whether near zero pixel object chopping optimization should be applied to ground vehicles. Following options are available: Off, Limited by Object View Distance, Limited by Terrain Draw Distance. By default option is turned off
Adds M1084 Special Operations Vehicle
Eden editor attribute for M1085 CBPS and M1078 CP Box deployment
Italian strings by AtixNeon


Italian strings by AtixNeon
Added pistol version of Vz61, now using same system as PP2000 for stock folding
Added proper icon for Izh-18
OG-107 uniforms



^ Increased max radar range of ZSU-23-4
^ Added showAsCargo params to Mi-8 & Tu-95
^ Klen-PS is automaticly disengaged after losing track
^ Removed vanilla lock tone sound on vehicles with SPO-15 RWR
^ Improved Tochka-U physx
^ Tweaked planes head leaning during sharp turns
^ Tweaked Su-25 loadouts
^ Tweaked sensors range further
^ Tu-95 sensors defined
^ Updates to Shilka sounds (May be further modified)
^ Adjusted Su-25 & MiG-29 dive indicator
^ Increased CM immunity of AFRF radar guided missiles a little bit
^ Calibrated Su-25 CCIP mark
^ Added AP belts for ZSU and ZU-23
^ Update to BMD sounds
^ Adjusted Su-25 hitpoints
^ Ka-52 radar range increased to 11 km
^ ZSU-32 IncomingMissileDetectionSystem set to 0
^ Added firemodes to KMGU-2
^ Adjusted Su-25 hitpoints
^ Tweaked timing of AK(S)-74 reload animation
^ Renamed 5N7 to 7N6 and 7N6 to 7N6M, since 5N7 seems to exist only on wikipedia


^ Improved Glock 17 diffuse textures
^ Added showAsCargo params to UH-1 & 60
^ Increased M1117 wheels protection
^ Some more tweaks to A10A TVM script
^ Tweaked UH-1Y & UH-60M hitpoints
^ Added manual control to laser guided Hellfires as interim solution to locking issues
^ Tweaked sensors range further
^ Tweaked CH-53 sensors and display range
^ Gave AGM-56B 3500m range back
^ Tweaked UH-1Y firegeometry & hitpoints
^ Adjusted M1 coax FCS calculations
^ Removed manual guidance from Longbow Hellfire
^ Added manual guidance to DAGR
^ Cleaned out redundant animation options from M1085 CBPS and M1078A1R M1084A1R SOVs in Virtual Garage
^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints
^ Reduced flickering of gauges in driver's view of SOV FMTVs
^ Adjusted M249 weapon masses, based on their visual configuration (fitted rails, bipod etc.)
^ Cleaned out several redundant UV sets in M249+VFG models
^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints


^ Added physx suspension to An-2
^ Adjusted memory points for Vz61 brass ejection, should fly more up now
^ HIDF texture improvements
^ Replaced HIDF sage assault pack with ranger green one to better match newer textures



@ Fixed Klen-PS throwing script error when USAF was not loaded
@ Fixed few scripts which were dependant on USAF, now should work without USAF loaded
@ 9M120 missile magazine had the wrong pylonWeapon assigned (other 9M120M/F/O, variants weren't affected)
@ Fixed AKS-74 folding into AK-74M
@ Fixed AKS-74N (plum) folding into NPZ version
@ Fixed AKS-74N (Plum - folded) muzzleflash was visible at all times
@ Fixed UAZ & Ural sounds
@ Fixed Vikhr missile guidance
@ Fixed Mi-24 ATGM handling on dedicated server
@ Fixed engine startup script
@ Fixed Pak-Fa inherited some Su-25 scripts
@ Fixed MiG-29 HUD clipping when mastersafe & HMD was engaged
@ Su-25 launch authorization lights were not working properly
@ AK103+GP25 reload anim was out of sync
@ Fixed rifle cartridges shadows
@ Fixed Tochka-U sounds
@ Fixed T-72B3 Tank Commander override
@ Fixed MiG-29 speed & alt baro indicator textures
@ Fixed MiG-29 wreck doing crazy stunts (non convex geometry)
@ Fixed UAZ (DShkM) gunner zoom levels
@ Fixed T-80UK dazzler glass weird texture
@ Fixed BMD-2 gun particle effects - close T2311
@ Inverted T-50 fin animations
@ PAK-FA was missing some radar size properties. Version with external pylons is now easier to detect by radars
@ Corrected bad strings for repair Ural in some languages - close T2320
@ T-50 & MiG-29 were missing pylon proxies in their fire geometry
@ Mi-24 Increased maxTorque and maxMainRotorStress values.


@ Fixed LT660 holo collimator effect
@ Typo in RHS_MELB_AH6M_H classname
@ Fixes textures for SOV FMTV and adds new areas for upcoming SOV model
@ Fixed A10A TVM not shutting down after firing all Mavericks
@ Fixed engine startup script
@ Fixed Littlebird gravity boxes collision
@ Fixed M113 missing right click zoom for driver
@ Fixed M622 6rnd smoke grenade mass
@ Fixed A10A RWR not showing detected threats properly
@ Removed manual control from some AGM65 missile variants
@ Fixed SU-230/PVS (CX5395) not being visible in Arsenal
@ Fixed FMTV SOV get in memory points
@ Fixed M113 driver KIA anims
@ Fixed rogue IFF proxy in of the m113a3 w/ m240 LODs
@ Fixed typo in UH60 door eden attribute
@ SOV texture fixes
@ Fixed SOV textures
@ UH-60M adjusted curve of lateral cyclic controls.
@ UH-60 Fixed linearization of lateral cyclic in last update.
@ UH-60 Changed controls mixing and roll damper SAS gain.
@ Removed M113 hatch movement from unarmed variant (didn't find way to somehow give control over rotation) - close T2297
@ M1078A1R SOV speedometer movement was backwards
@ UH-60 Tweaked longitudinal cyclic ranges.
@ UH-60 Tweaked mixing values.
@ Fixed parts of M153 CROWS glass not rotating with the rest of the turret


@ Fixed missing L159 pylons in pilot view
@ Sa vz. 58 reload animations were out of sync
@ Fixed An-2 left elevator anims
@ Fixed An-2 panels & sensors
@ Fixed HIDF HMMWVs displaying incorrect eden editor preview images

BWMod/ v1.6Infos +-

Link: www.marc-book.de/bwmod/releases/BWMod_A3_v1.6.zip https://www.marc-book.de/bwmod/releases/BWMod_ACE_Comp_v1.6.zip

- hinzugefügt: MG3 Maschinengewehr
- hinzugefügt: Neues P8 Model
- hinzugefügt: DM31AT Panzerabwehrmine
- hinzugefügt: Leopard Fichten und Tannen Tarnung
- hinzugefügt: Leopard 3Den Menu erweitert
- hinzugefügt: Leopard Inhalt in Staukörben
- hinzugefügt: Leopard demontierbare Schmutzfänger
- hinzugefügt: 3Den Checkbox für Warnblinker
- hinzugefügt: Eagle Tarnlicht Stufen
- hinzugefügt: Puma Tarnlicht Stufen
- hinzugefügt: Leopard Tarnlicht Stufen
- hinzugefügt: Leopard Ladeschütze MG3 Nachladeanimation
- hinzugefügt: SEM90 Funktion um zusätzlichen Kanal zu setzen
- hinzugefügt: Leitfaden Tarnlicht/improvisierte Tarnung
- geändert: Leopard Animationen (Laufwerk, Antenne, Abgaswolke)
- geändert: Leopard Modell Verbesserungen (Smoothing, Schatten)
- geändert: Leopard Texturen
- geändert: Leopard Sound
- geändert: Leopard Fahrphysik ArmA 1.78 PhysX
- geändert: Puma Fahrphysik ArmA 1.78 PhysX
- geändert: Leopard2A6M Ladeschütze 1200 Schuss MG5 Munition zu 10x 120 Schuss
- geändert: G27 UI Bilder
- geändert: G27/G28/G82 Nachladeanimation
- geändert: Neues Magazin für das MG5
- geändert: ACRE Intercom Puma
- geändert: Neue Schattenlod Ausrüstungskontainer
- geändert: extCameraPosition Eagle IV
- geändert: FLW100 Ton
- geändert: Werfer Töne
- geändert: Tastenbelegung Waffenzubehör auf CBA_Accessory umgeschrieben
- geändert: Rauentwicklung an Waffen
- geändert: Tarnnetz Shader und TI Textur verbessert
- geändert: Puma Textur
- geandert: G38 Material
- geändert: Leopard Ladeschütze MG5 mit MG3 getauscht
- geändert: Puma Texturen
- geändert: Eagle Texturen
- behoben: Eagle IV FLW100 fliegendes Nummernschild
- behoben: Fehlende Textur Bekleidungskiste
- behoben: P2A1 Munition gespiegelte UV
- behoben: Falsche Kameraposition Tiger RMK
- behoben: G27 Munition verschwindet bei leerem Granatwerfer
- behoben: Falscher Klassenname für LLM-01 in CfgPatches
- behoben: Eagle falsche Staubeffektposition
- behoben: Eagle Reifenspuren fehlten
- behoben: Puma Ruckfahrkamera im Kampfraum defekt
- behoben: Gleichzeitige Anzeige von Navipad und Rückfahrkamera war nicht möglich
- behoben: Einstellige Bataillonsnummer konnte nicht gesetzt werden

- geändert: Zusätzliche Eden-konforme Textur für den UH Tiger
- geändert: Alle addon-Ordnerpfade auf Kleinbuchstaben
- geändert: Einige G38-Klänge inklusive der schallgedämpften
- geändert: Lautstärke der FLW100 auf dem Eagle IV
- geändert: Rückfahrtgeschwindigkeit des Eagle IV auf ~33Km/h
- geändert: Distance-LODs beim Eagle IV
- behoben: Die Darstellung von zerstörten Reifen beim Eagle IV
- behoben: Leuchtkörpermunition für die P2A1 und Carl Gustaf waren vertauscht
- behoben: Texturfehler bei Leopard 2 und Eagle IV
- behoben: Warnblinker konnten nicht wieder abgeschaltet werden
- behoben: 'Bone X does not exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton' Animationsfehler
- behoben: Texturfehler beim JPC
- behoben: AG40-Visier war immer aufgeklappt
- behoben: Leopard 2-Ladeschütze hatte immer Nachtsichtgerät
- behoben: Texturfehler am Wrack-Modell des Leopard 2

CBA3/ v3.5.0.171204Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases

ADDED: Portuguese translation (#791) JuhBass
ADDED: EnableTargetDebug support for addon config (#724) Dystopian
ADDED: Parameters for CBA_fnc_randPos to generate a random position in an arc (#757) Vdauphin
ADDED: Parameter for editbox setting to obscure passwords (#763, #802) commy2
ADDED: Parameter for editbox setting to filter incorrect input (#795, #805) commy2
ADDED: Show settings variable name in tooltip (#796, #804) PabstMirror
ADDED: Setting name passed to setting script as _thisSetting (#801, #803) commy2
ADDED: Support for cba_settings_hasSettingsFile flag to description.ext (#807) commy2
ADDED: Changing a mission setting applies 'Overwrite Clients' automatically (#810) commy2
CHANGED: Update Japanese translation (#760) classicarma
CHANGED: Code reformatting (#765 - #787, #798, #799) Neviothr commy2
CHANGED: Global settings no longer forced by mission automatically (#800) commy2
FIXED: Potential "enum" script error after v1.78 update (#811, #812) MGTDB commy2
FIXED: CBA_fnc_weaponComponents script error (#747) jonpas
FIXED: CBA_fnc_removeMagazineCargo removes all magazines (#747, #756) jonpas ACyprus
FIXED: Unable to select target in Debug Console (#752, #753) shukari PabstMirror
FIXED: Stringtable syntax errors (#758) dedmen
FIXED: CBA_fnc_hashCreate documentation (#759) Cuel
FIXED: XEH compatibility for v1.78 (#808) PabstMirror
FIXED: Old URL in CfgMods (#809) Dorbedo
REMOVED: Obsolete entries in XEH config (#749, #750, #751) commy2


There is a script error popup when saving mission settings in the editor. The settings are saved correctly and the error message can be ignored. See: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127247

ACRE2 / dev +-

Link: http://dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.5.1.981.zip

- [Improvement] Made TeamSpeak Channel Name and Password settings global

- [Improvement] Hide TeamSpeak Channel Password text in settings

- [Fix] Radio close in case of disconnection (`HandleDisconnect` event handler typo)

- [Fix] Korean translation in Portuguese string duplication

- [Remove] Tanoa PBO

Lythium / 1.08 Infos +-

Link: SWS 909547724

Update geometry big mosque houses FFAA
**** Fixed geometry in some walls p3d***
***** Replace some objects around the map ***

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei James,Frostie oder KrisSnyper melden.
Steht ab 18.12.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.


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Arma 3:

GM Unimog / 1.0Infos +-

Link: SWS ID: 1284731930

CBA A3 / v3.6.1.180131 HOTFIXInfos +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases/tag/v3.6.1.180131

ADDED: Russian translation (#861) MiatWarp Dystopian
ADDED: Weapon animations framework (#82, #829) commy2
ADDED: Ability to bind to Joysticks indirectly (#825, #828) commy2
ADDED: Scripted event for finished mission loading screen (#806) commy2
ADDED: Fix for Zeus to correctly rotate remote units (#816) commy2
ADDED: UI to export and import settings in multiplayer (#832, #847, #848, #852, #854, #856, #858, #860) commy2
ADDED: PBOPREFIX file for settings addon template (#841) commy2
ADDED: enableDebugConsoleSP mission config entry (#843) commy2
ADDED: Tooltips to list type settings (#867) commy2
ADDED: Sub-categories to settings (#869) PabstMirror
IMPROVED: Fleximenu uses cursorObject as fallback (#348, #838) NeKo-ArroW commy2
IMPROVED: Cleanup some configs (#819, #820, #822) commy2
IMPROVED: setSettingMission event accepts numbers for checkbox setting (#842) PabstMirror
IMPROVED: Settings changed to their default will be removed from the hash (#857) commy2
IMPROVED: Mission settings file is loaded every time the settings menu is opened (#859) commy2
CHANGED: CBA_fnc_addKeybind can take pretranslated stringkeys (#794, #818) Dorbedo commy2
CHANGED: Addon Options menu pauses the game in single player mode (#813) commy2
CHANGED: Focus set on "Configure Base" button in keybinding menu (#817) commy2
CHANGED: In multiplayer as admin, the client tab is selected by default (#833) commy2
CHANGED: Clarify logging for settings userconfig loading (#855) PabstMirror
CHANGED: Clarify header of fnc_waypointGarrison.sqf (#863) commy2
CHANGED: Save profile after changes (#873, #881) PabstMirror Xyaren
FIXED: ALiVE and possibly other mods referencing obsolete file ui_helper\script_dikCodes.hpp (#882) ViperMaul
FIXED: Broken A2 era function (#289, #839) commy2
FIXED: Untranslated setting categories broken (#814) commy2
FIXED: Slider settings with whole numbers (#834) PabstMirror
FIXED: List settings sometimes not selectable (#835) commy2
FIXED: cba_ui_fnc_remove broken (#838) bosoy
FIXED: Debug Console doesn't respond to Enter key in multiplayer (#844, #846) CreepPork commy2
FIXED: A functions header function name (#845) commy2
FIXED: Export-import produces different results for global mission settings (#850, #853) commy2
REMOVED: Obsolete components (#821, #823, #827) commy2

CUP Terrains / 1.42Infos +-

Link: SWS IDs: 583496184 , 583544987

* New Door Detection for buildings

* Fixed Face Normal on multiple p3ds
* Fixed segfault unit civil_nprem2
* Fixed missing Dust Effects - closes issue T2283
* Fixed Issue with wrong ground texture on Chernarus - closes issue T1623
* Fixed AI driving for Sahrani & possible other older maps
* Fixed Bad proxy objects - closes issue T2336
* Fixed occluder issue with Land_ammostore2/Land_cwa_ammostore2 - closes issue T2337
* Fixed opening second ammobox inside Land_ammostore2/Land_cwa_ammostore2
* Fixed Land_Pumpa, now able to use pump more than once
* Fixed Land_HouseV_1I4 Fire Geo
* Fixed Destructible Windows on Land_A_Hospital
* Fixed Land_A_Villa, opening top door - closes issue T2355
* Fixed floating Land_Mil_Guardhouse_ep1
* Fixed re-added CUP_Animations_Data / CUP_Animations_Config back to cfgPatches (pbo was removed in previous release)
* Fixed Alpha on ibr_plantsclutter_grass_flowers
* Fixed Face Normal on multiple p3ds
* Fixed some missing textures from some cup_terrains_ca_cti_buildings
* Fixed CfgSkeleton entries without cup prefix
* Fixed outdated version of A3 runway lights were being used
* Fixed Doors on Land_Misc_Cargo1Bo_EP1 - closes issue T2295
* Fixed animations for opening/closing Trashcans
* Fixed CUPS_fnc_emissiveLights, doesn't turn on light texture if the light is destroyed - closes issue T2124
* Fixed Land_Mil_Guardhouse_EP1, can open/close doors again - closes issue T2316
* Fixed Land_Lamp_Small_EP1, Land_Lamp_Street1/2_EP1, Land_Lampa_Ind_EP1, lights can be destroyed - closes issue T1728
* Fixed Land_PowLines_Conc2L_EP1, light can be destroyed - closes issue T1916

* Improved Land_A_Hospital, AI Paths added for ground floor + AI can enter through broken windows
* Improved Land_A_Hospital, can now open front sliding doors
* Improved Land_A_Office Open/Close Door Detection
* Moved CUP_Terrains_World/Weather to its own pbo CUP_Terrains_Weather to prevent circular dependencies when using snow.
* Improved AI Opening Doors to some buildings - closes issue T2025
* Improved A_StationHouse, added new ladder detection to top ladder. Can't use ladder to glitch through wall anymore.
* Improved CUPS_fnc_emissiveLights, optimized script. Can also be disabled if ((missionConfigFile >> "CUPS" >> "Terrains" >> "DisableLampCheck") isEqualTo 1) - closes issue T2301
* Updated Remaining Surface Textures for Parallax Changes - closes issue T1121

* Removed cup_terrains_ca_animations_dummy pbo

ACE3 / 3.12.1Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.12.1


    Kh25ML Laser Guided AGMs (#5912)
    allowFadeMusic common setting (#6001)
    ACE Arsenal button to Main Menu (#5953)
    ACE Arsenal ability to exit arsenal without applying a loadout (#5996)
    Porting of vanilla Virtual Arsenal loadouts to ACE Arsenal (in Eden: Tools -> Import BI VA loadouts to ACE Arsenal) (#5943)
    Search bar, copy/cut/paste and keybinds for the ACE Arsenal loadouts screen (#5973)
    Custom repair positions to all quadbikes (#6011)
    CfgSurfaces config entries for whitelist and blacklist of digging (#5898)


    Build optional components in separate, launchable folders (#5038)
    ACE Arsenal filter items with scopeArsenal = 0 (#5988)
    Disabled faces, voices and insignias tabs in ACE Arsenal in Eden (#5996)
    ACE Arsenal "OK" button to "Apply" (#6025)
    Tweaked effective area of incendiary grenades (#5971)
    Overhauled movable map markers (#5922)
    Added [ACE] tags to pylon magazines names (#5908)
    Improved realistic names (#5908)
    Improved extension check to show .so for Linux extension in the future (#5899)
    Replaced game logics with owner events in Markers and Explosives (#5894)
    SSWT Kit improved (preview image, editor category, deletion on destruction) (#5886)
    Sand Bags improved with preview image and proper editor category (#6008)
    Used parentheses in GETVAR macros (#5995)
    ATragMX now allows one decimal place for the bullet mass (#6041)


    AI continuing to fire on unconscious units (made setHidden use forgetTarget) (#5987)
    Unconscious hidden status not being reset on respawn (#6006)
    NVG grain and color effects (#6018)
    Rearm entire vehicle not working due to wrong argument order (#5993)
    ACE Arsenal openBox crash (#6025)
    ACE Arsenal add/removeVirtualItems error when setting all items (#5996)
    ACE Arsenal cache array not being copied properly in openBox when ignoring set virtual items (#5996)
    ACE Arsenal scaling issues (#5959)
    ACE Arsenal not matches case for magazines in right panel (#6044)
    SSWT Kit model disappearing at the edge of the screen when looking at its feet (#5886)
    SSWT Kit hit points LOD (#5886)
    SSWT Kit bug in placement script (#5886)
    House-type carried object misalignement on release (#6049)
    Back blast if damage not allowed (#6030)
    Pop-up error due to unserialized spectator help control variable (#6023)
    Spectator map centering in first person (#6010)
    Explosives placed without ACE Explosives triggering fragmentation (#5962)
    Explosives error when selecting a cellphone as an IEDs trigger (#5963)
    Undefined enum types in Scopes (#5969)
    Reset laser hud when exiting UAV (#5947)
    Display name of spectator respawn template (#5989)


    Obsolete mine JIP sync (#5895)

DS Houses / 8Dez17Infos +-

Link: SWS ID: 1113351114

RHS / 0.4.5Infos +-

Link: SWS IDs: 843577117 , 843425103 , 843593391



Added partial gripod support for AI units when loadout is edited through Virtual Arsenal
Initial injection of 1990s M113s
Standalone RMR sight attachment, inc. forward-mounting versions
Added exhaust smoke generator to USAF vehicles
Added new smoke launchers effects to M1 tanks
Added Trijicon RX01 reflex sight
Camo variants of SR-25 Suppressor
RX01 w/o Filter
Field manual entry on using the A-10A's TVM
Added Xmas gift 1


BMP-3 now has propper thermal textures
AK-74N (Plum / GP25) & AK-74N (Plum / GP25 / NPZ)
Added partial gripod support for AI units when loadout is edited through Virtual Arsenal
Field manual entry on the Su-25's Klen-PS guidance system
Added GPS to MiG-29S
Added MiG-29SM
Added Moving Map to Mi-24


Initial HIDF M113 texture entries
M113 unarmed light green texture
Added 6B5 variant with 6Sh46 mag pouch


^ Cargo script is able to attach boats too
^ Forced AH6 & MH6 visibility in virtual Garage
^ Improved Leupold MK4+M2010 scope alignment
^ Added displayNameShort to USAF magazines
^ Limited dynamic object drawing to Object Draw Distance
^ Added additional seat to MH-6M to fix issues with LOAD waypoint
^ Tweaked XPS3 Textures
^ Clean-up of M240 sections, UVsets and named properties
^ Added new PhysX to M2 Bradley family vehicles
^ Added interior occluders to M2 Bradley family vehicles
^ Picture in Picture bounding box tech applied to vehicle models. For optimising non-scripted PiP screens
^ Reduced headbanging when driving M113 & M2 Bradley
^ Removing Longbow radar from AH-64D is now handled through Vehicle Customisation menu (classes for the old editor placeable unit can still be spawned, VhC hides radar model and disables active radar sensor)
^ Linked CROWS PiP with current optic mode
^ Added recoil coef to USAF vehicle magazines
^ Improved M113 PhysX configuration
^ Replaced majority of M1911 mags in M1 Abrams inventory, with M9 mags (correct mags for resupplying crew sidearms)
^ Added new sounds for M1 using soundSet technology
^ Readded track driveOnComponent to M1
^ Improved M109 PhysX
^ Added interior occluders to M113
^ Added improved PhysX to M109
^ Added antiwater material to M113 interior
^ Reduced range of vehicles
^ Added new sounds for M1 (kudos to daskal from Steel Beast community)
^ Increased TOW2 time of flight & speed characteristic according to following table - https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/tow-flight.gif
^ Replaced USMC units' AN/PEQ-15s with AN/PEQ-16s
^ Disabled compatibility of forward-mounting Aimpoint T1s on M14 EBR, M24 and M40A5 where they would float in mid-air
^ Added vanilla FCS to AH64 & AH1Z autocannons
^ Zeus is now able to move vehicles during their engine startup
^ Tweaked M1025 PhysX
^ Adjusted Raven backpack mass
^ Improved FMTV PhysX configuration
^ Improved MZRZ4 PhysX configuration - final fix for suspension anims
^ Improved PhysX configuration of HEMMT, M1117 & Caiman
^ Adjusted fuel range of USAF vehicles
^ Tweaked ai firemodes settings
^ Adjusted Hellfire & Maverick speed
^ Adjusted aiDispersionCoefs for tanks
^ Updated IOTV vests
^ Exhaust smoke generator now consumes some fuel
^ Reduced recoil for M109A6
^ Adjusted Mk82 & Cluster bombs values so AI should use it more frequently
^ SOCOM FMTVs now have proper sound attenuation setting for open-top vehicles
^ Improved smoke dischargers for M1084A1R SOV
^ SR-25 rail covers were not retexturable
^ Adjusted sensor parameters on AGM-65F (Anti-Ship, IR Maverick): Lowered max target speed, raised max locking range
^ Added extra pip view distance options
^ US MERDC textures
^ Added gauges anims to Caiman
^ Added new driver anim to Caiman
^ Improved FMTV driver animation, mirror shape, gagues (animations/visuals) & shadows
^ Rescaled TOW missiles to correct size
^ Animated TOW-2/2A standoff probe extension
^ Added pedal anims to A10A
^ Tweaked A10A Center of Mass
^ Updated MK19 config and fix packing error
^ Tweaked 3rd person camera for tanks
^ Added TOW missile fly sound
^ Added rear-view mirrors to A-10A cockpit

^ S24 rocket single fire mode
^ S25 rocket single fire mode
^ Adjusted Physx configuration of Uaz, Ural & Gaz-66 to 1.78 changes
^ Adjusted amount of fuel for Uaz, Ural & Gaz-66
^ Changed explosion sounds for some heavy missiles (Tochka/Kh55/S24/etc)
^ Added PiP occluders to Gaz-66
^ Improved Tigr PhysX (Geo LOD, suspension, etc.)
^ Added PiP occluders to Tigr
^ Improved BTR-70 Firegeometry
^ Improved BTR-70 PhysX
^ Adjusted BTR-60 & 80 suspension configuration
^ Improved ZSU-23-4 PhysX
^ Added new PhysX for T80 series tanks
^ Added new exhaust particle effects for MiG-29 - Close T2161
^ Improved Gas Turbine particle effects
^ Limited dynamic object drawing to Object Draw Distance
^ Improved T-72 & T-90 PhysX
^ Added improved PhysX to BMP-1 & 2 (WIP) - there are still some funky moves here & there
^ Added static toggleable static reticle for Su-25
^ Tweaked Ural driver hand anim a little bit
^ Changed GSh-30 sound
^ Added new PhysX configuration to BMP-3
^ "Hide radar" component now actually disables radar for Mi-28
^ Improved T80 tracks movement (quadified & reduced amount of segments)
^ Improved T80, BMP-3, BMD-1/2/4 & Sprut-SD suspension movement
^ Increased Su-25 takeoff distance
^ Improved BMP-3 & BMD-1/2 Physx
^ Added interior geometry occluders to BMP-3
^ Partialy implemented PiP BBoxes for BMP-3
^ Changed recoil syntax to array version
^ Added interior occluder to BMP-1 & 2
^ Added static reticle to MiG-29
^ Reduced recoil of D30 ammo (this time for real)
^ Added improved PhysX to BMD-4 & Sprut-SD
^ Tweaked BMD4 & Spurt-SD track trace size
^ Added new PhysX to 2S3
^ Improved PTS PhysX
^ Removed RWR from Mi-8MT & AMT, added Nav panel to Mi-8MTV-3 & AMTSh
^ Added PhysX suspension to Tu-95
^ Adjusted speed of Konkurs & Metis
^ Slightly increased width of AKU-58 (Kh-29, Kh-38 etc. launch rail). Better appearance on Su-25 hardpoints
^ Zeus is now able to move vehicles during their engine startup
^ Disabled forced optic mode for BMP-3 bow machinegunners
^ Added engine startup delay to Tu-95
^ Added some placeholder KAB-500 variants
^ Tweaked Kamaz-5350 PhysX
^ Initial configuration of MiG-29SM
^ Retextured Kh-38 missiles with appropriate seeker heads for each variant
^ Added AI burst length randomization
^ Tweaked ai firemodes settings
^ Added extra pip view distance options
^ Adjusted aiDispersionCoefs for tanks
^ Tweaked exhaust smoke generator: added continous mode (switch with ctrl+c) & tweaked smoke intensity
^ Exhaust smoke generator now consumes fuel
^ Improved Dedal 5-20 scope shading (set model to calculate vertex normals by impedance angle)
^ Added PiP Bounding Boxes to Kamaz mirrors
^ Added PiP Bounding Boxes & improved r2t resolution (to 512x512px) for Mi-8 helicopters
^ Added ladder to MiG-29S
^ Added some more interior animations (gear switch, pedals, etc)
^ Reduced max range of Kh-29T
^ Tweaked MiG-29 PhysX in order to fix random wheels locking during roling on runway
^ Added another LOD level to AK-74
^ Added waypoint managment system for MiG-29S (WIP)
^ Further improvments to PAK-FA map - map can now be used during the night & doesn't reflect sun
^ Mi-28 radar better able to find ground targets
^ Weapons firemodes tweaks
^ Added 2 parameters to paradrop waypoint: custom parachute setup & jump delay control
^ Added action to fold mirrors on MiG-29S
^ Tweaked 3rd person camera for tanks
^ Added master caution indicator to MiG-29

^ Increased ALICE webbing capacity
^ Added hasMagazine animation to vz.61
^ More editor objects for placing GREF weapons and magazines in Eden or Zeus
^ Added CDF planes to Zeus CAS module
^ HIDF M113 textures
^ Enabled manual guidance of ZT-6 Mokopa, so AI can use them without Superhind's laser
^ Added SPO-15 to Mi-24G
^ Increased Mi-24G PiP texture from 256x256 to 512x512
^ Minor increase to Alice carrying capacity to better represent it's model
^ Adjusted weight and load values of 6B5s to better reflect the different variants


@ Fixed MBAV Grenadier vest hitpoints inheritance
@ Fixed Duke hint being visible for everyone in MP
@ Fixed Caiman & FMTV 3rd person camera
@ Fixed FMTV missing gunner proxies in fire geometry
@ Fixed NT4 shadows
@ Heli_light_03_base_F missing hitpoints error
@ Fixed Doomsday mags ammo count
@ rhsusf_mrzr4_w_mud missing textures error
@ SU-230/PVS (CX5395) version of SpecterDR, was not displaying the correct reticle in 2D optics
@ Some vehicles had missing author strings when running USAF standalone
@ Only one mirror was functioning in FMTV gunner's view
@ Some missing geo in 90s M113
@ PiP view on FMTVs' passenger side mirrors, were inverted
@ Editor option to fold MRZR roll cage, was not functioning
@ Fixed Mark V SOC Zeus hint
@ Unarmed M113 view gunner LOD missing selection names: animation to hide IFF panels did not work, and cupola was always showing desert camo
@ Fixed duplicate turret hitpoints .rpt spam for some of the vehicles
@ IFF panels on M2A3 Bradley variants would shrink when using the "Hide IFF Panel" animation
@ Minor M109 alpha sorting bug when viewing antennas through the wire mesh on the turret bustle
@ Fixed MELB camera twitching when switching to ground lock
@ AH-64 & AH-1z were missing gunBeg/End memory points definition
@ Fixed mMaxDroop typo in PhysX configs of many USAF vehicles
@ Fixed MZRZ sound configuration
@ Fixed AI in A10A didn't want to use GAU-8 on ground targets
@ Fixed damage in AFM from rolling on the ground on UH-60 & CH-47
@ M977A4 (Repair) cabin SVC lights displaced
@ ACU uniform insignia alpha sorting
@ AH-1Z/UH-1Y Changed maximum and minimum anti-torque rotor pitch T0003819
@ UH-60M slightly changed SAS gsins.
@ Fixed ALQ-131 z fighting from pilot LOD
@ Fixed GAU-8 devbranch errors
@ Fixed mod logos

@ Fixed short display names for AKM magazines
@ Removed army patch from Izlom uniform
@ Fixed T90 white triangle in distant LOD
@ Fixed Kab-250 not selectable when equiped in internal bay
@ Fixed Kh38MAE & Kh25MA guidance systems
@ FAB-100 launcher displayname string
@ Fixed Ural speed indicator
@ Fixed some of the duplicated turret hitpoints .rpt errors (more to come)
@ Fixed D-30 recoil - T2328
@ Fixed decals errors for BMD-4
@ Changed T-72 decal initialization
@ Fixed missing T72 animation
@ Fixed Tu-95 dust memory points
@ Fixed AI in MiG-29 didn't want to use it's cannon
@ Fixed Scarf randomization for Russian units
@ Fixed Yak-B AI dispersion coefs
@ AK-74 lower shadow LOD
@ Fixed modelSides of uniforms that are also used by CHDKZ
@ Fixed mod logo

@ Fixed L159 death anims
@ Unwanted stock folding behaviour on vz. 58P
@ Fixed BRDM decals attributes
@ Bottom LOD of 6B5 vest models had no texture assigned
@ Fixed M1 helmets protection levels
@ Fixed artifacts with AO enabled in Mi-24G cockpit
@ Fixed some z fighting in Mi-24G cockpit
@ Fixed Mi-24G pilot stick movement
@ Fixed addon dependency of GREF troops
@ Fixed TT-33 safe mode eye memory points
@ Fixed mod logos


Redundant animation to hide AIM-9s on AH-64D, no longer shows in Vehicle Customisation (was made obsolete by Dynamic Loadouts)
Removed US tropical verdant variants

Redd'n'Tank Vehicles / 1.2.51Infos +-

Link: SWS ID: 1128145626

Version 1.2.51
- Fixed Wiesel can now be dropped via parachute from ViV-transport
Version 1.2.50
- Added Wiesel 1A2 TOW
- Changed Milan static backpack now carries the ammo for static milan
- Fixed MG3 soundshader
- Fixed MK20 soundshader
- Fixed Milan soundshader
- Fixed error in Fuchs stringtable.xml
- Fixed spelling mistake in Static Milan memorypoints "pos_gunner" and "pos_gunner_dir"
Version 1.1.44
- Added simple thermal texture to Fuchs 1A4
- Removed the function to force players to open doors and hatches manually before entering a vehicle for all vehicles. Seats are no longer locked.
User actions to open doors or hatches are still available, so you can decide by yourself if you want to open a door first or enter a vehicle vanilla style.
- Fixed Marder can now be refueled via ACE3
- Tweaked B.O. lights for all vehicles
- Tweaked some animations

NIArms Core / 1.33Infos +-

Link: SWS ID: 667454606

Generic Experession error in Magswitch function corrected.
- HOTFIX - Solved Generic Expression error that was ruining ACE and dumping onto log files.
- Moved FAL Magazine classes into HLC_Core from HLC_WP_FAL
-- Added assets related to classes (rvmats, textures, p3ds)

- Added FN3011/FAL 10rnd Magazines
-- Added assets related to classes (rvmats, textures, p3ds)

- Added Animation Sequences related to FN3011
- Solved #81 (ACE_mod removed from hlc_acc_DBALPL,hlc_acc_DBALPL_FL)
- Added MAG58 Muzzle Brake Attachment (hlc_muzzle_MAG58_Brake)
- Added Leupold M3A Optic (hlc_optic_LeupoldM3A)
- Added UTG Leapers Lightweight Shooter's Bipod (HLC_bipod_UTGShooters)

- Centralising common attachment assets:
-- AARAU assets moved to HLC_Core
-- PVS4 Assets Moved to HLC_Core
-- Added Harris1a2 assets to HLC_Core
-- Added FN 4x assets to HLC_Core

- added textures for tracers (Correcting from missed previous commit)
- Added shared materials/textures: acc/optic/KahlesZF95 , acc/optic/HensoldtZFmod1, acc/optic/Scopemounts
- Added hlc_optic_VOMZ and respective Assets (migrated from SG550, not on repo)
- Added Missing tracer materials
- Added 2D reticles - accupoint_reticle.p3d, NATORangefinder_ZF95_6x.p3d, NV_pvs4-daysight.p3d, VOMZ_PU_3,5x.p3d,
- Added Custom Muzzle Flashes - A2 STANAG, AK74,AK12, low-visibility flash, MAG58 4-prong, bare mizzle midl-length,BCM Gunfighter, 3-prong muzzleflashes,NATO Starburst Brakes
- Added base classes for weapon-specific common scopes to inherit (Notably PVS4,ZF95)
- Reticle Meshes for Diavari DA Scope (currently G3-exclusive, but working options for foreestanding)
- AARAU Scope config added
- fixed #94 : magswitch script ignores all but first muzzle. Might be a problem if ever there needed to be a multi-muzzle solution, but I'm fairly confident that's a while off.
- VOMZ P3 (hlc_optic_vomz,hlc_optic_vomz3d)'
- ZF95 Config
- #82 Rolling out new CfgMagazines displayname style, taking comment - //displayname = "<Caliber> <Round> <Capacity> <Container/Gun> (<Tracers> every <rate>)" (additional note: for consistency's sake SPR rounds are SBLR, as that's a better explanation of the round's purpose);

NIArms MG3 / 1.2Infos +-

Link: SWS ID: 774809509

- Soundshader Volume Relevelling
- Weapons use new Muzzleflashes.
- Weapon inventory icons now use New system
- all mass values recalculated to unified standard.

NIArms G3 / 2.15Infos +-

Link: SWS ID: 667375637

- Corrected typo in HLC_Rifle_g3ka4_GL- Now has inertia a tenth of what it was, inline with the rest of the rifles.
- Corrected hiddenselection values in HLC_Rifle_g3ka4_GL
- Soundshader Volume Relevelling
- Weapons use new Muzzleflashes.
- Weapon inventory icons now use New system
- all mass values recalculated to unified standard.
- New G3A3, G3SG1,PSG1, HK33, and HK51 meshes provided by Krycek
- New Audio by Navaro
- HK33 rifles now have dedicated reload animation.
- Zeiss Diavari-DA reticles now correctly proportioned and scaled.
- New optics- Hensoldt ZF model 1 (and 2D version),Kahles ZF95,Leupold M3A

NIArms G36 / 1.3Infos +-

Link: SWS ID: 594378620

- Soundshader Volume Relevelling
- Weapons use new Muzzleflashes.
- Weapon inventory icons now use New system
- all mass values recalculated to unified standard.
- Corrections to fireselectors on all the E series
- Ammobox includes Mg36 and the missing CMAGs

ACE Adv CPR / 1.4.9Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32574

FIXED: removed superfluous animation start on CPR or AED action.

FIXED: Compatibility to ACE 3.11.0

FIXED: removed time quotient again - seemed to cause issues.
IMPROVED: Added model for defibrillator.

FIXED: wrong query for revive enabled.
IMPROVED: pulse reducing medication will now lower the chance of success significantly.
IMPROVED: adv_aceCPR_quotient will revert to 1 for values below 1.
IMPROVED: changed nomenclature of functions.
IMPROVED: moved call for fn_addTime.
IMPROVED: readded time quotient.
IMPROVED: bloodvolume and pulse will only be reset if revive is enabled.
IMPROVED: morphine now lowers probability.

FIXED: CPR action wasn't available in some cases.

IMPROVED: Raised weight of AED item.
IMPROVED: AED will "show" heartrate of patient after use.
IMPROVED: Added pain for every use of AED.
IMPROVED: Added probability for AED to adv_aceCPR_probabilities.
MATCHED: licence

ADDED: sound for AED (great shoutout to Boom Tools Filmton!)
FIXED: Wrong function called on non-local AED usage.

ADDED: New defibrillator item

FIXED: CPR hasn't been working properly since 1.3.3.

FIXED: CPR not possible in cardiac arrest (Thanks to T.Fork for pointing that out!)

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 04.02.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.


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*hust* ACEX wurde vergessen. Habs dann auch mal auf den neusten Stand gebracht.

ACEX v3.3.0
  • ADDED:
  • Add Fortify/Fortifications (#76)
  • Add Sitting ace_satDown and ace_stoodUp event handlers (#88)
  • Add Chinese and Chineses Simplified translations (#79)
  • Add Japanese translations (#70)
  • Add French translations (#72)
  • Add Korean translations (#75)
  • Add Italian translations (#83)
  • FIXED:
  • Fix Volume state after respawn (#78)
  • Fix Sitting not standing up if player moved (#84)
  • Fix Sitting standing up with very small movements of seat (eg. player disconnects) (#87)
  • Fix Headless transferring UAVs (#86)
  • Fix Headless rebalancing even with AI distribution disabled (#91)
  • Add Fortify feature and framework documentation (acemod/ACE3#5676)

Deswegen jetzt: Bitte einmal nochmal euer Repo Updaten!

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Update erfolgt am 31.03.2018.

Arma 3:

ACRE2/ +-

Link: dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.5.1.983.zip

- [Add] Polish translation.

- [Improvement] Remove default keybinding for broadcasting and PTT activation of intercom.

- [Improvement] Make infantry phone configuration more robust.

- [Fix] Babel mission setup.

- [Fix] intercom stations in limited positions could not switch RX/TX mode.

- [Fix] Inside keyword in intercom/racks system.

- [Fix] Rack can now be initialised in all vehicle positions (previously it was only initialised when entering in crew positions)

- [Fix] Ensure that player is initialised in API function addRackToVehicle (previously additional code was required in init.sqf to work at mission start).

- [Fix] Script error in custom sound PFH in infantry phone.

- [Fix] Vanilla vehicles had racks accessible to all intercoms.

- [Fix] PGM menu in 152.

- [Fix] 152 and 117F menu now skip unnecessary screens during channel configuration.

- [Add] Intercom master station (a player in such position can broadcast messages to all members in an intercom)
- [Add] Volume control on an intercom level

- [Add] Voice activation or PTT activation of intercom (WIP)

- [Add] Intercom and rack information UI (status indicators)

- [Add] AN/VRC64 vehicular adapter for AN/PRC77 with AS1729 antenna

- [Add] Portuguese translations
- [Improvement] Intercom system stability and possible data loss when connecting simultaneously

- [Improvement] Rack and intercom performance
- [Improvement] Japanese translations

- [Improvement] ACE3 interaction menu (shortened, grouped, streamlined)

- [Fix] Initialisation of racks and intercom when starting the mission inside a vehicle

- [Fix] Initialisation of racks through API on dedicated

- [Fix] "inside" keyword for rack and intercom configurations

- [Fix] Race condition for external radios

- [Fix] Deadlock on external and rack radios if the player disconnected while having the radio GUI opened

- [Fix] Infantry phone had access to all intercom networks regardless of the configuration

- [Fix] Lower case treatment of intercom names
- [Fix] Spelling error in 152 and 117F menu

- [Fix] AN/PRC77 had the second channel set to 30.00 MHz as well in default preset (now 30.50)

- [Fix] RPT errors when changing frequencies on SEM70

- [Fix] Typo in missionEventHandler handleDisconnect

Adv ACE CPR/ 1.5.0Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32574

ADDED: added cba settings.
ADDED: setting for maximum duration for CPR to be still successful.
IMPROVED: time added to revive-timer upon CPR now depending on new variable adv_aceCPR_timeAdd.
REMOVED: deprecated variables adv_aceCPR_onlyDoctors and adv_aceCPR_quotient.

Adv ACE Splint

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y oder Kris melden.
Steht ab 31.03.2018 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.


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Update erfolgt am 21.04.2018.

Arma 3:

ACRE2/ +-

Link: dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.5.1.985.zip

- [Fix] GUI display when spawning inside a vehicle at the start of the game.

ACE3/ 3.12.2Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.12.2


    Arma 1.82 compatibility (#6201)
    NightVision - Add setting for shutter effects and noise intensity (#6134, #6059)
    ACE Arsenal - Add item stats (#6110)
    Allow displayTextStructured to be moved via game layout settings (#6102)
    Add Camping Light interactions and map lighting support (#6087, #6078)
    Add pylon whitelist option (#6080)
    Zeus - suicide bomber module (#6036)
    Interaction - Add Flip and Push actions to Quad Bike, Kart and Static Weapons (#6019)
    Add displayNames for some of the settings (#6136)
    Improved Translations (#6223, #6222, #6180, #6151, #6130, #6071, #6031, #6016)


    Rearm - Increase distance check for large aircraft (#6276)
    Repair - Ignore destroyed repair vehicles (#6262)
    Repair - Handle changes to getAllHitPointsDamage (#6250)
    Refuel - Fix hint string not being localized (#6214)
    Realistic Names - Fix for pylon version of maverick (#6263)
    Hellfire - Fix hellfires not showing after 1.82 (#6259)
    InteractionMenu - Always compile before adding main action (#6156)
    ACE Arsenal - Fix interaction condition (#6140)
    Interaction - Fix div0 error in getVehiclePos (#6139)
    HuntIR - Register as a feature cam (block NVG border) (#6138)
    HuntIR - Fix connecting when ammo is null (#6099)
    Scopes - Use real zero for non-adjustable scopes (#6128)
    Decrease direct hit damage done by AGM-114N (#6121)
    Pylons - Fix old weapons not being removed (#6100)
    Medical AI - Fix AI activation (#6077)
    Zeus - Remove ACE Arsenal in advance when already present (#6246)
    Overheating - Fix allowSwapBarrel condition (#6170)
    Fix fastropes being blocked after ropes breaking (#6239)
    Fix Airdrops sinking in the ground (#6238)
    Fix undefined variable in hitreactions_fnc_fallDown (#6235)
    Fix getAllRearmTurrets (#6224)
    Fix Slideshow action numbering (#6198)
    Fix empty return value of getUnitTrait (#6160)
    More various ACE Arsenal fixes (#6192)


    ACE Hint - New preview image (#6271)
    Cookoff - Damage handling disabled by default (#6264)
    Mission Modules - Remove [ACE] from Ambiance Sounds module displayName (#6272)
    FCS - Switch to using vanilla FCS for attack helicopters (#6265)
    Cleanup ace_vehicles for 1.82 (#6247)
    ACE Arsenal - Shorten handleStats window resize (#6176)
    ACE Arsenal - Add stat for scope magnification (#6150)
    Add various misc improvements for ACE Arsenal (#6111, #6083)
    Enabled cancel button when exiting ACE Arsenal (#6065)
    ace_map - BFT settings subcategory (#6165)
    Scope stats and ballistic stats improvement (#6164)
    Cargo - Remove excess lower empty space in menu (#6112)
    Hearing - Add muffling to new Laws Of War DLC headsets (#6106)
    Small changes to persistent laserpointer (#6101)
    Aircraft - Disable scripted eject if vehicle is locked (#6096)
    Advanced Throwing - Disable when controlling UAV (#6092)
    Cargo - Improve class initialization (#6085)
    Zeus - Improve various UI elements (#6036)
    Spectator - improve handling of grenades (#6012)
    Change ace_map settings to use CBA init directly (#5984)
    WeaponSelect - Use CBA Setting (#5581)
    Compat - Add support for Razor Wire on Prei Khmaoch Luong (#6199)
    Compat R3F - AtragMx presets Scope Base Angle (#6195)
    Compat R3F - AB and ACE3 ballistics updated (#6171)
    Compat R3F - Dispersion overhaul & AtragMx presets #6003
    Compat RHS - Add ace hellfire support to apaches (#6056)


    Remove references to vanilla classes which have been removed from the base game (#6206)

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 21.04.2018 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.




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Update erfolgt am 06.05.2018.

Arma 3:

FROKS 5t/ 0.1RCInfos +-


FROKS 5t Beta

ACRE2/ +-

Link: http://dev.idi-systems.com/dev/acre2_2.5.1.986.zip

- [Add] Italian translations

- [Fix] Remove infantry phone, intercom and racks from parachute units.

- [Fix] Signal quality could get stuck at 0% with radios being still in valid range.

Adv ACE CPR/ 1.15.1Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32574

ADDED: Setting to enable/disable ADV - ACE CPR.

Adv ACE Splint/ 1.1.2Infos +-


ADDED: Setting to enable/disable ADV - ACE Splint.

CUP ACE3 Compat Terrains/ 1.0Infos +-
CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon - Weapons/ 1.10.2Infos +-


* CUP_Weapons_ACE_compat - ACE3 Night Vision compatibility

CUP Vehicles/ 1.10.1Infos +-


* CUP_AirVehicles_A10 - Added: A-10 Ejection Seat
* CUP_AirVehicles_A10 - Added: A-10 extended hitpoints
* CUP_AirVehicles_A10,AH1Z,AH64,AN2,MH60S - Added new vehicle icons for the AH-64, AH-1Z, AN-2 and MH-60
* CUP_AirVehicles - Added Russian localization to AirVehicles
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6,MH60S,UH60 - xH-6 pedal animations (AFM)
* CUP_AirVehicles_MH60S,UH60 - xH-60 pedal animations (AFM)
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24,Mi8 - Added darker livery for Czech Mi171, set to default for the armed variant (unarmed still displays the lighter one)
* CUP_AirVehicles_Motorplane,HMMWV,LSV_02,MATV,Offroad_02,Strider,Van02 - Added: New vehicles to the PMC Faction (black and winter camo), Motorplane, Quilin, M-ATV, 4WD, Fennek, MB Van
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added pedal animations to UH60S, requested by jonpas
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M,Core - Added: Generic Commander, Gunner and Driver Rsc Overlays
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M,Core - Added: Tunguska radar will only rotate if Radar sensor is active
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_FV510,m1_abrams,M60,Core - Added: More overlays to rscInGameUI
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T34 - Armor components
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_BTR60 - Added: 3 Russian camos for BTR_60 (Camo, Green, WInter)
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_BTR60 - Added: FIA variant of the BTR-60PB
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_BTR60 - Added: Russian version of BTR-60
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LAV25 - Added more deployment equipment
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_RG31 - Added desert versions to proper subcategory
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_RG31 - Added VA options for extra equipment
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_Van02 - added repair and ammo variant to the PMC van

* CUP_AirVehicles_AH1Z,MH60S,MV22 - Fixed trailing spaces on named selection
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH64 - Tweaked: Longbow Radar will now actually pick up vehicles on the ground
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - xH-6 cyclic animation limits
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - xH-6 force coefficients
* CUP_AirVehicles_AmbientPlanes,AN2,C130J,DC3,L39,MV22 - fixed wrong base class inheritance on some planes that would cause errors with copilot turrets
* CUP_AirVehicles_AN2 - An-2 inventory can now be accessed from outside the vehicle too
* CUP_AirVehicles_AV8B - Fixed typo in proxy path
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159 - Fixed trailing spaces on named selection
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159,Ka60,Mi8,UH1Y,UH60 - Dynamic loadout weapons are now assigned to the correct gunner slot in helicopters with more than 1 turret
* CUP_AirVehicles_C130J - C130J get in/out points now behave correctly, pilot and copilot enter and exit from the door on the side, passengers get in and out from the ramp, fixes T2259
* CUP_AirVehicles_HC3 - Fixed trailing spaces on named selection
* CUP_AirVehicles_Ka60 - Fixed trailing spaces on named selection
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24 - fixed wrong hiddenselections definitions on Mi24 fuselage
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24,Mi8 - Czech Mi171 now displays proper texture with correct effects on the rear ramp
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi35 - Fixed: typo in proxy paths
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi8,UH1H - Mi8MTV3 inventory can now be accessed from outside the vehicle too
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi8,UH1H - UH1H variants now have different displayname to differentiate between normal and slick (additional ffv) variant, fixes T2256
* CUP_AirVehicles_Motorplane,LSV_02,MATV,Offroad_02,Strider,Van02 - missing texture for Quilin AT weapon (winter and regular)
* CUP_AirVehicles_Motorplane,UH1Y,Van02 - fixed path typo in model
* CUP_AirVehicles_MQ9 - MQ-9 drone now shows the correct mesh when being used as gunner, fixes T2264
* CUP_AirVehicles_StaticLine,Su25,Su34,UH1H,UH1Y,UH60 - Fixed trailing spaces on named selection
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M,Core - Tweaked: The Tunguska gunner, driver and commander optics have been overhauled
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M,Core - Tweaked: Tunguska gunner now gets a lead marker on locked target
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV,BMP3,Bulldog,M60,MCV80,T90 - Fixed trailing spaces on named selection, T90: replaced empty RVMATs with original A2 RVMATs. pboProjects doesn't like empty files -.-
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV,Core - Tweaked: Updated the AAV gunner/commander/driver overlay
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_BMP3,Core - Fixed: BMP-3 gunner/commander/driver overlays
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_BMP,Core - Tweaked: Overhauled gunner/driver/commander display for BMP-1 and BMP-2
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_BMP - Fixed: Driver view usable again
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bradley - Fixed: Bradley maxFordingDepth was -5, set to 0.9
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bradley - Tweaked: Overlay for driver, gunner and commander in Bradley
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T34 - Improved speed
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T55 - Improved speed
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T72 - Fixed: T-72 upgraded to Tank DLC armour config
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T72 - Improved speed
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T90 - Fixed: T-90 speed improved
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T90 - Tweaked: T90 config should be now more pretty + Added parameters for driver optic
* CUP_Vehicles_Core,BRDM2,BTR60,BTR90,Coyote,LAV25,Stryker - Tweaked: More Wheeled Vehicles overlays
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_BRDM2 - Fixed: BRDM-2 ATGM now uses new weapon name
* CUP_WheeledVehicles - Fixed trailing spaces on named selection, Fixed typos in proxy paths, Fixed wrong proxy paths, Added missing paths
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_Coyote,Dingo,HMMWV,Jackal,Mastiff,RG31,Ridgeback,UpHMMWV,Wolfhound - Fixed double wheel hitpoints
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_HMMWV - fixed: removed #include to unfinished PMC vehicles
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LAV25 - Fixed ffv turnout for LAV C2 - Fixes T2272
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LR - Right hand drive land rover transport is now loaded correctly in vehicles with VIV
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_RG31 - Set scope 1 for rg31 modules - fixes T2265
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_SUV - The headlights on the SUV are now visible from the outside - closes issue T2433
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_UpHMMWV - Fixed: ECV version number of seats
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_UpHMMWV - Fixed: M1167 did not have correct texture sources (fixed T2392)
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_Van02 - fixed path typo in UH1Y model

* CUP_AirVehicles_A10 - A-10A now has correct displayname, fixes T2248
* CUP_AirVehicles - airvehicles inventories have been completely revamped and streamlined
* CUP_AirVehicles_A10 - Vehicle inventories have been completely overhauled and streamlined, fixes T2244
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi8 - Mi8 gunner positions now have correct names
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - xH-6 AFM (friction and force coefficients, throttle speeds/times, stresses)
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - xH-6 damage (more resistant to small arms, more splash damage)
* CUP_AirVehicles_Ka52 - Ka-52 alternate textures are now available only from virtual garage, redundant public classes have been hidden from the menu.
* CUP_AirVehicles_Ka52 - Ka-52 copilot seat was redesigned. The FLIR and coax cannon controls were split, players can now switch between the two through a useraction entry. FLIR mode controls dynamic loadout weapons, coax only controls the coax autocannon. Note that while in coax mode you cannot take control of the helicopter due to engine limitations. This change should otherwise vastly improve the capabilities of this helo.
* CUP_AirVehicles_Ka52 - Ka-52 pilot and copilot sticks are now correctly animated
* CUP_AirVehicles_L39 - L-39 pod weapons are now leveled correctly
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24,Mi8 - Both ACR grey texture sets for Mi24 are now available from the virtual garage
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi8 - Both czech Mi171 variants now use darker textures by default, old lighter one is still available in virtual garage.
* CUP_AirVehicles_Motorplane,LSV_02,MATV,Offroad_02,Strider,Van02 - config cleaning
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M,ZSU23 - Shilka armor increased
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M,ZSU23 - Tunguska hitpoints realigned and armor resistance increased
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bulldog,ChallengerII - Tweaked: Driver/Gunner/Commander overlay on Challenger II and Bulldog
* CUP_TrackedVehicles

CUP Units/ 1.10.1Infos +-


* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_ACR - ACR gear, uniforms and soldiers
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_ACR - Added all ACR uniforms
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_ACR - Added headgear/helmets/hats
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_ACR - Added vests
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_CDF,People_Military_PMC,People_Military_USMC - Added: CDF Infantry In Winter camo (Uniforms, helmets, vests, units)

* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_ACR - Fixed hole in the knee
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_ACR - Fixed wrong RVMAT path in CUP_acr_helmet06.p3d
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_CDF,People_Military_PMC,People_Military_USMC - Fixed: CDF uniforms had wrong arm patch
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_CDF,People_Military_PMC,People_Military_USMC - Fixed: PMC IOTV Patrol vest 4th LOD
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_Russia - Fixed trailing spaces error in model files
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_SLA - fixed duplicate camo selection in SLA Commander uniform's pilot view
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_TakiInsurgents - Tweaked: Temporarily switched to default persian voices to prevent RPT spam of missing words.
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_USMC - Fixed trailing spaces error in model files

* config.cpp - Added requiredAddons entry to please pboProject
* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_CDF,People_Military_PMC,People_Military_USMC - Tweaked: CDF Helmets strap color now fits the camo better

* CUP_Creatures_People_Military_DummyInfantrySet - Removed ACR dummies

CUP Weapons/ 1.10.1Infos +-


* CUP_BaseData - Added a few armor plates
* CUP_Weapons - Strings for future localizations
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - Added muzzleImpulseFactors for 122mm D-30 and 105mm M119 shells.
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Added: Laser-zeroed vehicle M240
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Added: Torque/Recoil to BMP-3 ammo
* CUP_Weapons_Glock17 - Added "glow" to G17 sights
* CUP_Weapons_PK - Added: hiddenSelections to PKM/PKP. PKM has two selections (camo, camo2) for metal and wood, PKP one selection (camo)
* CUP_Weapons_SA58 - Added desert version now has a desert IR pointer
* CUP_Weapons_SA58 - Added SA58 variant with Rx01
* CUP_Weapons_SA58 - Added SA58 variant with Rx01 desert

* CUP_BaseData - Fixed paths
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,DynamicLoadout - Fixed an issue where the CRV-7 plane launchers used the wrong ammunition.
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,DynamicLoadout - HEAT rounds now have submunition penetrators modelled as per Tanks DLC standards.
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - Fixed an issue where the missiles on the BMP-3 would drop into the ground upon launch.
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Fixed: BRDM-2 ATGM did not engage targets (fixes T2307)
* CUP_Weapons_DynamicLoadout,East_Attachments,Items,L129,L85,M24,M240,Pods - fixed trailing spaces error in model files
* CUP_Weapons_DynamicLoadout - Fixed: Laser designator was out of juice
* CUP_Weapons_DynamicLoadout - Mk82 proxy model now has geometry components defined, fixes T2249
* CUP_Weapons_DynamicLoadout,Pods - Fixed M621 textures referenced CUP vehicles
* CUP_Weapons_NLAW - Fixed: NLAW sight now has night vision scope
* CUP_Weapons_NLAW - Fixed: Replaced the NLAW with a proper NLAW model (the one from BAF DLC is a MATADOR)
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - Fixed: Typo that prevented compilation
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons,VehicleWeapons - fixed a typo in the StaticWeapons config file
* CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - Fixed: Russian ATGM's now can be selected again
* CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - Fixed: ZSU-23-4 main gun had wrong ballistic computer

* CUP_Weapons_AK - Improved Russian localization
* CUP_Weapons - Granades for GP25 now have correct names
* CUP_Weapons - Improved Russian localization
* CUP_Weapons - Rockets for Strela-2, Igla and Metis-M now have correct names
* CUP_Weapons_AmmoBoxes - Updated US Army ammo boxes to contain M4s instead of SCAR-Ls, in keeping with the new loadouts (fixes T1681)
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - Adjusted ATGM and HEAT warhead damage and penetration values to more closely match the real-life equivalents.
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - AGM-114 missiles now use a top-down flight profile.
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Tweaked: M256 gun FCSZeroingDelay introduced
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Tweaked: RPG-7 missiles are now used against Infantry and Helicopters
* CUP_Weapons_M16 - Improved magazine animation on M16/M4 rifles.
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons,VehicleWeapons - Improved Russian localization for VehicleWeapons
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons,VehicleWeapons - Rockets for AT-2, AT-3, AT-6, AT-16 now have correct names

South Zangoria Terrain/ 1.3Infos +-

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113631358

-Overhauled Lighting Config (Again) The Sunrise and Sunsets should be much more pleasing, aswell as some other light config tweaks in this department
-Added a number of new vehicle wrecks, currently only on the coastline, next update will have them across the entire map
-Fixed school building floating
-Tweaked a few models fire geos

-Added Utes Island south of skalisty island
-Overhauled grass clutter config
-Fixed a bunch of duplicated objects and other small errors
-Started adding vehicle wrecks across the map (unfinished)
-Tweaked Ambient Life config
-Changed Sand mask to original texture
-Removed the shitty bullet crack sounds
-Added a new enterable building, the log cabin house I cant remember its classname, it does have a bug where it has a door interact but that does nothing, I'll have it fixed for next update

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Arma 3:

Enhanced Movement / 1.0 Infos +-

SWS 333310405

CBA_A3/ v3.7.1.180604Infos +-


  • ADDED: French Translations (#918) NiiRoZz
  • ADDED: Updated Japanese translations (#917) classicarma
  • ADDED: [code]assignedItems[/code] parameter to [code]CBA_fnc_uniqueUnitItems[/code] (#922, #926) dedmen
  • FIXED: [code]CBA_fnc_uniqueUnitItems[/code] using wrong default value (#922) dedmen
  • IMPROVED: Halfed pause menu loading time (#925, #927) dedmen

    ADDED: Chinese translations (#883) GodofMonkeys
    ADDED: XEH compatibility for 1.82 objects (#901) PabstMirror
    ADDED: Updated Joint Rails for 1.82 weapons and attachments (#904) robalo
    ADDED: Optional component to skip missing Mod check (#866) dedmen
    ADDED: Whitelist for access to the server settings (#876, #892, #913) chris579 commy2
    ADDED: CBA_fnc_trim etc. support arbitrary character trimming (#872, #889) SilentSpike
    ADDED: CBA_fnc_vectRotate3D based on Rodrigues' Rotation Formula (#898, #906) LorenLuke
    ADDED: FILE_EXISTS() macro (#899) chris579
    ADDED: CBA_fnc_uniqueUnitItems (#902) dedmen
    ADDED: CBA_fnc_progressBar ported from ACE3 (#912) commy2
    CHANGED: Settings weren't editable in unsaved mission (#865, #893) freghar commy2
    CHANGED: CBA_fnc_waitUntilAndExecute wouldn't timeout if set to 0 (#910, #911) felixlinker
    FIXED: Action bound to Delete key doesn't work on map screen (#880, #890) Timi007 commy2
    FIXED: Issue with FLOAT_TO_STRING(), is now deprecated (#868, #887) fishykins commy2
    FIXED: Keybinds not localized in diary (#884, #885) jonpas PabstMirror
    FIXED: Scrolling issue in settings menu (#909) PabstMirror

HLC Core/ 1.4 Infos +-


    Added shared materials/textures: hlc_core\tex\magazines\ak , hlc_core\tex\tigg_m203, hlc_core\tex\toadie_m203-2003
    Reorganising: CfgMagazines and CfgAmmo moved to separate files
    Migrating: all CfgMagazines entries from HLC_WP_AK to Core (and respective assets)
    Added : nia_charm_proxy.p3d,nia_grip_proxy.p3d (related to new attachment slots)
    Added : Soundshaders/Soundset data for Grenade Launchers.
    Added : Sg550,SGG553R, SG553R Drum reload, Shared M203, animations (See Config.cpp for details)
    Added : new attachment arrays for Foregrips(Specifically to take advantage of other mod’s handling of these) and “charms” (for fun, sample mesh and configs provided. see SG550s for execution) = nia_rifle_gripod_slot and nia_rifle_grips_slot
    Added: FNHerstal and Izhmash Charms for public use
    Added: RHS Grip items added to macros

South Zagoria / 1.4 Infos +-

SWS 1113631358

New northern road has been built from petrovka nuclear plant to guba

new locations
-expansion to gvozdno
-new military base

New nighttime ambient sounds
Small fixes to a few glitch objects around the map

the new landmass expansion is in this build however it is not finished, i only have a single source version because i wont create 2 builds, so i will simply develop the expansion in large chunks at a time. The new expansions layout is also subject to change in the future, things like the NWAF on the new landmass for example are being completely changed to be unique. thanks!

Second part to the large overhaul to this map, it contains mainly new additions to the map, no config entry changes this time around, besides from the worldname.

The WORLDNAME has been changed FROM southzagoria_fall, TO chernarus_2035, please update your missions accordingly, replace southzagoria_fall with chernarus_2035 anywhere it is stated to resolve any issues!!

Main map changes:
-Petrovka Nuclear Power Plant
-Kabanino Swamp
-Stary Military Tents
-Cherno & Elektro Military Tents
-Extra foliage at NEAF (not finished)
-More apocalyptic props across the entire map
-Many hidden locations placed, heli crash sites in woods ect

Next update will contain map changes to the northeastern part of the map, aswell as some edits on the western border side aswell, AND a sound overhaul is coming in the future.
Small fix to the satellite image, no key change needed or serverside update, next update however will be new key

ACRE2/ v2.5.1.989Infos +-


- [Fix] Rack initialisation properly assigns a radio preset.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_setVehicleRacksPreset - allows specifying a preset that will be used when initialising the rack on a vehicle basis. When defined, this preset takes precedence over side-specific or player-specific presets. This is useful for command or convoy nets.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_getVehicleRacksPreset - gets the assigned preset name to a vehicle.

- [Improvement] Japanese translations.

- [Fix] Rack initialisation through API functions (acre_api_fnc_addRackToVehicle and acre_api_fnc_initializeRacks) now support the selection of a player to initialise the radio in order to have the right preset (TvT), through an additional code argument.

- [Fix] Documentation and increase intercom short name length to 5 characters.

- [Improvement] Channel label in racks interaction

- [Improvement] Radio action in racks interaction changed to open radio

- [Improvement] Unmount moved to radio sub-action in racks interaction

- [Fix] Vehicle Info UI initialization

- [Cleanup] Dead code in Infantry Phone code

- [Cleanup] Rack children actions code

Redd'n Tank Vehicles/ v1.3.79Infos +-

SWS 1128145626

- Added some Tank DLC config stuff
- Added distance LODs to Fuchs interior
- Added the "Fix GetIn Bug" user action, so you can now manually unlock the positions which sometimes wouldn't unlock and you cannot enter e.g. Fuchs co-driver anymore
- Added second Animation for Wiesel MK20 commander, now he can switch between a low and a high turned out animation (Low is default)
- Changed RSC UI optics for all vehicles and weapons
- Changed Fuchs "Commander Hatch" is now called "Middle Hatch"
- Changed Marder and Wiesel MK20 turret rotating speed
- Changed new radio model in Fuchs interior
- Tweaked Marder, Wiesel TOW and Wiesel MK20 PhysX
- Tweaked all soundshader
- Tweaked some selection names and removed unnecessary config entries
- Removed Milan on Marder and Fuchs, due to a change in the engine (I think so) it is not possible to aim with the missile if they are not part of the main turret (Will be fixed by BI)
- Removed static Milan due to an issue with the model.cfg for the backpacks

Lythium/ v1.09Infos +-

SWS 909547724

Update config airports fix runways .
Update geometry some walls and rocks
Delete some floating objects around the map
Update geometry big mosque houses FFAA

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 03.06.2018 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.


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