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# Antwort: 21 - 31.05.2016 um 03:12 Uhr
RHS  / 0.4.1Infos +-

Link: RHS Updater

+ Added HiddenSelections to Balaclava models

+ Added ZSh-1-2

+ RPG-7 ironsight animations

+ Added VSS

+ Added VSS marksman classes

+ Added 2DP Zenit RIS variant

+ Added PSO-1M2-1

+ Added NVM-14 nightvision monocular

+ Added more Zeus placeable uniforms/headgear/etc

+ New SVD sounds

+ New matching SVD reload sounds

+ Added NVGs to Russian Squad Leaders & Officers

+ Added Makarov PM

+ Added HiddenSelections for T-80

+ Added EMR-Desert patchless uniform

+ Added R-77

+ Added ZU-23-2

+ Added GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2

+ Added HiddenSelections to backpacks, 6B13 & Vydra

+ Added adjustable ironsights for all rifles.

+ Added 6B7-1M

+ Added various berets

+ Added camo variants for BMD-1/2, BTR-70 & SS21

+ Added VSS with frontgrip

+ Added AS VAL with frontgrip

+ Added HiddenSelections for 2S25

+ Added KPS-53AV collimator sight & 9S475 missile reticle for Mi-24

+ Added SPG-9M with PGOK-9 sight

+ Added 1PN22M2 sight for BMP-1

+ Added full plum AK-74M textures

+ New AK-74M textures (thanks BLACKMETAL)

+ Added new TKN-3 reticle with calibrated (more or less) range finder

+ RHS_fnc_addKeyEvent

+ RHS_fnc_removeKeyEvent

+ Added Flora VMF uniforms

+ Added VMF infantry groups

+ Added Eden group images for AFRF

+ Added Eden categories for AFRF

+ Added 122mm spent shell model & textures

+ Added AKS-74U and AKS-74UN

+ Added Tan DF-15 uniform variant

+ Added Perst-1IK

+ Added EMR Field Cap replacement models

+ Added 6B47 helmet

+ Added NS-3 goggles

+ Added 9M120 magazine

+ Added EDEN attributes to majority of vehicles

+ Added HiddedSelections for BMD-4

+ Added PP-2000

+ Added new magazines to PKM/PKP

+ Added hand animation handling script for PK (changes hand animation while prone)

+ Added CDF aviation number set to decals

+ Added ability to specify if disposable launchers are thrown away automatically after changing weapon in RHS menu options (by default turned on)

+ Safe mode script

+ Added EMR uniform replacement model

+ Added seat ejection script to PAK-FA, Su-25 and Ka-52

+ Added master safe mode to Su-25 & PAK-FA

+ Added first versions of 6Sh116

+ Added HiddenSelections to PKM, PKP, AKM, AS VAL/VSS & AKS-74U

+ Added commander FFV (or ability to use binocular only in case of tanks with commander shield) to T-72/T-90 series

+ Ka-52 functionality overhaul - new UI, animations, HUD, Shkval FCS

+ Added Vikhr burst mode

+ Added Tochka-U special waypoints - deploy & fire

+ Added green and visored ZSh-7A helmets

+ Added Khaki fieldcap for M88 uniform (thx Gurdy!)

+ Added cargo system to BMP

+ Added cargo system to BMD

+ Added rear doors anims to BMP-1 (heavily wip) & BMP-2

+ Added experimental Obyekt 681-2 IFV (WIP)

+ Added various CDF decals for GREF

+ Added 9K133 Kornet

+ Added 9M133 missile model

+ Added Kornet Tube and Base as backpacks

+ Added infantry paradrop waypoint

+ Added Rakurs-PM

+ Added PBS-4 Suppressor

+ New wheel models and textures for UAZ

+ New wheel models and textures for URAL

+ Replaced PGO scope on SPG9 (static and UAZ) with high res model in primary LODs

+ Added turret servo sounds for BMPs, BMDs & BTRs

+ Added proper handling of ATGM on BMP1-P

+ Added spall simulation for BMPs

+ Added KPVT (& PKT for BTR80A) shell ejection

+ Added generic decal reading function (no need to create separate init.sqf file anymore unless you want define some special effects)

+ Added new scripted SACLOS guidance for ATGMs

+ CDF, ChDKZ, and camo tent textures

+ Added 9M111 handling for BMD-1P

+ Added Konkurs reload anim for BMP-2

+ Added Maljutka reload anim for BMP-1 & BMD-1

+ Added engine destruction effects

+ Spent tubes effect after ATGM reload

+ RGN model

+ RGO model

+ Added Afghan national army emblem to decals

+ Added visual ERA destruction on T-80U series

+ Added hidden selections to T-80U series

+ VSR 6Sh92

+ VSR Field cap

+ EMR 6B13 variants

+ VVS to Zeus missions

+ GREF to Zeus missions

+ Added hidden selections to BMP-3 series

+ Added modified virtual garage function with global vehicle spawning

+ GREF repawn Point

+ Added sand textures for many vehicles by beaar

+ 160th SOAR (A) AH-6 Littlebird

+ 160th SOAR (A) MH-6 Littlebird

+ Mark V SOC (Special Operations Craft)

+ M1117 Guardian ASV (Big thank you to Cleggy)

+ HEMTT A4 (Armored and normal cab)

+ M107 Barrett Anti-material rifle

+ M72A7 LAW Man-ported rocket

+ MP7 Submachine gun

+ M8541A USMC Day Scope

+ AN/PVS-27 Night Vision Scope combos

+ WMX Flashlight and  WMX and AN/PEQ-15 combo

+ New AN/PEQ-15 model and black textures

+ New variants of Fast Ops-Core with strobes on the back

+ New Rockets, hellfire/rocket pods for USMC and Army helicopters

+ UH-1Y Ground suppression variant (2x19-tube rocket pod/2x miniguns)

+ A-10A AT variant with six AGM-65 missiles

+ Crye Precision G3 Uniform in Multicam, M81, Black, Ranger green and tan variants

+ MARPAT 8-point caps

+ New MARPAT booniehats

+ First SPCS US Army variant vests

+ Vertical Grips for rifles

+ US Army Airborne soldiers and groups

+ Breacher backpack

+ M62 tracer 20rnd mag 7.62

+ Added some decals to HMMWVs

+ Rest of USMC number decals

+ Added paradrop waypoint

+ Added master safemode switch to A-10, F-22, AH-64 & AH-1Z.

+ Added Safe mode for these weapons: M4, M4A1, M16, M9,

+ Added Iron sights animations for these weapons: M4, M4A1, M16, M27, M240, M249, SR-25, Mk14

+ Added High ROF mode to A-10 GAU

+ Added ability to specify if disposable launchers are thrown away automatically after changing weapon in RHS menu options (by default turned on)

+ Added US flag and map marker.

+ added hidden selections to M113

+ New Grip System for AR-15 family, they are used in the under-barrel slot.

+ Added hidden selections to M16 & M240

+ M2010 new desert texture

+ M4A1 and M4A1 (M203) new desert texture

+ M552 and ACOG desert texture

+ Tan AFG grips

+ Added new M4, M16 & M27 as Zeus placeable, in VA and in crates

+ New sounds for the M2010 (bolt action and reload)

+ Add female warning voice system for all US aircrafts

+ Added HK416

+ Desert texture for Leupold Mk4 ER/T

+ Engine damage smoke effects

+ SU-230 model (M4/M249 reticle), 3D matches 2D scope

+ SU-230A model (7.62mm rifle/M240 reticle), 3D matches 2D scope

+ Add SpecterDR 3D (CX) variant & SU230A 3D

+ Eotech XPS3

+ FFAR rocket models

+ Added turn in ability for armed HMMWVs, HEMMTs, FMTVs & RG-33

+ Add new "Armored" driver in US Army, and assigned it to US HEMTTs

+ SPC Textures sans USMC Flak patch

^ Armor compatibility, hitPart function now runs on ALL vehicles (vanilla compatibility)

^ Updated SSh-68 textures to lower glossy look

^ Improved SACLOS guidance

^ Improved tank flag spawning in 3den

^ Reenabled spent caps hiding on BMD2M

^ Tweaked BMD1/2 destruction textures

^ Tweaked 2S25 & BMD-4 FFV animations

^ Many Stringtable updates

^ Added reslods to Russian weapon/ammo crates

^ Added some missing equipment to VAB

^ Added some randomization to BTR cargo anims

^ Changed AK-74M hand anim to stock one

^ Flora and EMR textures

^ Tweaked BMPs destruction textures

^ Tweaked BMPs hitpoints

^ Replaced 7.62x54R on PKM belt with new textures for visual update

^ Reduced Ka-52 laser cooldown time

^ Added manual reload for ATGMs

^ Added spiral movement to 9M133 missile model + changed rocket motor effect

^ Empty tanks with autoloader now starts with empty main cannon too

^ Improved T-80 optic & removed old FCS weapon

^ Improved ballistic calculations on uneven terrain

^ Added iron sight secondary mode handling for scopes

^ T-90A and T-90 Shtora firegeo

^ Updated virtualAmmoBox.sqf

^ Updated rhs_c_weapons cfgPatches

^ Tweaked autoloader behaviour in semi mode when switching between weapons

^ AS-VAL custom geo lod + bisurf

^ Tweaked RPG-7 ironsight markings

^ Tweaked Igla rocket behaviour

^ Upped subsonic ammo damage

^ Weapon strings

^ Su-25 CAS variant with 160 S-8 rockets

^ Lowered muzzle velocity of SVD-S

^ Improved geo & FG of BMPs

^ Changed modelToWorld to modelToWorldVisual

^ Changed FCS font to purista

^ Changed PAK-FA HUD color to green

^ Tweaked AK prone animation

^ 3UOF19-1 airburst script performance & reliability

^ BMP-3 Vesna-K & BMD-4M loaded with 3UOF19-1 airburst shells

^ 2S25 Sprut-SD loaded with 3BM46 shells

^ Vest HitPoints

^ Forced visibility of Kamaz Typhoon in VG

^ Added 9S475 reticle for Mi24, working KPS-53AV collimator

^ Tweaked CBA compatibility

^ Tweaked GSh-30 & added GSh-30-2K with low RPM mode

^ Add AKS-74U to Russian armed crews.

^ Reduced offroad Coef on some vehicles

^ BMP & BTR squad leaders disembark when in combat

^ Autoloader params are saved when changing seats

^ Tweaked 1G46 & 1G42 reticle

^ Tweaked disposable launchers loading

^ Closure volume levels, weapon mechanics are now audible again when firing

^ Increased volume of most weapon mechanics

^ Added green cartridges for AKs

^ Tweaked VG compatibility with our decal system

^ Added numplate selections to cars & trucks (WIP)

^ Increased T-80 series reverse speed

^ Added camo selections to air wrecks

^ Improved RPG-7 sight script stability

^ Potential fix for wrong init elev

^ Reverted tracer settings for Yak-B

^ Removed parachutes from jet pilots

^ Changed Su-25 MFD - probably going to be replaced with some sort of script since it's impossible to program CCIP into Arma MFD's

^ Gunner of Ka-52 is now copilot

^ Fixed, optimized reslods, cleaned up & added camo selections to T-72 & T-90

^ Experimental: tweaked cfgPatches for rhs_c_weapons/config.cpp

^ Added proper K10T collimator for T-72 & T-80

^ Cleaned up T-80 textures & materials

^ New Shtora lights

^ Brand new CM interface for improved performance and reliability

^ Optimized reslods for T-80

^ Simple HEAT simulation for vehicles without composite armour

^ Tweaked NSV textures

^ Added new entries c_troops cfgPatches

^ Added proper picture for Ural w/ ZU-23

^ Tweaked view limits of Ural w/ ZU-23 cargo

^ Experimental tracks for T-72 series with some alpha love

^ Tweaked T-72 tracks shadow

^ 5.45x39 & 7.62x39 ballistics

^ 7.62x54 ballistics

^ 9x39mm ballistics

^ Improved Makarov PM's eye memory point

^ Increased 7.62 mags mass & decreased it for 5.45

^ Tweaked PKM normals

^ Tweaked BPK-1-42 reticle

^ Improved thermal screen visuals

^ Tweaked lead script

^ Added fire on move script

^ Tweaked GAZ-66 driver anim

^ Experimental dispersion increase for Russian tank cannons

^ Increased dispersion of Yak-B

^ Tweaked Mi-24 control block script

^ Removed inverted shadow from PK-AS & 1P63

^ Tweaked OG & PG9/15 ballistic

^ Zeroed 1PN22M1 sight

^ Changed PK 7.62 strings

^ Radio voice protocol improvements

^ Added DLC mark to identities

^ Zeroed PGO9 sight

^ Readded barrel recoil for ZU-23-2

^ Changed recoil for folded AK-74M

^ Dual ammo for Yak-B

^ RGNO impact script

^ Added new pictures for GAZ-66 w/ ZU-23 & Tochka-U

^ Tweaked T-72 FCS

^ Tweaked 1G42 & ESSA FCS

^ Tweaked 3UBR6/8 timeToLive

^ 2016 update package - changed BMD-4 loadout from 3UBR6 to 3UBR8

^ Lined up Igla with eye memory points

^ HEAT warhead simulation performance & reliability

^ Player should now see PAK-FAs wingtips from cockpit

^ RGN and RGO stringtables added

^ UI initialization fix

^ TKN-3 UV mapping tweak

^ Enabled proxy retexturing for T-72, 2S25 & A2 port vehicles

^ Added workaround for broken Mi-24 ATGMs

^ Experimental turret locking tweak

^ T-80UK FG for Shtora

^ Decreased suppressor velocity increase to 1%

^ Improved Tochka-U missiles fuse reliability by using per frame handler

^ User action visibility tweaks

^ Add VMF crew for the VMF vehicles.

^ Lots of missing stringtables added

^ Added tail_decals section to Su-25

^ Added VG/Eden textureSources for ZSU

^ Changed Ural plate number font

^ Improved 122mm casing behaviour

^ Tweaked D30 packing script

^ Added hand anims for D30 handles

^ Replaced getRandomArElement function with selectRandom introduced in 1.56

^ Tigr-STS & M has now TFAR LR radio

^ Makarov PM holster PointerSlot

^ Makarov rvmat

^ Changed 57-N-323S penetration

^ Modified Ural & GAZ-66 physx lods

^ GSh-23L burst set to 4

^ Tweaked Ural phyxs lod

^ Script optimizations

^ Improved crates textures (black shadows removed from the bottom) & physx lods

^ Improved weapon scripts

^ Improved script handling after loading game

^ Weapon safe mode system framework

^ Tweaked two handed AK anim (used now as a placeholder on SVD - at least sound & anims are synced)

^ Tweaked SVD reload anims

^ tweaked AS-VAL & VSS fire selector anims

^ Improved magazine movement during reload anim for PM, PMM & PYa

^ Increased BMP track armor

^ Tweaked Tigr STS turret handling

^ Added reloaded event handler which removes spent magazines from Tigr (works with 1.57+, doesn't cause problems on stable)

^ Added placeable magazines

^ Added ground magazine models for PYa, PM & PMM magazines

^ Adjusted vest positions to fit uniforms better

^ Tweaked PKP/PKM & SVD hand anim (wrists position)

^ Aligned PAK-FA MFD

^ New anims for PAK-FA & SU-25 pilot

^ Improved performance of PAK-FA scripts (initialzation/handling)

^ Increased pip windows resolution in PAK-FA pilot view (map & mirrors are now sharper)

^ RHS_fnc_firedSaclos now uses cursorObject command

^ Improved SSH specular map

^ Increased lethality of R77/R74 AA missiles by simplyfing their geometries & adding autocenter=0 param

^ Updated destruction textures for ZSU-23-4 & BTR-60

^ Added honor emblem on IR lamp for T-72 Obr. 84-89

^ Improved nuke script fx & stability

^ Added some monitor elements to Ka-52

^ Some preparation for Ka-52 eject system

^ Tweaked Ka-52 & Mi-24 speed

^ Tweaked Vikhr missile stability

^ Added door anims to Ural/UAZ Eden attributes

^ Replaced animate with animateSource (1.58 required)

^ Some scripts optimizations

^ Tweaked ballistic calculations

^ Added 9M112M2 & 9M124 ATGMs cfgs

^ Added Russian federation ground forces honor emblem

^ Improved snorkel script performance

^ Overall script performance tweaks

^ Added honor emblem to T-80U on IR lamp

^ Reduced secondary explosion for Tigrs

^ Improved autotrack adjustments & replaced lineIntersect with checkVisibility command

^ Various small adjustments to Ka-52 scripts

^ Converted Vikhr guidance script to per frame solution

^ Safemode & PSO-1 script now properly deinitalize after embarking vehicles

^ Tweaks to Tigr-STS weapon changing script

^ Added AKS-74U to armored crewmen

^ Added ability to hide commander NSVT on T-80U tanks

^ Another round of safemode improvements

^ Added hiddenSelections to balaclavas

^ Renamed Su-25SM to Su-25 to better represent current model available in game

^ Removed pilot twitching/leaning in ejection seats

^ Stringstable entries for Gorka and Izlom

^ Added main & tail rotor centers to Mi-8 - enabling rotor breaking upon collision

^ Decal related variables used in Eden are no longer synchronized

^ RPG-26 & RShG-2 can now be packed to bag pack

^ Reduced proxy amount on T-72 Obr. 85

^ Changed behavior or Ka-52 blades physic

^ Added AK-104 & 105 as placeable object

^ Khaki gear updates

^ Increased Vikhr HE effect

^ Optimized BMPs resolution lods

^ Renamed BMP-2 (e) to BMP-2 (obr. 1980g.) & regular BMP-2 to BMP-2 (obr. 1986g.)

^ Tweaked Su-25 MFD

^ Tweaked cargo anims for Ural & GAZ-66 - no more rifles clipping through the roof

^ Tweaked Malyutka res lods

^ Added cap disappearing effect to BMP-2 ATGM

^ Callibrated RPG-26 & RShG-2 ironsights

^ Randomized static cargo anims & incorporated some il padrino poses to BMPs

^ Added RPG backpack with only VL rounds

^ Added spiral movement to tank ATGM

^ Tweaked Metis reload anims

^ Revamped AT-14 cover ejection script

^ Tweaked 6B13 weight

^ Tweaked 1P63 reticle illumination

^ Added spent cap effect to Metis & Kornet

^ Auto track can now lock on all vehicles by default so it's possible to lock & fire tank ATGM at slow flying helicopters

^ Beanie stringtables added

^ Ballistic data correct for soft headwear in VA

^ Tweaked initSpeeds of GSh autocannons

^ Calibrated PP61AM (merge from GREF)

^ Mi-24P Gsh-30-2K camera shake

^ SU-25 Gsh-30-2 camera shake

^ Ka-52 2A42 camera shake

^ Added gun limits for BTRs

^ Added antenna anim for BTR-60

^ Calibrated & added AA markings for 1PZ32 sight on BTR-80

^ Fold script improvement

^ Optimized T-80U series resolution lods

^ Changed gunner & commander get in memory points position for T-80 series

^ Improved T-80U series firegeometry - new ERA hitpoints & geometry improvments

^ T-80U & T-80A commander can now use binoculars when turned out

^ Tweaked BMP-3 FG & hitpoints

^ Added one nonpip window for BMP-3 driver

^ Eden integration of US units (new categories and attributes)

^ Fast Ops-Core model and texture revamp

^ SOPMOD M4s fitted with ironsights from M27

^ SOPMOD side rail proxies moved forward

^ Tweaks to USMC Recon loadout.

^ LAW & AT4 can now be carried in backpack

^ Swapped out old RHARD pack texture.

^ Tweaked AT-4 shadow

^ Tweaked M590 pump action anim

^ Add custom Falcon backpack textures

^ Tweaked M1 decal init

^ SR-25 renamed to Mk11 mod 0 (due to the rail system and other parts)

^ Changed Rifleman (M590) for Breacher for coherence

^ Tweaked rocket impact point for AH-64

^ Added res lods to RG-33 since plenty of people use it anyway

^ Tweaked M1 hitpoints & fixed some selection errors in res lods

^ Improved SR-25 standard stock scale

^ Assign M8541A to USMC snipers / marksmen

^ Changed AFM on CH-53 to CH-49 based

^ Allowed NT4 Suppressors for M249 with long barrel

^ Tweaks to UH-60 cyclic movement

^ RHSUSF_fnc_firedSaclos now uses cursorObject command

^ Improved paradrop script

^ Reduced M1 tanks max ammo to 36 rounds

^ Small tweaks to A-10 MFD

^ Remaked F22 mfd, gun is now aligned

^ WIP work on TV Maverick

^ Added ability to hide benches in C130 & CH47 for more cargo duties

^ Added hidden selections to covered MICH helmets

^ Improved M1911 reload anim

^ Improved wheel shadows for M113

^ Added filter selection to UH60

^ Simple HEAT simulation for vehicles without composite armour

^ SMAW muzzle synchronization now runs on each frame

^ Tweaked iron sights' textures

^ HEAT warhead simulation performance & reliability

^ Added AI dispersion for M256 cannon

^ Increased M1 reload time without loader

^ Tweaked M1 optics visuals

^ Tweaked lead scripts

^ USMC loadouts adopt Mk318 bullet as standard (as in real life)

^ Added fire on move script for M1

^ Added RG-33 proxy camo selections

^ Added prone M590 reload anims

^ Reenabled rechambering anim for m590

^ Changed M240 reload anim

^ Changed M107 reload anim

^ Changed CH53 ui picture

^ Changed javeling holding anim

^ Changed LAW inheritance

^ Increased Javelin locking time

^ Changed M27 IAR hand anim

^ Changed M590A1 magazine reload anim

^ Tweaked CBA compatibility

^ Improved Oakley glove weighting on US marine V2

^ Tweaked M113 3rd person view

^ Tweaked M113 ammo loadout

^ Configured engine hitpoints for c130

^ Made new firegeometry for Ch53 with working cargo proxies

^ Added glass destruction effect for Ch53

^ Allowed NT4 Suppressors for M249 with long barrel

^ Update Ammo & Weapon Crates

^ Patrol cap scaled down

^ Removed proxies from M1 tanks & added hidden selections

^ Tweaked gun mantlet FG for M1 tanks

^ Optimized res lods for M1 tanks

^ Added ability to hide DUKE antenna

^ Update Ammo & Weapon Crates

^ Slight reduction of section count on all models

^ Slight brightness increase for M2010 Desert paint.

^ Unscope Mk 18 & M4 Block 2

^ Improved SOPMOD 2 rifles hand anim

^ Removed 1.60 crewAim indicators from Bradley & M1 tanks

^ Added an inner aperture to the M27's rear ironsight, as per Misty's instructions.

^ Improved ACU arm weights.

^ Model and textures for LAU-61C/A

^ Tweaked AH-64 speed

^ Calibrated FCS calculations for M1069 HE rounds

^ M299 Helllfire pod

^ M261(19 shot FFAR pod) model and texture

^ AGM-114 model and texture

@ Fixed BMP-2 turret emblems visibility (still needs tweaking)

@ Fixed broken PGS-64 shadow

@ Fixed gap in T-72B3, T-90 & T-90A FG

@ Fixed SACLOS guidance not working on Cherno & other a2 maps

@ 9M113 shadow selection

@ Kornet vehicle now uses Kornet launcher and mags

@ Replaced AiA TP cfg names with generic, A2 origin ones

@ Fixed AGS-30 dissapering in 2nd res lod

@ Fixed PSO script that was broken once again

@ Fixed Gorka's wound textures

@ Fixed GAZ-66 R142 alpha sorting in res lods

@ Fixed BRM-1K wrong inheritance in model.cfg

@ PAK-FA pilot anim is now properly looped + proper death anim added

@ Holdster anim of UPK-23 pod caused errors with Ka-52

@ Added missing mass to PM, PYa & PP2000

@ Removed laser lock from FAB-250 bombs

@ Some FCS were missing max lase range + tweaked minimum lase range for few others

@ BMD-2 had some missing decals due to alpha sorting

@ Fixed ZSU-23-4 disappearing hatch after destruction

@ Fixed BMP getin order

@ Added missing maxZeroing param to PK & SVD

@ T-80 ammo slot missing

@ Fixed cfgPatches for rhs_c_airweapons/config.cpp

@ Fixed rhs_weap_902a->Mode_Burst, by rhsafrf\addons\rhs_sounds\config.bin/CfgWeapons/rhs_weap_902b/Double/

@ Spare wheel alpha sorting in cargo lod

@ Fixed Mi-24 & Ka-52 blade destruction upon impact - missing proper blade center memory points

@ BMP-3 used wrong ballistic calculator

@ Fixed not all decals visible on T-80B series

@ Mi8MT & MTV-3 crew fans not changing to blurred version

@ Fixed serious flaw in BMP-3 gunner/commander pip handler causing fps drop

@ Changed uvsource in rvmats from "tex1" to "tex"

@ AKM normals green chnl fix

@ Fixed "[weapon rhs_weap_akms]: item[rhs_acc_dtk] does not match to this weapon!" errors for AKM, SVD & AS-Val

@ Added some missing items in virtual ammbox

@ BMD-4 max gun elevation

@ Fixed URAL missing geometry

@ Missing author in pbo prefix

@ Fixed wrong German BTR strings.

@ M117 guidance fixed

@ SU-25 instruments flickering during night

@ Removed bysta proxy from 3 & 4 res lod

@ Commander turret lock T-90 while driver is turned out

@ Zeroing tex offset fix

@ Fixed 7.62x54r 100rnd mag strings

@ Proper inheritance for igla twice

@ Missing Podnos weapon string

@ Fixed crazy sections count for BMP-2

@ Bad move connection in RHS_Metis_Gunner

@ VOG(s) texture paths

@ Changed T-90A weapon to 2A46M-5

@ Fixed zero divisor thing

@ Missing shoes in Gorka 2nd res lod

@ primaryObserver workaround experiment

@ Fixed D-30 empty last res lod

@ Fixed wrong inheritance of AKM w/ GP25 in model.cfg

@ Fixed Beryeza light

@ Lowered HE & HEAT ricochet angles

@ Fixed faces for some russian troops

@ Mi8-AMTSh tail rotor didn't changed into blur mode

@ Fixed tracer mags

@ 3UOF17 & 3UOF19 can now reach max range

@ EMR tweaks again

@ Fixed turned in T-72/T-90 animations

@ Typo in 9M124 ammo name

@ Su-25 ejection seat is now hidding properly

@ Fixed Tigr destruction effects

@ T-72B3 loadout hotfix

@ Tigr-M gunner turned in view

@ RSP-30 flare recoil fix

@ Small missing polygon on T-72/T-90 models

@ Lowered 2A70 ammo velocity to correct values

@ Fixed RPG-7 script not working for Zeus controlled units

@ Fixed hitpoints compilation

@ Fixed T-72 aa group

@ CBA compatibility

@ Fixed BTR-60 optic zoom

@ Fixed BTR-80 pip memory points

@ BMP-3 SpeechVariants

@ Sprut-SD brake lights always lit

@ Fixed Tigr doors & windows uv mapping

@ Cargo compartment for GAZ-66 cargo

@ Fixed some .rpt errors

@ Fixed some uv errors on T-80

@ Zenit missing textures in res lod

@ AK-103 Forest Tail was missing

@ CTI insurgents scoped to 1 to allow retro compatibility.

@ Fixed T-80UK & T-80UM antenna anims

@ RPG-7 rounds scope

@ Autoloader tweaks

@ Fixed: AK-74M had wildly different dispersion values for single fire and automatic fire

@ Aligned right bow mg reticle for BMP-3 & BMDs

@ Replaced BTR-80A ammo with UBR8

@ Fixed T-72 rear wheel shadow

@ Autotrack fix

@ Fixed some FCS errors

@ Fixed NSV feedtray cover selection

@ Ural rear FFV turrets get in/out memory points were inverted

@ Fix AFRF Zeus items' files coherence with US.

@ Break lights always lit on SS21

@ Fixed Mi-8AMTSh reticle selection

@ Fixed Tochka-U camo selection

@ Ural w/ ZU-23 ammo visiblity

@ Added baseweapon to Val grip

@ Removed ballistic computer & canLock from 2A28 grom

@ Mi24 rotor shadow fix

@ Fixed AFRF weapon recoil

@ fixed AKMS shadow

@ Muffled sound fix

@ T-80UK memory points fixed

@ Suppressors no longer modify hit values

@ Significantly reduced SVD section count (20 to 2 for SVDM, 10 - 4 for SVDS)

@ 6B23 texture fixes

@ Fixed T-90 wind sensor texture bug

@ Fixed NSVT feedtray issues

@ Fixed 1P63 transformations

@ UAZ open lights were always lit

@ XEH fix

@ Fix to Mi-24 ATGM fix

@ PSO-1 illumnination script affected other ui

@ Fixed missing Kornet FG

@ Fixed T-72B3 loadout

@ ZSh-7A glass disappearing in distant lods

@ SVDS NPZ small mesh issue fixed

@ Fixed missing PKT muzzle flash for T-90 and T-90A

@ SVDS selector fix

@ BMD-1R rocket hiding

@ Attempt to fix some Russians speaking English.

@ BMP-1K missing hidden selection for wheels in 1st res lod

@ Duplicated mesh elements for BMP-2D in 1st res lod

@ Fixed initSpeed thing that broke most of muzzle velocities (i.e. KPVT & PKT had same muzzle velocity because of that)

@ Fixed destruction selections on BMP-3

@ Fixed SMAW Spotting rifle missing switching action with the new APEX control preset

@ Fixed M109A6 being too front heavy

@ Fixed M109 ghost lod

@ Repositioned rocket pod proxies on AH-1Z

@ A3 Eotech renamed to EXPS3

@ Fixed initSpeed inheritance since marksman dlc

@ Fixed length of M260(19 tube rocket launcher)

@ Renamed UH1Y skeleton for safety

@ Fixed M1025 unarmed ghost lod

@ UH-60 rotors are now properly set in the Shadow LOD

@ UH-60 rotor blur texture no longer has yellow stripes

@ UH-60 cyclic left/right animation is no longer inverted

@ HMMWV doors sounds

@ Fixed some .rpt errors connected with ejection seats & canopy

@ M1A1 FEP WD had texture swichted with OD variant

@ HEMMT & RG-33 OGPK mirror were mirrored

@ Fixed M9 holster position

@ AH64 & AH1Z gun particles position

@ Proper M203 anim for Bk2

@ M27 pilot views: added missing parts magazine release and fence, dust cover etc.

@ Front M113 IFF panel hiding

@ C130 get in bug seems to be fixed

@ Fixed M1a2 woodland spent cases eject pos

@ Proxy positions for rocket pods on AH-64

@ Fixed CH53 couldn't start flying in 3den

@ Fixed XEH error logs

@ Fix Wrong Opscore string

@ Fixed missing US strings

@ Fix missing weapon for USMC SARC (D)

@ Fixed - M151 spotting scope _icon type

@ Unhide CVCs

@ Fixed m1025 /w m2 ammo belt clipping

@ Fixed AGM missiles penetrator

@ Fixed infinite ammo thing

@ Fixed hitpoints compilation errors

@ C130J error message

@ Fix wrong RG33 Army spawning in USMC groups

@ M590 sounds not working

@ Fixed ACU missing patches and redid a bit the proportion

@ Fixed M2A3 BUSK III shadow lods hiding after destruction

@ Fixed M2 muzzle flash visibility on M113

@ M27 pilot views: added missing parts magazine release and fence and dust cover

@ Fixed pistol m320 zeroing

@ Fixed m249 rvmats wrong texture path

@ Fixed m249 mags initSpeed

@ Removed gear from plane canopies & ejection seat

@ LAW & AT4 is now reloaded properly

@ Fixed inverted FROG normals

@ Fixed missing selection in MICH 2000 MARPAT helmet

@ modelSides fixed for all US uniforms

@ Fixed M1025 unarmed ghost lod

@ Further tweaks to UH-60 cyclic movement

- Deleted textures that shouldn't be in AFRF repo

- Removed desert EMR fieldcap

- Removed repeatString function

- FROG M81 (it was a placeholder of the G3 M81, the old classname will link to the new uniform).

- US Army and USMC squad leader handguns (to keep consistency with real life units).

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 31.05.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.




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Update erfolgt am 28.07.2016.

Arma 3:

RHS / +-

Link: RHS Updater

+ M24 SWS Sniper rifle
+ Pro-Tec helmet family
+ Add Mk 18 new rail model and painted variants
+ Add M4A1 SOPMOD Block II new rail model and painted variants
+ Add M4A1 SOPMOD Block II new rail model and M203 variant
+ Add Eden Preview pictures for almost all USAF units
+ Add MARSOC revamped units and new ones
+ Add option to move inside of CH47 & CH53
+ Add option to attach & paradrop items from CH47 & CH53
+ Add optic preference settings to rRHS options menu (3D, PiP or 2D)
+ Trigger.0 anim for rifle trigger (replaces reload source for trigger)
+ Trigger.1 anim for UGL triggers (selections added to models)
+ Grenade warhead hides when UGLs are fired (based on revolving.1 source)
+ Added Woodland version of LWH with Black ESS and Cover.
+ Bouyancy LOD for all HMMWVs
+ Class Sound to HMMWV and raised interior idle sounds
+ DUKE jamming and destruction script (M1117, M1A1 FEP, M1A2SEP v2 and Bradleys)
+ Mk11 painted variants
+ Added Lower mounted version of Premier scope

+ Add folded variants of AK103/4/5
+ Add VMF flag
+ Add heal commands to russian radio protocol
+ Add suppression commands to russian radio protocol
+ Add optic preference settings to RHS options menu
+ Add sound config template
+ Add many reverb tail sounds
+ Add new sounds(ets) for the following weapons: AK74, AKM, SVD, PP2000, PKM, PKP, DSHKM family, AS VAL family
+ Add 3d variant of 1P78
+ Add short/long lights switch in trucks and cars

^ New sounds for weapons (M240, M249, M203, M16, M4, etc.)
^ Improved M1A2 HMG handling
^ Improved ACOG fibre cable, glass material & added 3d variant
^ Specter 3D reticles scaled up to better match ballistics and ranging
^ Added hidden selections for Mk18 & M4 BII
^ Added Mk18 & M4A1 SOPMOD Block II in our VA boxes
^ Tweaked Mark V res lods - reoargaized seats to allow easiers managment of proxy res lods
^ Moved guns to separate compartments to unclutter action menu for Mark V
^ Increased specular power of XPS3 glass
^ Increased cargo capacity of Mark V
^ Tweaked recoil to be more consistent across AFRF and USF
^ Full revamp of NT4 suppressor (model and textures)
^ Rewritten gripod system to use EHs instead of loop - increased performance & reliability
^ Add fron ironsight shadow on m107
^ Tweaked premiere scope shadow & added shadow res lod
^ Tweaked Eotech 552 shadows
^ Tweaked infantry footwear shadows
^ Tweaked surefire shadow on ACH helmets
^ Automated monitor deploy for MELB copilot when going into optic view
^ Tweaks to boat loading (still WIP)
^ It's possible to hide cargo benches on CH-53E now
^ Optimization to paradrop & move inside scripts
^ Tweaked C130J MFD
^ Add Eden attribute to attach boats to Mk V & boat loading finalization
^ 40mm grenade mesh in UGL barrels was modified so that the break between the "gl_bullet" and "gl_cartridge" selections is accurate.
^ Scaled up suppressors
^ M1117 fording depth
^ HMMWV fording depth
^ Improved M4A1 Thermal texture
^ M1117 & HMMWVs were missing engine smoke effect
^ Improved HMMWVs engine hitpoints
^ Add fancy stuff to M1117 (optic destruction, duke destruction, 3 additional passenger seats inside)
^ Add wound texture for Gen 3
^ Add DUKE destruction to Bradleys & M1 tanks
^ Add ability to hide DUKE antennas on Bradleys
^ HMMWV engine damage selection
^ Gear visibility in cargo lod of UH60M (change visible for FFV seats)
^ Tweaked FFV limits on UH1Y
^ Tweaked cargo positions on UH1Y
^ Tweaked amphibious physx of M113 (turning ratio, max speed)
^ Improved M8541A SSDS visuals
^ Tweaked textures and rvmats for FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60/M1117(UN Variant) to fit better with new lighting
^ Lower res LODs for rocket pods
^ Squad XML positioning in CH-47/UH-60/AH-1
^ Tweaked gear and weapon textures to better fit with lighting

^ Tweaked amphibious parameters for all tracked vehicles
^ Field Cap EMR Summer (Alt) moved slightly to the right, to fix clipping against the head mesh
^ Adapted AK-74M textures to 100 series rifles.
^ GAZ66 should now be able to repair more than just one BTR80
^ Vehicles spawned by RHS virtual garage are now destroyable
^ Tweaked para drop way-point behavior
^ Add magazineReloadSwitchPhase to PKP & PKM
^ Tweaked BMP-3 driver non pip view block
^ Calibrated PKT FCS calculations
^ Significant improved FCS calculations for BMP3 HE rounds
^ Improved PSO-1M2-1 rvmat
^ Added fail-safe mechanism to turret locking of commander station & tigr sts gunner in MP
^ Tank ATGMs are now launched at 3 degrees angle above line of sight
^ Add incoming missile announcer to PAK-FA
^ Mi-24 use now new SACLOS guidance
^ Mi-24 9S475 handler now use same camera quirk fix as Ka-52
^ BMP-3 visors zoom level
^ Tweaked weapon groups: now BMP-3 & BMD-4 has main cannon & ATGM in 1st group, auto-cannon in 2nd & pkt in 3rd grp
^ Increased 2A70 dispersion
^ Calibrated UPK23-250 gunpods mem points
^ Reduced amount of fire from T-80 engines
^ Repainted ZSU23-4 reticle & added ability to use bis lead calculator till proper FCS is developed
^ Speeded up K36D ejection procedure
^ Tweaked recoil to be more consistent across AFRF and USF
^ Improved infantry paradroping script
^ Improved disposable script
^ Tweaked AKS-74U tex/rvmat
^ VOG grenade hides when the GP-25 is fired
^ Removed GPS from T-80, T-80B, T-72 obr 84-89, BMP-1/2, BMD-1/2, PTS & early BMP-3
^ Add locality check to seat ejection script
^ Sabot petals, ATGM pushers and blownoff turrets now glow hot
^ Callibrated 1P78 reticle
^ Tweaked tritium illumination script
^ Vest weight & capacity consistency
^ Tweaked Mi-24 exhaust cover camo textures
^ Tweaked 6B23 vests pilot lod
^ Changed glass material for EKP-1
^ Add wound textures to EMR uniform
^ Add commander FFV turnout for BTRs
^ Add optic destruction to all BTRs
^ Improved BTR-70 last res lod (from 8k point to 4k)
^ Tweaked BTR-70 gunner view lod
^ Remade BTR-70 & 80/A FG
^ Updated BTR-70 destruction rvmats
^ Add wavebreaker anim & replaced propeller anim source from "wheel" to "propeller" on BTR-70
^ Add top hatches & cargo doors animations to BTR-80/A
^ Add snorkel & wavebreaker anims to BTR-80/A
^ Add propeller to BTR-80
^ Add res lods to BTR-80 wheels proxies
^ Add slingload memory points to GAZ-66s
^ Tweaked 2S25 bouyancy lod
^ Improved Ural suspenssion behaviour
^ Add 2 front FFV seats to Ural&Gaz open variants
^ Tweaked BTRs wheel hitpoints
^ Removed barrel from t72/t90 physx
^ Add engine smoke effect on BTRs

@ Fixed config inheritance errors with the new APEX config system
@ USMC squad leader was missing weapons due to typo in cfg
@ AH1Z GS had broken rockets
@ USMC RG-33 /w m2 had wrong turret texture
@ Alpha issue with collimators on Mk18 & M4BII
@ Fixed M113 M2 shell casing
@ Mark V irradiance map .rpt errors in diagnostic.exe
@ Mark V M134 particle effects pos
@ Mark V missing gunner get in points for both M2 & M134
@ Mark V - displays not working
@ Zeus placeable M107 was missing scope=2
@ Fixed M1A2SEP (non tusk) commander couldn't use his M2 when turned out
@ Missing geometry in ejection port of Mk18 & M4 Block II
@ Reduced visiblity of C130J HUD
@ Missing parts in shadow lod of M240G & B
@ Fixed HK416 full auto mode AI distances
@ Fixed M113 (ammo) variant texture randomization
@ Spent disposable launchers adding magazine in inventory
@ Increased M107 and it's magazines mass
@ Removed strap loop from the top of Bowman earpiece in MICH helmets, to stop clipping through
@ Unified and improved HMMWV engine hitpoint position
@ Hellfire now use proper penetrator
@ Removed pilot targeting pod from F-22, UH1Y & CH47
@ Fixed A-10 TVM ui
@ Fixed hHEMTT light points & hitpoints
@ Fixed Mark V SOC troop capacity
@ Fixed vehicle M2 gunner bounding-sphere size
@ Fixed bad geometry and unnecessary UV channels in FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60

@ Fixed config inheritance errors with the new APEX config system
@ Fixed Russian radio protocol for the new APEX system
@ Fixed safety mode not working for weapons with GP-25
@ Fixed shiny clan logo on EMR uniform
@ Added missing EMR fieldcap to VA
@ Fixed wrong BMP-3 hiddenSelection assignments
@ Fixed 6Sh116 lod switching
@ Fixed T80U nsvt missing geometry
@ Fixed Gorka wounds
@ 9M112m didn't used new saclos guidance
@ Fixed Ob681-2 shadow lod
@ Ka-52 stick control reversed
@ Fixed typo in 6B23 armor config
@ Fixed wrong mem point used on SPG-9
@ Fixed fire from D-30 chamber
@ SPG-9 mounted on uaz was missing optics fix
@ EMR was missing rvmats in pilot lod
@ Missing npz params for few vehicles
@ Fixed Tigr-M left mirror not working
@ Improved Ka-52 ejection script reliability in MP
@ Improved ATGM spent tube reliability in MP (need testing)
@ Improved 9P135 launcher usage reliability in MP (need testing)
@ Fixed BTR80A reticle not hidding in NVG mode
@ Missing axis in last res lod of BMP-3
@ Searchlight open/close option breaking decals on T-80
@ Fixed Ob681 pilot view lod
@ Kornet was missing in cfgPatches
@ Mi-8 pilot cannot manual fire door gun anymore
@ After burner script launch on dedicated server
@ GP-25 zeroing anims
@ Fixed missmatched letter case on PKP/PKM magazines
@ Fixed BMD-1PK top cargo positions not available
@ Removed targeting pod from Su-25 & PAK-FA
@ Fixed 7N31 44rnd mag init speed
@ Fixed Body armour values
@ Fixed metis gunner proxy in geometry lod
@ Deformed gorka hood in pilot lod to prevent clipping issues with gp25
@ Moved forward 1p78 mem point to fix some clipping issues with pkp in deployed stance
@ Fixed Gaz-66 w/ Zu-23 pilot lod error with passenger in cab moving with turret

- Removed obsolete old sounds

Dingo / 1.1.0Infos +-

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9zlezu35n3uxzjt/dingo.pbo?dl=0

Gradzahl für Schütze und Fahrer hinzugefügt

SMA / 2.4.0Infos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=2119

- Apex Update patch
- Reset Audio on all weapons for new sound engine
- Fixed sound bugs
- Adjusted Reload anims on AR weapons
- Adjusted Recoils on all weapons
- Updated Fire Sounds on ACR L85 TAVOR HK416 HK417 SCAR-MK17
- Updated Reload Sounds on ACR M4 MK18 HK416 HK417 SCAR-MK17 SCAR-Mk16
- Updated Suppressor sounds 7.62 5.56
- New SCAR textures now better represent the Gen 3 of the SCAR
- New SCAR Versions OD green
- Fixed SCAR MK-16 Muzzle acc now share same as the other 5.56 weapons
- Config clean up

xCam / 1.21Infos +-

Link: https://de.owncube.com/index.php/s/EAQh4pyFooDslPe

AiA EU Objekte hinzugefügt und gegen die alten ausgetauscht.

GLT / 1.27Infos +-

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xn3qmb7aswi1smq/%40GLT.rar?dl=0

GLT config fixes (waren nicht vorhandene Classnames in den Configs diese wurden entfernt)

Al Rayak / 0044Infos +-

Revos Mine Detector / 1.13Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29929

- fixed all RPT errors
- improved mod.cpp overview text

Advanced Sling Loading / 2.1Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30367

- Adding support for VTOLs
- Fixing issue that caused "Vehicle doesn't support cargo ropes" error message to randomly appear when deploying ropes.
- Fixed CfgFunctions syntax error

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 28.07.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~1300 MB.


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Update erfolgt am 08.09.2016.

Arma 3:

RHS Gref / +-

Link: http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/3


    Add UN Beret
    Add option for manual rifle bolting in RO2 style
    Add Eden Preview pictures for GREF units


^ Tweaked Mosin reload anims (added clip)
^ Removed random numbers from Chdkz BRDMs
^ Add suppression fire command to GREF radio protocol
^ Changed M70 & M76 sounds to AFRF equivalents
^ Vest weight & capacity consistency


@ Fixed config inheritance errors with the new APEX config system
@ Fixed AN-2 rotors didn't changed to blurred version in far res lods
@ Fixed Mi-24G rotorshaft anims
@ Fixed CHDKZ ZSU-23-4 scope
@ CDF paratrooper autorifleman was carring PKM magazines in backpack

    CDF pilots
    L-39C Albatros
    L-159 ALCA
    Antonov An-2
    Mi-8 Variants
    CDF Infantry & Paratroopers
    2A18M (D-30A)
    BMD-1 and variants
    BMD-2 and variants
    BMP-1 and variants
    BMP-2 and variants
    BRDM-2 and variants
    GAZ-66 and variants
    Ural-4320 and variants
    9K38 (Djigit)
    AGS-30 (6P17)
    NSV (6T7)
    CDF National Guard Infantry
    M1117 ASV
    CHDKZ Infantry
    Nationalist Infantry (Militia)
    Nationalist Infantry (Paramilitary)
    Zastava M21 variants
    Zastava M70 variants
    Zastava M76
    Zastava M92
    Karabiner 98 Kurz
    Mosin Nagant M38
    F1 Grenade
    M10 TTsKO (Fall)
    M10 TTsKO (Summer)
    M10 TTsKO (Winter)
    M93 (Alpenflage)
    M93 (Flecktarn)
    M93 (Tiger Stripe)
    M93 (Urban Reed)
    M93 (Woodland)
    TTsKO Mountain
    TTsKO Forest
    TTsKO Urban
    Baseball Cap (Specter-S)
    Booniehat Alpenflage
    Fieldcap TTsKO
    Patrol Cap (Specter-S)
    SSh68 Covered

HLC Core / 1.0.5Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_Core%20V1.05.rar

- Implemented IRDIM Tracer Ammunition (5.56NATO and 762 NATO)
- 7.62x51mm terminal effect increased across the board
- Some currently unused ballistic inheritence changed.
- 7.92x57mm Tracers now Visible (Credit: Mallow)
- Whitespacing formatting conformed (Credit: YoursTruly)

HLC G3 / 1.95Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_G3%20V1.95.rar

 - Whitespacing formatting conformed (Credit: YoursTruly)
 - JR attachment slots cleanup(Credit: Robalo)
 - Fixed: ItemInfo and WeaponsSlotsInfo errors (credit YoursTruly)
-  Magazine external dependencies fix- dependency on hlc_wp_Aug fromaved from magazines
-  Added IRDIM Tracer Magazines
- Soundshader alterations- brought closerange gunshot audio down to more comparable audble ranges to default/Laxemann ranges (less over-range/clipping)
- HK33 tracer mags now have tracers.
- Resolved #1 - G3SG1 now uses correct zoom values (therefore everything inherited off it)
- Added opticparam to G3 Optics (Credit Robalo)

HLC G36 / 1.15Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_G36%20V1.15.rar

 - Whitespacing formatting conformed (Credit: YoursTruly)
 - JR attachment slots cleanup(Credit: Robalo)
 - Fixed: ItemInfo and WeaponsSlotsInfo errors (credit YoursTruly)
-  Magazine external dependencies fix- dependency on hlc_wp_Aug removed from magazines
-  Added IRDIM Tracer Magazines
- Soundshader alterations- brought closerange gunshot audio down to more comparable audble ranges to default/Laxemann ranges (less over-range/clipping)

HLC AWM / 1.25Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_AWMs%20v1.25.rar

 - Whitespacing formatting conformed (Credit: YoursTruly)
 - JR attachment slots cleanup(Credit: Robalo)
 - Fixed: ItemInfo and WeaponsSlotsInfo errors (credit YoursTruly)
 - Soundshader alterations- brought closerange gunshot audio down to more comparable audble ranges to default/Laxemann ranges (less over-range/clipping)
 - Maxzeroingdistance increased to 1600m.
-  Added Tracer load

HLC FAL / 1.85Infos +-

Link: www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_FAL_v1.85.rar

- magazineReloadSwitchPhase added to FAL base class
- made Supplybox "Zeus Discoverable"
- Added Zeus spawnable individual weapons.
- adjustment to the gunshot tails volume, should be less overt.
- ShadowLOD mesh optimisations (all)
- moved deploypivot for all weapons without bipods to under the magazine (because muh gameplays)

- RHS Compatibility
- ACE3 Compatibility (HuntIR rounds specifically)
- CUP Compatibility
(RHS and CUP Compat may or may not work together,depending on your mod setup. Source provided if you wish to build your own)

Pook Camonets / 4.1Infos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=4043

- IMPROVED: Vehicle placement scripts
- IMPROVED: Revised readme instructions
- NEW: 3D editor subclasses
- NEW: Spotter Nets

Kimis HMD / 3.7.1Infos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=2026

- Added HMD to Blackfish (new designation V-44K)
- Fixed RHS "burst" error.
- Added HMD to RHS MELBs.
- Fixed RHS A-10A+ HUD.

Leigths Opfor Pack -> Project Opfor / 0.1Infos +-

Link: https://mega.nz/#!DowUTKpK!Z69QNOHxg4wfq883N3_u88DIt-kZZQEd754aQCATVjo

- Rewritten all configs for new pbo structure

- added: rewritten Landrovers
- added: T-34 and T-55 for some factions
- added: preview images for 3den
- added: icons for Ukraine and Peshmerga
- changed: groups for ISTS, Novorossiya and Afghan Militia
- changed: pistols for officers
- fixed: author errors in 3den
- fixed: APEX errors
- fixed: Ukrainian pilot uniform
- fixed: Mk18 is now visible in game
- fixed: UA groups errors

F/A 18 / 2.0.1Infos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=65

2016-08-20 config
- added Lesh's towing mod support
- added USAF refuel support
2016-08-15 config
- added skins chooser as Eden attribute
- added new ballisticComputers setting to weapons for CCIP
2016-08-14 config, scripts
- added default loadout option
- removed autoSeekTarget fro GBU-38 definition
- added function entry for instant loadouts script
2016-08-12 config, scripts
- added basic loadout menu in Eden
- added Eden fold wings option
- added preview pictures
2016-08-11 config, scripts
- fixed apex popups
- fixed FA18E Wreck
- fixed fuel hud script in Eden
- fixed apex popups, Leshrack
- fixed FA18E Wreck, TeTeT
- fixed fuel hud in Eden, TeTeT

TFAR / 0.9.11Infos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=624

- Probably fixed issue with hearing dead peoples.
- LR radio is not given by default.

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 08.09.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 1600~ MB.

Entfernt werden:

L_immerse                          (erzeugt einen großen RPT Fehler)
Mine Detector by Revo             (wurde durch ACE ersetzt)
Bundeswehr Klamotten der Jägerkompanie    (werden nicht benutzt)
JgKp C130J                  (funktionieren nicht richtig)
RH Pistol Pack                  (überflüssig wird durch RHS abgedeckt)
RH_acc                                    (überflüssig wenn das Pistol Pack draussen ist)
Map Gestures                              (Mittlerweile in ACE)


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Update erfolgt am 20.09.2016.

Arma 3:

ACE3 / 3.7.0Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/download/v3.7.0/ace3_3.7.0.zip


    Add Advanced Throwing (#3477, #4318, #4313)
    Add ACE_isBelt for DLC/Expansion magazines (#4246)
    Add Advanced Fatigue (#4321)
    Add BlueForceTracking filtering via an object variable (#4196)
    Add Chemlight Enhancements (#3921)
    Add Hiddenselection camo to bodybag for Retexturing (#4276)
    Add Medical AI (#4311)
    Add Tripflare (#4152)
    Add UI framework and update feature documentation (#4251)
    Add additional cargo and dragging for crates (#4129)
    Add definable classname for Spare Barrel (#4121)
    Add dogtags $PBOPREFIX$ and Improve function headers (#4221)
    Add explosive devices to missing units, close #4181 (#4191)
    Add interaction action on demand (#4079)
    Add log file and line numbers for warnings/errors/debug msgs (#4172)
    Add make hearing component compatible with glasses (#4166)
    Add missing semi-colon (#4180)
    Add option for fade nametags towards screen border (#4316)
    Add paradrop crates from helicopter or plane cargo (#2468)
    Add port ACE2 incendiary grenades (#4109)
    Add port AGM cook off (#4116)
    Add realistic weights (#3868)
    Add rearm, refuel and repair actions for RHS vehicles (#4230)
    Add spare barrel to VA in 1.64 (#4328)


    Change Allow inheritance for addActionToClass (#4272)
    Change Bundle fire damage into larger chunks (#4223)
    Change Cache config UI (#4234)
    Change Convert common to CBA hashes (#4188)
    Change Convert finger to CBA hashes (#4183)
    Change Convert laser to CBA hashes (#4186)
    Change Convert map-gestures to CBA hashes (#4187)
    Change clear reviveState when calling setUnconscious (#4258)
    Change deprecate ACE hash functions in favor of CBA versions (#4171)
    Change deprecate sort function (#4169)
    Change lower wirecutter item mass (#4209)
    Change reenable pickup action, because related bug has been fixed (#4175)
    Change skip DLL check on non-windows machines (#4254)
    Change Increase blood bag flow rate for basic medical (#4306)
    Change Increase defuse range for underwater mines (#4195)
    Update RHS compat for (#4142)
    Update compat_rhs_usf3 (Weapons/Ammo) (#4028)
    Tagging Framework and Improves (#4146)


    Improve SSN hash (#4089)
    Improve createVehicle(Local) performance consideration description (#4212)
    Improve creation time of house actions dummy (#4159)
    Improve interaction position for air units. (#4285)
    Improve stringRemoveWhitespace function header (#4218)
    Improve use GVAR Macro Where Applicable (#4137)
    Improve use createSimpleObject for medical litter (#4197)
    Improve use pushBackUnique in Tags cache (#4249)
    Improve Minor cleanup of fired EH listeners (#4155)
    Improve Minor optimizations using private, params, and isEqualType (#4323)
    Improve Minor private variable fixes (#4300)
    Improve Minor tweaks to medical (#4202)


    Fix bug which would cause unecessary echo network traffic (#4242)
    Fix disable frag for shells that end in water (#4136)
    Fix don't run animChanged event on all units in dragging (#4203)
    Fix javelin fire block not being removed (#4228)
    Fix missing zeroing UI on vehicles without FCS (#4232)
    Fix null ace_player from early call to addPlayerEH (#4289)
    Fix objectEvent method (#4267)
    Fix refuel not respecting time acceleration and pause (#4140)
    Fix repair cargo not added to zeus created objects (#4201)
    Fix spectator map click not changing cam pos (#4151)
    Fix static weapons not being loadable in cargo (#4205)
    Fix tagging cstring (#4226)
    Fix terrain LOS check for vehicles with low getPos (#4130)
    Fix the captive module from creating attributes when not needed (#4213)
    Fix track repair selection placement (#4198)
    Fix wrong config path in FUNC(calculateMass) (#4225)
    Fix Heal hitpoint after bandage sets bodyPartStatus (#4216)


    Remove deprecated functions (#4185)
    Remove some broken functions (#4170)
    Remove superfluous requiredAddons in hearing (#4277)


    Fix Cargo Framework title numbering (#4149)
    Fix Events Framework documentation 3.1 section (#4266)
    Remove never-merged rearm feature and framework documentation (#4263)
    Streamline closing points on wiki pages (#4269)
    Update coding guidelines (#4139)
    Update dragging framework wiki (#4143)
    Update medical feature doc (#3731)
    Add Tagging documentation (new location) (#4260)
    Add advanced example for interaction menu framework (#4257)
    Add createVehicle(Local) performance consideration to coding guidelines (#4211)
    Add documentation for tagging to event wiki (#4252)
    Add note about no settings class for serverconfig (#4292)
    Add version information to most wiki feature and framework pages (#4303)
    Add version to frontmatter and display it in the wiki (#4291)
    Fix list in interaction menu framework documentation (#4264)
    Fix typos and code brackets in coding guidelines (#4133)

Known Issues

    Destroying a vehicle with vehicle cook off enabled will not increase score

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 20.09.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.




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Update erfolgt am 07.10.2016.

Arma 3:

CBA A3 / 3.1.0Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases

    ADDED: JR muzzles to pistols (#436) robalo
    ADDED: JR compatibility with APEX bipods (#436, #500) robalo
    ADDED: Listenable events for CBA settings initialization (#437) PabstMirror
    ADDED: Garrison waypoint in editor (#438) commy2
    ADDED: PerFrameHandler Objects (#441) commy2
    ADDED: CBA_fnc_getArea to return the array form of any area construct (#442) SilentSpike
    ADDED: Optional pbo to load settings from a userconfig file (#450, #459) commy2
    ADDED: Template for creating a settings file inside a pbo (#451, #459) commy2
    ADDED: CBA_fnc_removeWhitespace (ported from ACE 3) (#457) commy2
    ADDED: PATHTO_FNC and RECOMPILE macros for CfgFunctions (#475, #494) dixon13
    ADDED: "format" versions of LOG()/WARNING()/ERROR()/INFO() macros (#482) commy2
    ADDED: Optional parameter for CBA_fnc_addPlayerEventHandler (#490) PabstMirror
    ADDED: Unit test for network component commy2 (#497)
    ADDED: Event handlers for creating and deleting markers commy2 (#505)
    ADDED: Fix for broken "callsign" Eden attribute commy2, snippers (#508)
    IMPROVED: Remove some obsolete productVersion checks (#432) commy2
    IMPROVED: Remove some obsolete and unused files (#434) commy2
    IMPROVED: Missions can force global settings if not forced by the Server (#437, #506) PabstMirror
    IMPROVED: Group behaviour when using CBA_fnc_taskDefend (#440) SilentSpike
    IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_randPosArea accepts areas in form of array or location (#442) SilentSpike
    IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_taskSearchArea accepts areas in form of array or location (#442) SilentSpike
    IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_inArea in favour of new inArea command (#442) SilentSpike
    IMPROVED: Remove obsolete PlayerConnected, PlayerDisconnected band aid fix (#443) commy2
    IMPROVED: Disable "Default" settings button if setting is already the default value (#444) PabstMirror
    IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_hashSet to use the deleteAt command (#445) PabstMirror
    IMPROVED: Some internals in XEH component (XEH_CLASS_BASE macro) (#446) commy2
    IMPROVED: Internals of serializing array type settings (#449) commy2
    IMPROVED: Correct wrong information in some functions headers (#463) commy2
    IMPROVED: Precompile displayLoad functions (#464) commy2
    IMPROVED: Simplify CBA_fnc_filter with new SQF commands (#465) commy2
    IMPROVED: Align DEBUG()/WARNING()/ERROR() macros to their ACE versions (#466, #480, #498) commy2
    IMPROVED: compileFinal internal CBA missionNamespace functions (#469) commy2
    IMPROVED: Remove obsolete and non functional marker persistency feature (#473, #485) commy2
    IMPROVED: Remove obsolete code from network component (#474, #476, #477, #479, #481) commy2
    IMPROVED: Remove CBA_fnc_benchmarkFunction (use diag_codePerformance) (#478) commy2
    IMPROVED: Check data type of the arguments of CBA_fnc_addKeybind (#484) commy2
    IMPROVED: Save expression in debug console when hitting the enter key (#491, #493) PabstMirror
    IMPROVED: Remove obsolete configs for the old XEH from diagnostic component (#495) commy2
    IMPROVED: Remove obsolete unreachable code from common component (#496) commy2
    IMPROVED: Remove obsolete fire team synchronization code, deprecate event (#511) commy2
    FIXED: Incorrect building position storage in CBA_fnc_taskDefend (#440, #488) SilentSpike
    FIXED: Infinite building searches caused by CBA_fnc_taskSearchArea (#440) SilentSpike
    FIXED: Only logged in admins are allowed change settings (#448) commy2
    FIXED: CBA_fnc_addKeybind running on headless clients (#467, #468) commy2
    FIXED: CBA_fnc_setVarNet and CBA_fnc_publicVariable broken (#471) commy2
    FIXED: CBA_fnc_error (internal) not safe for scheduled environment (#472) commy2
    FIXED: CBA_fnc_formatNumber not behaving as expected (#486, #489) Sniperhid
    FIXED: Default value for argument in CBA_fnc_hashHasKey was not a hash (#503, #509) commy2

Valtatie 5 / 1.0Infos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=3529

- Final release
-Tweaked field clutter
-Tweaked surface textures
-Tweaked outside terrain texture
-Fixed lighting
-Fixed class name errors with CUP Terrains
-Broke roads near gas station. Cannot be fixed due various reasons.

Kleiderkammer / 2.0Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28631

2.0 Westen
added: 5 versions of the Koppeltragegestell
added: 6 versions of the Splitterschutzweste
added: Box for vests
added: SEM52 SL Radio for TFAR
added: Fleck-/Tropentarn Camo patterns for the TFAR MR3000
changed: Camo patterns
changed: size of the shemag
changed: Tidied up some config stuff
fixed: A bug where you could not switch between the helmets and the Feldmütze

FAP Units / 1.15Infos +-

Link: www.icebreakr.info/files/fapunits_v115.7z

- got rid of that nasty new Apex error notices (ItemInfo.scope)
- recorded new Steyr Aug A1 sounds from Austria

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 07.10.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 142~ MB.


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Update erfolgt am 25.10.2016.

Arma 3:

NIArms(HLC) MG3/ 1.0Infos +-
BW Retexture Pack / 1.0.0Infos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=4690

// Vehicles
- added: Geländewagen (Flecktarn)
- added: Geländewagen Feldjäger (Flecktarn)
- added: Geländewagen Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek 1A2 SMG 12.7mm (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek 1A2 GMW 40mm (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV SMG 12.7mm (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV GMW 40mm (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Transport (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Transport Abgedeckt (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Treibstoff (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Munition (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Generator (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Multi Container (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Treibstoff (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Munition (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Arma FLW (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Arma Transport (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Arma SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Pandur II FSW (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Pandur II Transport (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Pandur II SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: BPz Nemmera (Flecktarn)
- added: PzH Sholef 155mm (Flecktarn)
- added: MH6 Heer Transport
- added: AH6 Heer LNU
- added: AW159 Heer Transport
- added: AW159 Heer SAR
- added: AW159 Heer LNU
- added: AW101 Heer Transport
- added: AW101 Heer SAR
- added: CH67 Heer Transport
- added: CH67 Heer SAR
- added: Taru LH Heer
// Scripts
- added: Usable Cargo Ramp Script to AW101 plus user actions for openable doors.

CBA A3 / +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases

ADDED: Format versions of ERROR_WITH_TITLE() macro (#516) jonpas
ADDED: ERROR_MSG() macro to display on-screen message and log (#517, #525) commy2
ADDED: Some state machine enhancements (#522) BaerMitUmlaut
IMPROVED: Formating of log macros (removed "File:" and "Line:") (#514) commy2
IMPROVED: Internally use format log macros where possible (#518) commy2
IMPROVED: Check for removed cba_linux.pbo (#520) commy2
IMPROVED: Removed a semicolon to indicate a return value (#524) commy2
FIXED: A typo in a function header (#523) commy2

ACE3 / 3.8.0Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.8.0


    Add 3den attribute to disable bft (#4452)
    Add Draw Straight Lines with maptool (#4410)
    Add Functions to perform arithmetic operations on sets (#4514)
    Add Laser guidance for all designators (#3308)
    Add Show damage on repair items interaction point (#4448)
    Add ace2 sys blood port (#4377)
    Add ammo box cookoff (#4380)
    Add ammo cookoff (#4376)
    Add auto add blown off turrets to curator (#4425)
    Add dmg materials to spare tracks and wheel (#4450)
    Add function to disable dogtags for factions, and disable for civilians (#4539)
    Add object attribute to disable cookoff for individual vehicles (#4383)
    Add optional pbo to disable cross hair (#4168)


    Change Captives - rewrite findEmptyNonFFVCargoSeat (#4348)
    Change Disable FCS on RHS helicopters (#4509)
    Change End path drawing when passing through Geom/Fire (#4385)
    Change Replace ace_common_fnc_stringRemoveWhiteSpace with CBA_fnc_removeWhitespace (#4222)
    Change Update for newest JR / 1.64 UBC (#4208)
    Change convert log macros to cba versions (#4282)
    Change delete "Teleport Players" module after use (#4368)
    Change increase red laser alpha, close #4535 (#4541)
    Change more immersive dogtag interaction (#4446)


    Improve Use waitAndExecute for fatigue loop (#4453)


    Fix Ambient Sounds (#4470)
    Fix FRIES attach point for unarmed wildcat (#4518)
    Fix Medical AI: Filter player medics (#4444)
    Fix PCTW error on certain vehicles (#4463)
    Fix frag - reflectionsEnabled (#4475)
    Fix fuel nozzle disconnect at maximum hose distance (#4525)
    Fix going unconscious while fastroping (#4531)
    Fix handle RHS impact grenades (RGN/RGO) (#4447)
    Fix interaction addActionToX return values (#4461)
    Fix show correct elev for mortar with no ammo (#4478)
    Fix weather for inherited CfgWorlds (#4360)
    Fix broken ace menu in main menu (#4451)
    Fix broken parachutes (#4462)
    Fix damage materials of repair items (#4466)
    Fix fatigue when diving while sprinting (#4516)
    Fix formating of CBA version check (#4511)
    Fix nocrosshair being in addons and optionals (#4434)


    Remove civilian rank icons from nametags (#4538)
    Remove deprecated code for 3.8.0 (#4457)
    Remove deprecated event handlers (#4459)
    Remove deprecated sitting module (#4458)
    Remove visible id from the dog tag item (#4480)
    Removed aiDispersionCoef for vanilla weapons (#4484)


    Add Medical AI documentation (#4407)
    Add Advanced Fatigue documentation (#4401)
    Escape jekyll code in documentation guidelines page (#4397)
    Add version note to yellow Advanced Throwing circle documentation (#4455)
    Fix dependencies list prefix that shouldn't exist (#4409)
    Add hint to grenades pages for advanced throwing (#4442)
    Fix grenade docs base url (#4445)
    Remove Laser-SelfDesignate wiki page (#4524)

ACEX / 3.1.1Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACEX/releases/tag/v3.1.1


    Fix "File ace_sitting.pbo is outdated" (#39)


    Add kill/death tracker to acex (#31)
    Add beautified component names (#30)
    German string for viewrestrictions (#26)
    End mission on all players leaving when Headless Clients are present (#25)


    Fix 2 more ace/cba log macros (#37)
    Fix erroneous firendly fire msg if side is weird (#35)
    Fix gunner and group view being disallowed when using View Restriction (#28)


    Update to new CBA logging macros (#32)
    Polish translation (#23)

SMA / 2.7.1Infos +-

Link: http://smaproject.com/downloads/

– Fixed config patches error corrected class names
– Fixed default zero on Elcan optics now 100m
– Added ELCAN_ALTZOOM_C pbo in optional folder gives people choice on how they prefer optic to work (can use both at same time)
– Adjusted Glare from some optics for clearer view
– Fixed missing grip pod compatibility on some of the custom HK416 (VFG) variants
– Fixed missing Recoils pbo now sets correct Recoils
– Added Gemtech one suppressor now compatible with 556 weapons
– Fixed Dispersion values on weapons to correct inaccuracies
– Fixed SKS ammo not working
– Fixed optional Vanilla ammo pbo missing class name and now correct folder
– Fixed cba_jr errors (thanks for the heads up Robalo)

– Complete remodel and replacement of HK416
– Complete remodel and replacement of HK417
– Added Magpul Rail guards for new HK 416s
– Complete overhaul of every Weapons audio now very high quality rework
– Complete overhaul of every Weapons suppressor audio
– Added Aimpoint Micro T-2 optics
– Added Elcan SpecterDR with full function of 3d scope 1x 4x and iron sight or RDS
– Elcan specterDR has MRT functionality to toggle between reticle brightness for different light conditions in game (like real life version)
– Added new ROTEX 3 suppressors
– Added ACR Grenade Launcher variants both 6.8 and 556
– Added Anpeq Top mounts and Lazer light combos for ACR
– Changed ACR Remington mags to steel (used to be plastic)
– Added New MK18 Variants in OD painted
– Reworked textures on MK18s
– Fixed Mk 18 bolt animations
– Renamed some original suppressors
– Fixes to SCAR Ui pictures errors
– Fixes to some shadow lods on MK18
– Fixed excessive Glare reflection on Red dot side mount on Vortex 3 optics
– Fixed Glare reflection on Eotech optics (still there but not as prominent)
– Fixed Muzzle proxys on ACR to line up cleaner
– Optimizations for Models across the board for performance
– Updated all Ui pictures and icons
– Adjusted Lazer light and Top mount positions for HK416
– Updated Ballistics codes for 7.62×51 7.62×39 5.56×45 6.8 and 300 blackout
– Removed Mk319 7.62×51
– Added Mk316 7.62×51

– The Showcase mission has been removed from the mod as it was broken and will be redone for V3. You can still see all the gear at smaproject.com

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 25.10.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.

entfernt wird:
Swedish Army Mod (SAM)


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Update erfolgt am 27.10.2016.

Arma 3:

ACE3 / +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.8.1


    Fix game crash when unit gets hit with extreme amounts of damage (#4574)
    Fix vehLock warning about bad func type (#4582)

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 27.10.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.


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Update erfolgt am 22.11.2016.

Arma 3:


HLC Core / 1.1Infos +-

Link: http://toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_Core%20V1.1.rar

- Clean up useless/bad refs in core (Credit: Robalo)
- Add some macros for easier mag compat maintenance (Credit: Robalo)
- Migrated per-pack ballistic data to Core: 300WM, 7.5mm GP11, .3006
- Updated ballistic data - 7.92x57mm Mauser
- Migrated magazine configs to core- hlc_100Rnd_762x51_B_M60E4,hlc_100Rnd_762x51_M_M60E4,hlc_100Rnd_762x51_Mdim_M60E4,hlc_100Rnd_762x51_Barrier_M60E4,hlc_100Rnd_762x51_T_M60E4
- Added magazine macros : __556AUG_MAGS,__792MG42_MAGS,__762MG3_MAGS
- #48: Moved AR15 .300 and 5.56 Suppressors to Core
- moved hlc_muzzle_Tundra to Core

HLC G36 / 1.2Infos +-

Link: http://toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_G36%20V1.2.rar

- Restore missing slots on G36C/CV/V/KV models (credit Robalo)
- Add opticType param to G36 optics (credit Robalo)
- Fix UI for 2rnd burst fire mode (credit Robalo)
- Cleanup G36 config, fixes #45 (credit Robalo)
- Corrected Ammobox displayname
- Add G36 weaponholders (credit Robalo)
- Added G36 Bipod (plus support on E and A series)
- Corrected several minor inheritance issues on the V and Tactical series
- Tactical G36 front sights now fold correct way
- Hidden Selections (Check classes for more details)
- Mass,Inertia,Dexterity adjustments
- added:
hlc_rifle_G36E1AG36_Romi (fun retex)
hlc_rifle_G36KA1KSK (G36K + KAC Rifle-length Foregrip, iDZ Rail)
HLC_Rifle_G36KSKAG36 (AG36 Variant of the above)

(G36 hat wieder funktionierende Rails)
HLC MG3 / 1.05Infos +-

Link: http://toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_MG3%20V1.05.rar

- Updated ballistic data - 7.92x57mm Mauser
- ROF on MG3s increased from 1000 to 1050 RPM (MG42s unchanged)
- Weights corrected and adjusted on magazines

HLC FAL / 1.9Infos +-

Link: http://toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_FAL_v1.9.rar

- FAL config trimming, AI usage, inertia (Credit: Robalo)
- Changed Ammobox model
- Add FAL weaponholders (Credit: Robalo)
- Side Attachment proxy positions corrected:
Animated Zeroing corrected:
- Ranging reduced on all FALs down to real-world counterparts (200-700m)
- Barrel memory points adjusted
- GL Animations Added to hlc_rifle_osw_GL
- Zeroing adjustments finetuned on hlc_rifle_osw_GL
- Implemented Hiddenselections on all weapons
- added: hlc_rifle_FAL5000_RH (FAL 50.00 w/ Rhodesian Rattle-can camo)

HLC G3 / 2.0Infos +-

Link: http://toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_G3%20V2.0.rar

- G3 config trimming/fixup  (Credit: Robalo)
- G3 weaponholders  (Credit: Robalo)
- Added "mm" suffix to HK33 magazaine displayshort strings
- Hiddenselections added to all weapons. See respective classes/P3Ds for specifics
- M203 moved to hlc_rifle_g3_base
- GL adjustments corrected
- Ironsight picture cleared up on all respective sights
- Now accepts forward attachments :
+ added

HLC AWM / 1.3Infos +-

Link: http://toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_AWMs%20v1.3.rar

- Cleanup AW configs(Credit: Robalo)
- Removed redeclaration of trace model of AWC ammo  (credit: YoursTruly)
- Migrated per-pack ballistic data to Core
- Add AWM weaponholders(Credit: Robalo)

Refined Vehicles / 3.4.1Infos +-

Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84370332/Refined_Vehicles/%40RPA_Refined_Vehicles.zip

- Changed addon structure to allow non-APEX owners to still use Refined Vehicles
- Tweaked Civic Rallye engine power, suspension and gearbox parameters
- Tweaked SUV gearbox parameters
- inverted Y for Jerrycan normal map
- tweaked some CfgWheels parameters for several vehicles

CBA_A3 / v3.1.2.161105Infos +-

Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84370332/Refined_Vehicles/%40RPA_Refined_Vehicles.zip

ADDED: CBA_fnc_hashSize function to get size of hashes (#528, #531) Killswitch00
ADDED: RETDEF() macro (#537) 654wak654
IMPROVED: Performance of RETNIL() macro (#537) 654wak654
FIXED: Script error about variable with empty name (#535, #536, #539) commy2
FIXED: IS_INTEGER() macro unsafe when used with low priority commands (#537) 654wak654
FIXED: Errors in some function headers (#541) PabstMirror

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht, bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 22.11.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 105~ MB.

entfernt werden folgende Mods:
Isla Duala
Al Rayak
Sahrani (@CUPT_Maps (4 PBOs))


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Update erfolgt am 20.12.2016.

Arma 3:

CBA / 3.1.2Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases

ADDED: CBA_fnc_hashSize function to get size of hashes (#528, #531) Killswitch00
ADDED: RETDEF() macro (#537) 654wak654
IMPROVED: Performance of RETNIL() macro (#537) 654wak654
FIXED: Script error about variable with empty name (#535, #536, #539) commy2
FIXED: IS_INTEGER() macro unsafe when used with low priority commands (#537) 654wak654
FIXED: Errors in some function headers (#541) PabstMirror

ACE3 / 3.8.3Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.8.3


    Add some Japanse translations (#4710)


    Update SMG_02 base class for 1.66 (#4718 )
    AdvFatigue - Remove setVar when removing eh (#4722)


    Replace left-over ACE3 waitAndExecute with CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute (#4709)


    Fix possible script error when ammo is empty when using advanced throwing (#4743)
    Fix error when using self interact without a mine detector (#4742, #4741)
    Fix blood drop selection if blood loss is high (#4740 , #4739)

FAP Units / 1.2Infos +-

Link: www.icebreakr.info/files/fapunits_v12.7z

added a thing or two

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 20.12.2016 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~32 MB.


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Bei CBA kann es bei der Tastenbelegung dazu kommen, dass Belegungsmöglichkeiten nicht angezeigt werden (z.b. Funken). Die Hilfestellung von CBA besagt, dass dieser Fehler mit einem neu erstellten Profil nicht auftritt.

mkg Sk3y

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Update erfolgt am 08.01.2017.

Arma 3:

DEGA Parachutes/ 1.1.0Infos +-


-Reworked system again
-Enable/Disable via Eden Editor Attributes
-Modders can now add compatibility to their mods
-Removed Jump master

Panthera/ 3.7.0Infos +-


- added Winter version: Winter Panthera aka Winthera
- fixed grass on Airport Lesce runway
- terrain smoothing
- improved satellite image
- several smaller fixes

entfernte Mods:
- @cTab (bei fragen an Sk3y, James oder MTG wenden)

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Steht ab 08.01.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 331~ MB.


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Update erfolgt am 24.01.2017.

Arma 3:

Kleiderkammer / HotfixInfos +-


Hotfix: Unsichtbare Hände bei JiP

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 24.01.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 <1~ MB.


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Update erfolgt am 05.02.2017.

Arma 3:

Project Opfor / 0.2.3Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31310

- Added Offroad M2 motorized groups for LOP_AM and LOP_AM_OPF
- Added Aks-74/aks-74u for some factions
- Fixed Eastern European civilians do not longer spawn with asian faces
- Fixed Uniform problems for Islamic State and Peshmerga
- Fixed Headgears in 3den are once more visible
- Fixed Commander and Gunner for T-55's
- Changed Some uniform names

- Added Boko Haram faction
- Added Irish Conflict sides (UVF and IRA factions)
- Added Iraqi Special Operations Forces
- Added Islamic State faction to OPFOR
- Added Middle Eastern faction to OPFOR (uses civilian clothes)
- Added African Militia faction to OPFOR
- Added Kurdish Peshmerga faction to INDE
- Added New textures for middle eastern insurgents and civilians
- Added New uniform textures for Islamic State
- Added Chechen civilian textures (thanks to Stagler)
- Added Missing citizen model (thanks to reyhard)
- Added Random civilian unit for Europe/Middle East (thanks to reyhard)
- Added Faction names stringables (thanks to Basher)
- Added Extra tanks for factions (thanks to Damian90)
- Added M1117 Guardian for Afghan National Army
- Added Various shemags textures for Middle Eastern Militia Factions
- Added Black uniform for Kurdish Peshmerga Forces
- Added Afghan National Police dedicated headgears
- Added Some insignias (YPG, Kurds, ANP, ANA and much more)
- Fixed Zeus compatibility (make sure you choose 'all addons' option in module)
- Fixed Middle east clothes .rvmats
- Fixed ALiVE compatibility for LOP_PESH & configured motorized infantry (thanks to Tupolov, HeroesandvillainsOS and other guys on forum)
- Fixed Baseball hats and glasses on African Factions are now uncommon
- Fixed Some textures were upgrade to our actual standards
- Fixed ZU-23 now has the right gunners
- Fixed Landrover gunner position (thanks to reyhard)
- Fixed Many tweaks to po_vehicles (thanks to reyhard)
- Fixed ASR AI 3 compatibility (added asr_ai_level & camouflage values)
- Fixed BCR Logistics tests for ISIS, Iraq and Afghan Army (need tests)
- Fixed Black smokes removed from all factions
- Changed Language for African Factions
- Changed Splitted IS guerillas into Men (Black) and Men (Combat)
- Changed Replaced Chedakis textures with these from Stagler (big thanks)
- Changed Infantry config structure for all real factions (added scripts for random uniforms and headgears)
- Changed Middle Eastern Militia was deprived of vests
- Changed Scoped out our su-25's (till we get right textures)
- Changed Removed logo on loading screen

BWMod / 1.4.1Infos +-

Link: https://bwmod.koffeinflummi.de/BWMod_A3_v1.4.1.zip

- hinzugefügt: Japanische Übersetzung (classic)
- hinzugefügt: Eigene Textur für MG5 Feuerwahl
- hinzugefügt: Nachtsicht für Knighthelm
- hinzugefügt: Unterstützung für TFAR 1.0
- hinzugefügt: ABM Submunition behält ShotParents-Informationen
- geändert: Puma Schütze SW Thermalsicht
- geändert: Fliegerfaust Schadensradius erhöht
- geändert: Puma Schadensmodel
- geändert: G36-Magazin mit G38-Magazin getauscht.
- geändert: Sicherungsmodus für SPz Puma und KPz Leopard entfernt
- geändert: TI Texturen Langwaffen (Wärmebild)
- behoben: Entfernte ACE-Events mit CBA-Events ersetzt
- behoben: Fehlende Overlays für Waffenzubehör
- behoben: Werfer Rückstoßeffekt
- behoben: Fehlende Insignias im Eden Editor
- behoben: "Modparams" RPT-Spam
- behoben: Eden Kamera-Fehler
- behoben: G38 Tippfehler
- behoben: G38 AG40 zu klein
- behoben: Spielabsturz bei Benutzung von Fahrzeugen mit der x64 Anwendung

Cup Terrains / 1.3.0Infos +-

Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwA-UohiwA7CVFpTM0hnZEJMRW8

 CUP Terrains 1.3.0 Core:
+    ADDED:        scopeCurator = 2 to configs (assets should now be in Zeus)
+    ADDED:        CfgMods to cup_terrains_terrains_core/config.cpp
+    ADDED:        New Apex menu intros
+    ADDED:        Preview videos for main menu
+    ADDED:        New picture shots for all terrains
+    ADDED:        Eden editor configs for roads, sidewalks, and railways - T1559
+    ADDED:        Merged in upgraded JBAD buildings and ported some over to A2 content from A2:OA
+    ADDED:        Individual monitor and server models to PC
+    ADDED:        The improved JBAD version of general store - T1763
+    ADDED:        Ruin models for Mil_Barracks and Mil_Guardhouse
+    ADDED:        Rain sound effects for all A2 and A2 DLC bushes and trees
+    ADDED:        Rain and other ambient sound effects to a majority of buildings

@    FIXED:        Most detailed shadow LOD was missing from Ind_Oil_Tower_EP1.p3d
@    FIXED:        Corrupted RVMATs causing errors when unpacking CUP
@    FIXED:        Church using CfgCloudlets effect "HouseDestructionSmoke", which doesn't exist in A3. Changed to "HouseDestructionSmoke1" which does exist in A3. - T1572
@    FIXED:        Incorrect shadow on Dum_istan2_02.p3d - T1657
@    FIXED:        Land_Plot_Ohrada_Pruchozi from being nearly indestructible - T1595
@    FIXED:        Misc_palletsfoiled.p3d and Misc_palletsfoiled_heap.p3d being transparent - T1817
@    FIXED:        CUP dust effects removing Tanoa effects - T1670
@    FIXED:        Errors (trailing spaces) in named selections of various models using dep3d +fx
@    FIXED:        Specular lighting on all maps, no more blue sheen on stuff
@    FIXED:        Issue with black texture in one of the distance LODs of t_acer2s.p3d
@    FIXED:        Majority of the buildings without a material in their fire geometry
@    FIXED:        Majority of the buildings that wouldn't allow you to throw a grenade through the window - T1773
@    FIXED:        Transparency issues on Ind_IlluminantTower, PowLines_Conc2_EP1, and various fence/wall models
@    FIXED:        CUP giving VR world ambient life - T1700
@    FIXED:        Issue with shadow LOD of HouseB_Tenement.p3d
@    FIXED:        Windows not breaking on Mil_Barracks_i.p3d
@    FIXED:        CUP overriding Stratis and Altis EnvSounds
@    FIXED:        Issues with workshop and few military buildings where you couldn't throw a grenade through the windows after they were broken

@    IMPROVED:    Added materials to fire geometry of hundreds of models
@    IMPROVED:    Added a CUP_ prefix to CfgCloudlets entries that we add ourselves (take over from A2) and modified configs of assets using those entries accordingly
@    IMPROVED:    Tweaked european lighting (bleaker daytime, better moonlit nights)
@    IMPROVED:    Night lighting for all islands
@    IMPROVED:    Slightly increased star brightness at desert maps
@    IMPROVED:    Most detailed shadow LOD of Misc_palletsfoiled_heap.p3d
@    IMPROVED:    Added door sounds for all of structures_e\HouseC, structures_e\HouseK, and structures_e\HouseL
@    IMPROVED:    Armor and explosive shielding of nearly all of structures_e
@    IMPROVED:    Added geometric occluders to almost all of ca\buildings, ca\buildings2, ca\structures, and ca\structures_e
@    IMPROVED:    Added breakable glass windows to ss_hangar, ss_hangard, and mil_hangar_ep1
@    IMPROVED:    The geometry of a lot of A1 buildings
@    IMPROVED:    Updated majority of A1 vegetation to use A2 shaders
@    IMPROVED:    Added CfgEnvSpatialSounds and the new thunder sound to CAWorld
@    IMPROVED:    Slightly improved textures on buk trees
@    IMPROVED:    Added breakable glass to A_Pub_01.p3d - T1764
@    IMPROVED:    Added breakable glass to HouseB_Tenement.p3d - T1765
@    IMPROVED:    Added improved Thunder soundset to all terrains (CAWorld)
-    REMOVED:    Sidewalk6ShortEnd.p3d.bak.p3d
-    REMOVED:    Wall_IndFnc_9.p3d.bak

CUP Terrains 1.3.0 Maps:
@    FIXED:        Asfalt parallax on Bystrica and Bukovina
@    FIXED:        Missing EnvMaps added to all map configs

^    IMPROVED:    Darkened one of the Proving Grounds surface textures (gz_trava_co)
^    IMPROVED:    Changed Utes ground texture with grass to fit satellite textures better
^    IMPROVED:    Added different kinds of ground clutter for more variety on Utes

Female / V2Infos +-

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s5m8586w2bmo3k4/Identizee_V2.rar

- Complete head overhaul with ground up models and textures and new workflow
- Hair Selections
- New Uniforms
- Bug Fixes
- Removed redundant classes  

Sk3yNet /Infos +-

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RHS / 0.4.2Infos +-

Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/rhs-armed-forces-of-the-russian-federation-a3/downloads/rhs-usaf-042

ADDED IN 0.4.2
+ AKS-74
+ AKS-74N
+ DTK (1983)
+ 6B43
+ Added new SVD reload anims
+ Ability to disable voice announcer (bitchin' betty)
+ Mi-8 with cargo hook
+ AK-74MR
+ AK rifles with a lot of Zenitco (thanks Zenitco for the ref images!!) accessories
+ Added AK-74M Full Plum with DTK-1 AI classes
+ Added MCLOS control for 9M14
+ Added FFV actions to BMP-1/2 Gunner & Commander
+ Added optics destruction to BMP-1/2
+ Added 2S3 camo version
+ Added New KPVT sounds and configs
+ Added New tail sound curves
+ Added Type 69 40mm Airbust RPG round.
+ Added new Tigr-M Engine Sounds
+ KamAZ 5350
+ DTK-1P
+ DTK-2
+ Perst-3
+ Tu-95MS
+ Mi-28N
+ Kh-55SM
+ Orsis T5000
+ Harris bipod
+ Dedal DH 5-20x56
+ Altyn
+ Various new aviation decals
+ Added engine startup script to appropriate AFRF vehicles
+ Added cargo light to Mi-8 & Mi-24
+ Added door anims to GAZ-66
+ Added hidden selections to GAZ-66 Kungs
+ Added sand texture to GAZ-66 kungs
+ Added improved lights to UAZ, URAL, Tigr & GAZ-66 (searchlight control, high/low beams, interior lights, reverse light)
+ Added additional antenna anims to GAZ-66 R142N
+ Added night sight illumination to BTR-60/70
+ Added 7N6 bullet
+ New muzzle flash proxies for all muzzle attachments
+ Added SPO-15 script to Su-25 & Mi-24
+ Added joint muzzle support for russian weapons
+ Added S-13 rocket models (S-13/S-13B, S-13T, S-13D, S-13DF, S-13OF) to go with B-13L/B-13L1 pods.
+ Added BTR-60 camo version
+ Added grip system for russian tactical AKs
+ Added D-6 static parachute & incorporated it to ejection scripts
+ 9M113 missile model


^ Added medic bag configured as backpack
^ Removed turret based tablock introduced in 1.66
^ Combat heli pilots now have green helmets.
^ Improved lod transition of ZSh-7A helmets
^ Added hitpoints to truck mounted ZU-23
^ Assigned linkedItem muzzles for AK-103, 104, 105 base weapons in Arsenal
^ Tweaked Mi-8 side gunners anim
^ Some more tweaks to Ka-52 & PAK-FA MFD
^ Improved bipod compatibility with joint rails
^ Tweaked TPD-1K emmisive value
^ Added script to handle changing of maGAZines on vehicles & marking Laser Range Finder usage. Vehicles now are able to change maGAZine from AP to HE
^ Mi-8 door seats are folded when there is MG attached
^ Clean up redundant UVs and UVs inshadow lods on most models
^ Mi-8 passengers use same comparment as pilot
^ Increased size of pouches on 6Sh116 to represent real life better
^ Improved virtualAmmoBox.sqf addding of USAF scopes
^ Mi-8 textures
^ Fixed errors in Stringtable.xml
^ Increased BTR-60/70 lower hull armor from 5mm to 7mm
^ Added proper firegeo to BTR-70 side doors
^ Randomised radar starting pos by using timeRndOffset
^ Added base class for Mi-24D with MCLOS missiles
^ Brightened up BMP-2D additional armour texture
^ Added missing geometry LODs for some russian berets
^ Added emtpy shadowLODs for berets
^ Slightly improved Tigr Wheel PhysX
^ Changed BMP-2 loadout so PKT use single 2000 round maGAZine
^ Tweaked S5 rockets damage values
^ Reorganised rhs_scopes as rhs_accessory
^ PSO-1M2-1 use 25m increments for zeroing now
^ Added Mi8MTV-3 & AMTSh exhaust mem points
^ Added static weapons for VMF
^ Added engine smoke effect to ZSU-23-4
^ Added setShotParents command to spall & heat script
^ Tweaked DTK geometry so it can fit AKS-74 too & improved it shadow lods
^ Added some missing weapons to virtualAmmoBox.sqf
^ Adjusted Mi-8 landing gear animations
^ Disabled engine startup script in water due to how waves were handled
^ 2DP inheritance
^ Improved hatch control script
^ Decreased fuel of T-80
^ Tweaked ATGM speed
^ Disabled tablock on Su-25 & Mi-28
^ Added RPG7 backpack with PG7V rockets
^ The way sound tails are handled
^ Ballistic data for PG-7VM & VS
^ Added some more S5 rockets types (HEAT, HE/HEAT, FRAG)
^ Added proper reticle for Mi-8MTV-3 & Mi-8AMTSh PKV collimator
^ Corrected Mi-8 PKT limits for front & rear machinegunner
^ Adjusted pilot position to better match collimator
^ Changed BMP-1/2 commander reticle from TPKU-2B to TKN-3B
^ Improved BMP-2 1PZ-3 cover textures & added animation to it
^ Added proper zoom modes to BMP-1/2 commander
^ Added UBR11 rounds for 2A72/2A42
^ Rearmed BMP3 & BMD-4 with UBR11 rounds
^ Adjusted PGO7V3 reticle
^ Added ballistic data for PG7V & VM/VS
^ Added rotation of RPG7 projectiles
^ Added tracer to OG7 round
^ Added PGO7V2 & PGO7V optic variants
^ Added ability to hide benches in Mi-8 helicopter
^ Added new IK anims to Mi-8AMTSh
^ Added new suspension configuration to Su-25
^ Restored old reticle & ballistic to SPG9 & OG9V round
^ Section optimization for T-72 & T-90
^ Small tweak to T-80 snorkel script (MP compatibility)
^ Added new IK anims to KORD, DShKM, UAZ with DShKM/AGS & Tigr STS
^ Tweaked rotation speed of D-30
^ Disabled manual fire option for T-72B obr 84-89
^ Added TPNK-240A optic to BRM-1K navigator
^ Added BRM-1K radar to PRP-3
^ Added 9M14 fly model
^ Increased fly ATGM model bounding box to exclude from near zero pixel draw optimization algorithm
^ Tweaked SACLOS script
^ Improved snorkel script - loop is now initialized on snorkel mount which means less scripts are running in the background in the typical scenarios
^ EMR textures
^ Added Mi8MTV-3 without door MGs
^ Added IK anims to Mi-8MT & MTV-3
^ Added aimTransitionSpeed (speed of aiming down the sight)
^ Clean up on BTRs & ZSU
^ Tweaked tanks init (seems spawn has 3ms limit & creating agent near [0,0,0] significantly delay whole code)
^ Tweaked turned out limits for side gunner of BMP-3 by doing nasty workaround
^ Tweaked 2S3 max fording depth
^ Added 9M117M Kan & 9M117M1 to BMP3 (early - 9m117, late 9m117m, M - 9m117m1) & BMD4 (basic - 9m117m, M - 9m117m1)
^ Added additional optic mode to RPG26 & RSHG2 for rangefinder usage
^ Further improvments to engine start script - added collider without component name & redefined physx collider to house class
^ Improved ammo indexing & autoloader script
^ Readded BMP-3 commander
^ Improved turret unload script
^ Added unified Bolt Action & Disposable script using new weapon EH
^ Optimized 2S3 model
^ Added airLock=1 to tank ATGMs & HEATs- AI should now engage helicopters with them
^ PDU4 now triggers Shtora
^ Raised capacity for RPG Bag
^ Added top hatch mesh to KamAZ & FFV seat to handle it
^ AKS-74U texture
^ Went on section reduction spree for following models: UAZ, URAL, GAZ66, ZSU23, BTRs, Tigrs, KamAZ
^ Tweaked gear sound changing script
^ VSS stock is made of wood now (at least in fire geometry)
^ Tweaked bolt action script handling for AI & remote units
^ Improved FCS handling which allows using zoom by tank & ifv drivers
^ Improved FCS scripts performance
^ Changed BMP-2 BPK-42 handler - highly experimental, changing between optics mode may not work 100% correctly
^ BMP-2 Obr 86 now use 9M113M missiles
^ Added reticle night illumination to BPK-42-2 (BMP2 sight)
^ Added ability to remove launchers (Maljutka & Konkurs) from BMPs & BMD through VG
^ Added small anim of konkurs optic cover rise up when ATGM is selected
^ Changed how weapons are working on BMP-2 now. While using BPK-42 it's possible to use only main gun & coax machinegun. Switching to 9sh119 ATGM sight will unlock ATGM & disable rest of weapons.
^ Moved BMP-2 models by X 0.5283, Y-0.00171,Z -4.42685 so they are in center. Also it's easier to carry feature from BMP1 now. Shouldn't change too much ingame since those models use autocenter function anyway
^ Tweaked BMP sound configuration
^ Added interior light to BMPs
^ After gathering enough money maGAZines of dipsosable launchers are available free of charge
^ Tweaked GAZ-66 driver animation
^ Increased explosive strenght of HEATs
^ Added variable to disable engine startup - type RHS_ENGINE_STARTUP_OFF = true to disable
^ Added NVG autoequip script
^ Added monocular reticle for 1PN138
^ Added ability to change loadout of 2B14, D30 & 2S3 via Eden
^ Improved Tigr-STS turret changing script
^ Increased amount of spent casses YakB produces
^ Tweaked GSh30 particles
^ Tweaked inside position of T-72/90 commander position
^ Remade hatch handling for Tigrs
^ Moved GAZ-66 sound cfg to separate file
^ Legacy rhs_weapons_crate_ak_standard to help fixing issues with older missions relying on this asset
^ Ported Laser/Light and attachment position swapping scripts to AFRF and configured it for appropriate weapons and attachments
^ Minor tweaks to PSO-1M2-1 texture/material
^ setShotParents for complex hitPart simulation
^ Increased spall amount
^ RakursPM NVG compatibility
^ RakursPM second UV set fixed
^ BTR-60 green texture
^ GAZ-66 Interior Gauge Movement
^ EKP rvmat tweaked
^ Added ability to hide commander shield on T-72 obr 84, 85 & 89
^ Tweaked K5 thickness on T-72 & T-80 tanks
^ Added separate model for T-90A turret blow off
^ Added VMF flora uniform with subdued patches
^ Added RVA crews with NVG
^ Added hidden selection to TSh-4, Zu-23, 2B14 & D-30
^ Updated FT-2 start screen image
^ Further tweaks to Su-25 physx suspension
^ Added soundFly sound to missiles & rockets
^ Increased Tochka-U missile bounding box
^ Added setShotParent script command to Tochka-U cluster munition
^ Improved Tochka-U & Tu-95 accuracy (fixed missing ATLtoASL conversion)

FIXED IN 0.4.2

@ Fixed wrong hiddenSelections on T-72 proxies
@ Fixed beret shadows
@ Fixed tochka-u launch sound
@ NVM-14 positioning: no clipping with mount on 6B27, 6B47, 6B7-1M.
@ Fixed Su-25 & PAK-FA landing damage
@ Fixed Tochka-U launch sound
@ S-13 launchers missing autocenter=0 in geometry
@ Fixed nvg visible in fpv
@ Fixed T-72 FCS error with 0 range
@ Fixed TM-62M mine deactivated model, shadow lod and description in Stringtable.xml
@ Fixed PMN-2 mine deactivated model, shadow lod and description in Stringtable.xml
@ Fixed Zu-23 locking
@ Configged in VSR 6Sh92 vests using existing textures.
@ PSNR-5 not detecting radar contacts due to getPos* issue
@ RGD-2 Smoke, stun grenades, and thrown flares not cycling between types if multiple types in inventory
@ Lead setting was default 0, yet in menu options default value was 1
@ Fixed cabin elements position after rescalling
@ Fixed people tag hidding
@ Fixed gunner was able to fire inside Tigr-M
@ Fixed safemode sound not played everytime
@ Fixed PAK-FA decals
@ Fixed No Sound for GAZ-66 when reversing
@ Bad texture on Chedaki BRM-1K commander sight.
@ Fixed AKS-74UN side slot
@ Fixed BMD-1R pilot view proxy
@ AKS-74UN had wrong muzzle attachments available
@ Fixed T-90 had wrong commander proxies in FG
@ Fixed parseNumber attributes errors
@ mproved resolution of vvs_ca.paa decalI
@ Missing ChDKZ Ural textures
@ Potential fix for HEAT handler
@ Fixed PSO-1M2-1 ironsight memory points
@ Fixed Tigr-M smoke rounds firing from only one launcher
@ Error while using ballistic computer menu due to variable override
@ AK mags strange triangle in last shadow lod
@ Performed exorcism on vmf & vdv flora uniforms
@ Scoped out old insurgent BMDs
@ Scoped out properly optic variants that shouldn't be visible otherwise
@ Renamed rhs_editorPreviews to lower case
@ Fixed blank res lods for BMPs
@ Reduced Specular and Specular Power for Mi-8 fuselage
@ Missing camo selection in res lods for emr uniform
@ Gorka clipping with AFRF vests on the sides
@ Missing BlueOnBlue texture to T50 VG texture selection
@ Fixed it was impossible to fold/unfold GAZ-66 radio mast
@ Fixed setShotParents for multiple penetrators
@ Fixed AK-74M w/ 2mags couldn't use safe mode
@ Typo in 2B14 cfg
@ Potential fix for crash during shell loading in T tanks
@ Standarized weapon, item and maGAZine mass for AFRF
@ Added some alpha to PKV collimator reticle to fix graphical artifact
@ Fixed D30 lacked recoil if LG rounds were fired
@ Fixed AI using S5/S8 unguided rockets in uncontrolled way
@ GAZ-66 section count (277 for regular & >515 for version with ZU-23 [sic!]) in 2nd res lod & other small issues (open geometry, flags, etc)
@ BMP-1 barrel selection in shadow lod
@ Fixed Mi-24 antenna cover texture color
@ Fixed Mi-24p camo1 texture
@ Fixed missing flare effect on Mi-24 & Su-25 lights
@ Fixed civilian URAL picture
@ UAZ-469 searchlight texture
@ Fixed BMP-1P had two 9P135 launchers in distant res lods
@ Obyekt 681-2 was missing ATGM sight
@ Fixed BMP-2 Obr 80 camo selections on ATGM launcher
@ Fixed rotor blur not working in last res lod of Mi-8AMTSh
@ Fixed BMP-1P hand movement when using launcher
@ Restored accidently deleted variable in engine startup script
@ Network sync
@ Fixed ghost BTR-60 LOD
@ T-72 parsenumber bug
@ 2DP nohq inverted, reduced texture size and rvmat tweaked.
@ BMD-1 suspension was too high
@ Fixed Gorka Hidden Selection issue
@ VDV Mi-24 were unable to unhide exhaust covers
@ Removed GAZ-66AP extra proxy leftovers  
@ Fixed 2nd uvs set on BMDs & other errors reported by checkAll script (duplicated selections, isolated vertices, opened FG or VG, named properities)
@ Fixed some German wordings in the rhs_main/Stringtable.xml
@ Limited RPG7s mass
@ Removed duplicated strings
@ Fixed some .rpt errors
@ Fixed BMP-1P ATGM gunner proxy missing in fire geometry lod
@ Fixed BMP-2 missing "konec hlavne" mem point
@ BRM-1K left & right cargo turrets animations
@ Fixed 2S3 travel lock bug - close T1919
@ Fixed open topology in Tigr geomtry
@ Fixed RGNO impact script
@ Fixed DShKM conflicting skeleton error
@ Fixed Tigr-STS key event handler
@ Adapted VA to 1.64 changes
@ Corrected small mistake in orsis handler
@ Fixed Mi-8MT doors & windows in cargo lod
@ Fixed Mi-8AMTSh gunner mem point
@ Fixed OG9V behaviour after 1.66 update (had to update reticle too unfortunetly)
@ Fixed editor previews for civilian URALs
@ Fixed wrong position of zeroing in ui of static weapons
@ Fixed BMP-1D can swim
@ Tigr-STS hotfix
@ Fixed T-72 small errors
@ Fixed Mi-8AMTSh lower damper animation. Thanks to Voyager.
@ Added bouyancy=1 to T-72, 80 & 90
@ Fixed max fording depth for T-80s
@ A face was absent from "HIDE_exhaust" selection (CDF Mi-8AMTSh had a misc triangle projecting from the port-side exhaust)
@ Fixed Mi-8 rotorshaft anims
@ Mi-8 MG gunners were using wrong lod (cargo, instead of gunner)
@ Sorted alpha in Mi-8 pilot lod
@ Disposable launcher script missing locality check
@ Fixed RGD-5 thrown model
@ Kornet & Metis bounding box
@ Alpha sorting on Mi-8AMTSh sight
@ Typo in AK-105 muzzle slot classname
@ Fixed 2DP appearing in optics slot
@ Trailing space in DTK1P.p3d named properties
@ Mi-24 firegeo tweak
@ Duplicated stringtable
@ Some units missing in cfgPatches
@ ScopeArsenal=0; & scope=1; to folded weapons.
@ GAZ-66 w/ R142 proxy left over in pilot lod
@ Reverted scope values on pp2000
@ Mi-8 wheels were sunk in the ground when using AFM, following changes to damper anims.
@ Added buoyancy=1 to Tochka
@ Added some missing maGAZine to virtualAmmoBox.sqf


- Scoped out ZSh-1-2 in favor of Altyn
- Most 50 and 150m distance steps for tails (saves quite a bit of disk space, too)

ADDED IN 0.4.2

+ Interior lights for M2, M113, M1117, C130, UH60, UH1
+ Vehicle in Vehicle support for flatbed HEMMTS
+ Custom muzzle flashes for USF weapons
+ M40A5 sniper rifle
+ Schmidt & Bender M8541 scope
+ SU-260/P Machine Gun Day Optic (ACOG TA648MDO)
+ Early generation M249 variants: pre-PIP skeleton stock, PIP solid stock etc.
+ SAW front grip attachment (currently only compatible with M249 itself)
+ New Harris bipod variant for mounting on M40 and M24
+ SilencerCo Omega 9K (9mm suppressor)
+ Rotex-II MP7 (4.6mm suppressor)
+ MP7A2 (replaces old MP7A1 model)
+ hiddenSelections for SPC vests
+ hiddenSelections for HK416
+ Flags in cfgFactions
+ Engine startup/stop time script for USAF ground vehicles (RHS_ENGINE_STARTUP_OFF = true; to disable)
+ Script for automated equipment of NVGs at night (if available in a unit's inventory)
+ M397 40mm airburst grenade
+ M14 AP mine
+ New M67 (frag) and M69 (practice) hand grenade models
+ Javelin AT assistants/ammo-bearers
+ New TOW missile variants, including TOW 2B with Overfly Top Attack (OTA)
+ New IK anims for several crew-served weapons
+ Ability to disable voice announcer (bitching betty) in RHS options menu
+ M1232 6X6 MRAP (RG33L)
+ AN/PAS-13G(V)1 Light Weapon Thermal Sight by Erick Tjoe (https://www.artstation.com/artist/ericktjoe)
+ Ops-Core FAST Maritime helmet

Improved IN 0.4.2

^ Reconfigured inventory mass of items, magazines and weapons in a more unified way across all RHS mods
^ Unified bolt action script using new 1.66 weapon eventhandlers
^ Unified disposable launcher script using new 1.66 weapon eventhandlers
^ Config parameter "aimTransitionSpeed" introduced in 1.66, is added to USAF weapons
^ New textures for M24
^ New textures for AN/PEQ-15 and model adjusted for locking pin
^ Reduced MELB engine & tail rotor armor
^ Optimized SPC & IOTV vests (sections count, more res lods, removed old camelback from pilot view)
^ Calibration of Elcan M145 2D & 3D reticle
^ Laser position on ANPEQs
^ Standard USMC Scout Sniper classes are now equipped with M40A5, added new classes with the previous Mk11 (M110 stand-in) loadout
^ HMMWVs more difficult to roll over
^ Better HMMWV glass reflection
^ M1 tank optics zoom levels
^ Increased dispersion of M230 & M197 helicopter autocannons
^ Tweaked ERA hitpoint values on Bradley
^ Improved grip attachment system to support compatibility across RHS factions and support for 3rd party addons
^ Flipped Premier M8541A scope normals, tweaked rvmat and improved glass reflection
^ Optimisation of M249s (reduced from 12 sections to 5 by merging textures), and other model adjustments
^ M249 PIP variants accept all 5.56mm muzzle attachments
^ M249 PIP VFG variants compatible with grip attachment system
^ C-130 texture tweaks
^ MARSOC units's helmets switched from FAST Ballistic High Cut to FAST Maritime
^ Simple gas block and gas tube models for MK18 and M4BII handguards
^ Better visual transition between M113 resolution LODs
^ Made Camelback cap color on USMC vests less "luminous"
^ Set maxZeroing values for US sniper rifles and marksmen rifles to include their published effective range
^ Increased zeroing range of 20x Leupold scope
^ Increased M107 dispersion slightly from 1.3 MOA (from GM6 parent class), to 1.5 MOA based on published statements of accuracy for the rifle
^ Implemented setShotParents to spall & heat scripts
^ Optimised M32 shadow LOD to improve performance
^ Bipods compatibility with Joint Rails
^ DUKE countermeasures script improved to allow (RG-33L) drivers to control DUKE instead of commanders
^ M1117 now use countermeasures for DUKE activation
^ M1117 section count reduction
^ Glock17 normals and .rvmat tweaks
^ Glock17 trigger animation now includes a moving trigger safety
^ Green tint to NVG lenses & cleaned up named properties
^ Added some transparency to AN/PVS-14 view
^ Servo sounds for M1 commander turret
^ M1 damage texture workaround
^ Ability to change ammunition loadout of M252, M119 & M109
^ Changed simulation of M119 spent cases
^ Old HMMWV bull bars (M998 style) and tail hitch, selectable through Virtual Garage/Eden
^ Updated editor preview images to reflect some recent loadout changes
^ New M107 sounds
^ New CH-47 rotorLib configuration, based upon Huron - thanks swissMAG!
^ increased MPAT damage radius
^ Leica laser now triggers Shtora
^ Added airLock=1 to tank ATGMs & HEATs (AI should now engage helicopters with them)
^ Reduced hand size on G3 uniforms
^ Cleared excess UV sets data from numerous weapon models (.p3d file optimisation)
^ Reduced glossiness of glass screen between pilot and copilot/gunner in AH-64 cockpit to improve visibility
^ Cleaned up isolated verts from SR25, M4BII & Mk18
^ Raised OpticView memory point on Leupold and Premier scopes - improves "scoping in" camera movement
^ Weapon tails sound curve
^ Adjusted mass of rifles with grenade launchers based on GL type
^ Tweaked AH-1Z hitpoints
^ AH-1Z loadout switches to AGM-114K
^ AH-64D Apache Longbow loadouts now have a mix of AGM-114L and AGM-114K
^ Disabled AGM-114L laser locking
^ Disabled Tab-locking on A-10 and MELB
^ Applied AFRF SACLOS script to TOW
^ TOW visual effects in flight (visible tracer behind missile, script for hiding exhaust flames of booster)
^ Replaced BGM-71D in TOW launcher and Bradley with BGM-71E and BGM-71H
^ More animations for TOW launcher, including height adjustment of the launcher and IK for the gunner
^ Added missing control handles to TOW launcher
^ PiP sight in first person view LOD of TOW launcher
^ M1 tank drivers use thermal camera for night operations
^ M61 hit value adjusted to be more consistent with other bullets
^ Retextured M2 ammo tray
^ LOD switching on ACH and MICH helmets
^ M113 FFV hatch handling is now performed by event-based scripts (function is shared by RG-33L FFV seats)
^ Visual `damageHide` selections for Mark V
^ Death animations for Mark V crew
^ Tweaked Mark V physX and sounds
^ Reduced CH-53E cargo capacity to 24 seated (30 personnel in full combat gear was unrealistic)
^ Moved Lerca rangefinder ground item to the Inventory Items subcategory in Eden editor

FIXED IN 0.4.2
@ Fixes to mod.cpp file
@ Adapted RHS Arsenal to 1.64 changes
@ RHSUSF menu option not working in standalone mode
@ M1A1FEP & M1A1HC commander MG fixed
@ DUKE antennas textures on M1A2SEP TUSK II change with vehicle colour
@ M107 mass
@ Bolt action rifles anims broken after throwing grenade
@ WMX + ANPEQ were missing proper entries to fit HK416 rail
@ Restored insignia & clan patches to UCP & FROG uniforms
@ M62 20rnd & 5rnd mags tracers were not working
@ Buckshot hit errors
@ M1117 turned out commander was moving with main turret
@ M1117 gunner view point clipping when aiming high
@ Hitpoints on Gen 3 uniforms
@ Some bugs in M1 FCS
@ UH60M landing gear issues
@ NVGs visible in first person view on some unit models
@ scope = 1; for M107 magazine base class (was appearing in "All Magazines" tab in Arsenal)
@ A-10 & F-22 no longer takes damage during proper landing
@ Non-convex component in HMMWV geometry LOD
@ HMMWV engine smoke mem points
@ HMMWV engine sounds
@ M1025 damage textures
@ M1025 w/ M2 had autocenter=0 property, affecting fording behaviour
@ Fording behavior of HEMMT, M1 and M109
@ UV mapping error on the back of M16A4 buttstock
@ M16A4 Carryhandle + M203 had no weight difference with M16A4 carryhandle
@ Consistent weight across M4 GL variants (M320 weight > M203 weight > M203S weight)
@ Helmets clipping through upper hull in M113 cargo positions
@ M320 sidearm could mount a pistol suppressor in Arsenal
@ M590 sound config error
@ M240B missing side attachment/pointer slot
@ Changed SMAW sight to 2d version, due to changes in how Arma handles zeroing animations when optics are attached
@ Various C-130 interior LOD issues with the ramp, HUD visibility etc.
@ Parts of the loader's hatch were not following the turret rotation on M1A1SA models
@ Corrected M919 30mm APFSDS penetration
@ Added RHS tag to skeleton of M252 mortar to prevent conflicts with other addons
@ CH-53 parsenumber error
@ AI M1 tanks had wrong simulation refresh rate
@ Texture error for HMMWV BFT
@ M1 Abrams mass value
@ M1A1HC had belly armour by mistake
@ UCP Joint Fires Observer was missing a helmet
@ Magazines of disposable launchers were marked as premium content
@ UAV helper is now created on local machine only
@ Cleared duplicated strings from Stringtable.xml
@ M150 RCO w/ AN/PVS-27 would be replaced by a normal ACOG when mounted on a weapon (was inheriting 2D/3D/PiP preference script from parent ACOGs)
@ Error from unrecognised hasBipod anim source in SOPMOD rifles
@ Error when defusing M19 mine
@ Fixed M19 AT mine deactivated model, shadow lod and description in Stringtable.xml
@ M72 LAW changing eye point after fire
@ RPT error regarding rhs_dummy_mag
@ Static weapon zeroing info was in the wrong position in UI
@ MarkV SOC driver proxy was missing from Fire Geometry LOD
@ Shell ejection memory points on static M2 & HMMMWV w/ M2
@ Typo in the `incomingMissileDetectionSystem` parameter of some units
@ Ejection seat could cause Crash To Desktop
@ Chemical Energy surface modifier for RHS vehicle armour system did not work on cars

- Removed redundant models, materials and textures from the M249 folder
- 4*4 RG33 scoped out from US Army faction (intended to be replaced by RG33L)
- Scoped out old MP7A1 classes. Now inherit from new MP7A2 equivalents
- Removed redundant models, textures and materials from MP7 folder


ADDED IN 0.4.2
+ 6B5-19 body armour
+ M1 steel helmet
+ M56 steel helmet
+ Ssh-68 steel helmet with VSR camo cover
+ PASGT style helmets (multiple helmet covers)
+ M93 uniform in ERDL camo
+ Tactical Vest in ERDL camo (BIS retexture)
+ Custom muzzle flashes for GREF weapons
+ Škorpion vz. 61
+ Picatinny railed Mosin Nagant M38
+ RKG-3EM Anti-Tank grenade
+ Mi-24D for CDF (early version with MCLOS missiles and later version with SACLOS)
+ CDF T-80 (early variants)

^ Reconfigured inventory mass of items, magazines and weapons in a more unified way across all RHS mods
^ Updated mod.cpp to contain all values
^ Unified bolt action script using new 1.66 weapon eventhandlers
^ Added a Shadow LOD and inventory icon for UN beret
^ UN beret `displayname` formatted so that it now sorts alongside other RHS berets in Arsenal
^ Improved textures for most Ssh-68 steel helmet camo covers
^ Cleanup of redundant UV sets from weapons
^ Night sight illumination for BRDM2
^ L-159 MFD animations
^ Gunner units/loadouts to crew ChDKZ armed UAZs
^ Additional ChDKZ & Nationalist units equipped with AKS-74
^ Nationalist units equipped with PG-7V rockets
^ Commander units/loadouts added among CDF vehicle crews
^ CDF T-72 tank inventory now includes T-72B obr 85 variant
^ Rearmed CDF helicopters with older missiles & rockets (9M114 missiles & S5 rockets)
^ More Mi-24 & Mi-8 loadout variants available in editor
^ Equipped CDF soldiers with AKS-74 rifles and 6B5-19 vests added in 0.4.2
^ CDF AK-74 loadouts are now equipped with 7N6 ammo rather than 7N10
^ New and improved textures for BTR-60s
^ Changed ChDKZ flag in cfgFactions
^ Camo selection for Mosin M38
^ Better Mosin M38 handanim
^ Tweaks to Mosin M38 .rvmat
^ New Kar98 & Mosin M38 sound configs
^ Optimized init call for Mosin M38 and Kar98 scripts
^ Matching hiddenSelections for GAZ-66 KUNG bodies

FIXED IN 0.4.2
@ UN beret .rvmat was missing
@ Missing `zbytek` section in SuperHind model.cfg
@ Texture paths for ChDKZ Ural
@ Removed Russian MSV decals from ChDKZ UAZ
@ Bolt action rifles anims were broken after throwing grenades
@ Instrument illumination in L-39/L-159 cockpit
@ Typo in L-39/L-159 `incomingMissileDetectionSystem` parameter
@ L-159 .rpt error fix
@ BRDM-2 hatch handling
@ Renamed editorPreviews.pbo to lower case (caused problems with some servers)
@ BRDM-2UM PK gunner could not use ironsights
@ Ejection seat could cause Crash To Desktop

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Ares Achilles KeyInfos +-


* Change: Garrison module: Replace searching pattern "House" by "Building" (=> more buildings are available e.g. Tanoa WW2 bunkers).
* Change: Moved "Create/Edit intel" module from "spawn" to "scenario flow" category (see #40)
* Change: "Destroy Buildings" Module was changed to "Damage Buildings" Module (=more options).
* Change: "Patrol" module was changed to "Patrol/Loiter (Heli)" => Loiter waypoint for aircrafts.
* Change: Default assigned hotkey to eject passengers has changed from `LEFT SHIFT` + `G` to `V`.
* Change: For logged-in admins the "execute code" module is in any case available.
* Change: "Bind variable to object" variable is no longer public, but still global.
* Change: Postpone initialization of global functions to the point they are needed (like CED version).
* Feature: Toggle street lamps module
* Feature: Autocollapse Tree (see #26)
* Feature: Apex symbol in front of apex objects and warning message.
* Feature: CBA settings framework (by @Grezvany13).
* Feature: Settings: Helmet & DLC icons for module tree (by @Grezvany13).
* Feature: Settings: Zeus vison modes (by @Grezvany13).
* Feature: Settings: Set available factions for module tree (especially useful for addons like CUP).
* Feature: Settings: Customizable hotkeys.
* Feature: Waypoint: Paradrop waypoint.
* Feature: Waypoint: Improved fastroping waypoint; ACE3 or Advanced Rappeling (AR) is needed. The latter is used if both are loaded. (Note that ACE3 fastroping does not work properly in MP in contrast to AR)
* Feature: Reinforcement Module: Type of waypoint can be selected: Land, fastroping or paradrop.
* Feature: JIP option for execute code.
* Feature: Module "Change Altitude": Change altitude for aircrafts, divers and submarines (Note: In some cases you have to place a waypoint to get the desired effect!).
* Feature: Improve "Add objects to Zeus" module (shorter radius, Filters)
* Fix: Non-local surrendered units stuck after release in cetain cases.
* Fix: Implement solution similar to CED (see #27).
* Fix: Player manned vehicles cannot be edited (see [BIS forum](https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191113-ares-mod-achilles-expansion/?do=findComment&comment=3132117))
* Fix: Advanced attributes do not work for non-local units (see #38)
* Fix: "Garrison building instant" module does not work for non-local units.
* Fix: Suppressive fire does not work properly with move waypoints.
* Fix: Mines were marked on map (check ACE3 solution?)
* Fix: Mortar only fire one shell (see #36)

* Feature: Updated Russian Translation (by Igor Nikolaev).
* Fix: Single unit player teleport option was broken.

Fix: Player edit menu was broken.

* Change: Teleport player: Teleport entire vehcile is now optional.
* Change: Instant occupation does distribute large group (>8 members) on different buildings (by Grezvany13)
* Change: Revised equipment module category.
* Change: Chatter module now sets mouse cursor on text box automatically.
* Change: Remote control chatter: Acces to zeus chat was not avialabel.
* Change: Sort player and group lists in alphabetic order (Player Module Category).
* Change: Suppressive fire: group lines up perpendicular to target direction (except in combat).
* Feature: A few new Advanced Compositions from Apex Protocol campaign.
* Feature: Updated Russian Translation (by Igor Nikolaev).
* Feature: Achilles Dialog windows can be moved.
* Feature: Damage vehicle components button is implemented (edit vehicle menu).
* Feature: Behaviour careless and combat modes (from "hold fire" to "fire and engage at will").
* Feature: Set ammunition slider (vehicle and unit edit menu).
* Feature: Headlight/Searchlight option (vehicle edit menu)
* Feature: Unit edit menu: Arsenal and Skill button; set unit name for chatter module
* Fix: Suppressive fire:
- Broke down when more than 2 "suppression target modules" were available.
- Unit did not cease fire if group mate is in line of fire.
- Suppressive fire: Units went "crazy" in mechanized and motorized groups.
* Fix: Logger for loading achilles modules was not removed.
* Fix: Client side script errors reported in RPT log file.
* Fix: Wind force of 0 is no longer possible (prevents flares from being stuck in the air).
* Fix: Remote controlled units were not able to untie a surrendered unit or pick up an intel.
* Fix: Create intel Module:
- Issues that occure when multiple intels were created (not fully proven to be fixed).
- Script error due to wrong variable locality.
* Fix: Compatibility issues between Ares and TFAR (not fully proven to be fixed)
* Fix: Script errors in surrender unit module.

Change: Heavily reorganized scripts and compartmentalized pbo similar to vanilla add-ons. This might lead to unintented losses of some functionalities (please report!)
Change: Optimized the way the add-on is initialized
No script runs at all when player is not Zeus.
Loading of modules is now directly coupled with the Zeus Display.
Change: Russian translation extended (by Igor Nikolaev).
Change: Warning message in case Ares is loaded too.
Change: Save SQF Module is now based on world positions (not final yet!!!)
Change: Replaced BIS_fnc_destroy City by the Achilles function in the earthquake module.
(Fix: earthquake undid previous destruction)
Feature: Create Advanced Compositions: Now supports turrets
Feature: Options for suppresive fire module (Stance, Fire Mode, time)
Feature: Surrender with Apex Progress Bar Action and more options
Feature: Create Intel now supports Apex Progress Bar Action
many new options are possible e.g. hacking laptop/get intel from enemy unit/pick up intel or whatever
Feature: Option to teleport zeus instant in teleport player module
Feature: toggle destroy buildings for earthquake
Feature: Transfer ownership module (allows transfering units/objects to server)
Fix: Intels could not be properly edited
Fix: RHS reinforcements were broken due to renaming of Vehicle Classes in the last RHS update
Fix: Switch player side was broken
Fix: Several functionalities did not work on non-local units (e.g. players):
"LEFT CTRL + G" - eject
Ambient Animations
Note: The functionalities should now even work on players.
Fix: Spawn Light Source and Peristent Smoke Pillar did work for clients without Achilles
Fix: Injury Module (Vanilla Version): random option led to death with high probabilty
Fix: Script errors caused by canceling selection option
Fix: Compositions were not accessible in Eden editor (fixed by S. Crowe)
Fix: Custom Modules could not be added in mission init phase (e.g. init.sqf)
Fix: Units could not properly have a seat on chairs from advanced compositions
Fix: Animal Category is back, although it will be replaced as soon as the new animal spawn module is finished
Fix: ERROR IN FIELD MANUAL: Wrong hotkey for Deep Copy/Paste
Fix: Flagpole teleporter did not account for height.
Fix: There were several bugs in case custom add-ons were not unlocked for Zeus
Could not move and delete target logics
Ares modules were not avaiable in recent modules
Fix: Error message was missing when fire support modules had a lack of possible targets

V.0.0.2 (Achilles Expansion (alpha version))
* Feature: More ambient animations + combat ready option
* Feature: Spawn Mines/Explosives module.
* Feature: More waypoints are avaiable.
* Feature: Russian translation (not complete yet)
* Feature: Advanced compositions system
* Feature: Object modification modules: change hight, attach to.
* Change: Surrender Unit module can be applied on multiple units.
* Change: List option for teleport dialog is aviable again.
* Fix: Locality issues for ambient animations.
* Fix: Ambient animations could not be terminated.
* Fix: Errors in stringtable (Earthquake + Reinforcement).
* Fix: Copy mission SQF module from Ares was missing.
* Fix: Disable simulation module from Ares was missing.
* Fix: Effect modules did not spawn at the exact defined position.
* Fix: Teleport Module did not teleport vehicles.
* Fix: Advanced Waypoints (ACE fast-roping, Land, ...) did not work.
* Fix: BIS campaign compositions included vehicles and ammo boxes.
* Fix: Search and occupy building script did not work anymore.
* Fix: Last choices in some dialogs were not saved properly.
* Fix: Cancle button was to small for german translation.

v0.0.1 (Achilles Expansion (alpha version) - compared to Ares 1.8.1)
* Feature: Avaiable languages: English, French, German (not yet completed)
* Feature: More vanilla music is aviable in the "Play Music" module.
* Feature: Music defined in description.ext are added to "Play Music" module if a valid "musicClass" is defined (e.g. "Lead", "Action", "Stealth", "Calm")
* Feature: Some modules have a selection mode avaiable which allows applying a module selectively on multiple objects.
* Feature: Added some Advanced Hints for the Field Manual.
* Feature: Animation (Module)
* Feature: Chatter & HQ chat (Module + direct aviable for remote controlled units)
* Feature: Advanced Weather Settings (Module)
* Feature: Earthquake (Module)
* Feature: Suppressive Fire (Module)
* Feature: Destroy Buildings (Module)
* Feature: Bind variables on Objects (Module)
* Feature: "Execute Code" module has now built-in params (position and under cursor target)
* Feature: Create Light Source / Persistant Smoke Pillar (Effect Module, also avaiable in Eden Editor)
* Feature: Chatter Module (HQ and unit) + automatically open chatter window while remotecontrolling unit
* Feature: Sit / leave chair (Module)
* Feature: AI ability (Module)
* Feature: Access to vehicle cargo (extra button in edit vehicle dialog)
* Feature: Launch countermeasure / pop smoke by selecting a unit and hitting countermeasure key.
* Feature: Deep copy/paste units (CTRL + SHIFT + C / CTRL + SHIFT + V)
* Feature: Eject Passengers (including players) with SHIFT + G (or para drop in case of aircrafts)
* Feature: Zeus can write hints
* Feature: Zeus can switch side in order to talk with a specific side in side chat.
* Change: Spawn Reinforcement Module is now based on configs => general compatibility with other mods (tested with RHS and CUP)
* Change: Reorganized module categories (not final!).
* Change: New Dynamic Dialog interface with more variety options.
* Change: Summarized existing modules such as teleport and effects.
* Fix: Module tree is no longer collapsed when switching the taps.
* Fix: The modules will now show up as soon as "Zeus" module category shows up too
* Additional fixes and change in code structure

OCP / 13.01.17Infos +-


- Update to searchNreplace
- Testing on Napf found issues with replacement pos code
[FIXED] 3 houses still had reversed Open and Close
[FIXED] Bulletproof textures in fire geometry on 2 buildings (THX LOLKIJ)
[FIXED] Ladders were added to all buildings, only several needed it, removed from remainder (THX LOLKIJ)
[FIXED] LOLKIJ provide a new model for the 3I1 building fixing height issues (ROCKING LOLKIJ!!)
[UPDATED] NiiRoZz provided optimized searchNreplace script. Modified for current work and added (THX NiiRoZz)
[FIXED]House 3I1 - glass from back door did not move with opening of door
[FIXED]Config errors - all 12 original configs were missing entries
[FIXED]Ruins - all Houses were pointing to incorrect location of ruins models
[FIXED]Models.cfg - 2 of these had an extra comma at the end of the selections
[Added] Headless Client Support
[Added] New Map support for Podagorsk
minor change and new pbo
Quick fix to the searchNreplace.
[Added] MultiMap / MultiMod support for Chernarus and napf / JBAD
[Fixed] Surface and Penetration and Texture PopUp errors
[Fixed] All ca\data paths in models adjusted to compatible arma 3 a3\data_f paths
No more popup errors YEA
if you are interested in adding new maps to the searchNreplace just submit your work
[FIXED] Original Source UserActions had Open Door and Close Door reversed on some of the houses.
[RAISED] Original armor setting was equal to 100. new value is equal to 1000.
[CLEANUP] Started cleaning up of configs
Fix sNr rpt error
Added search and replace pbo for server owners. This pbo only runs automatically on servers.
if you want to use this in the editor.
Open up the debug console andd run this code:
execVM "\ocp_searchNreplace\mapedits\eXpochSearchNDestroy.sqf";
Key added for hosting
updated config.cpp's for both pbos
added pictures of buildings interiors for show

BackpackOnChest / 1.1.1Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28837

v1.1.1^ Removed unnecessary code in various function@ Script error when synchronizing units without a backpack to 'Backpack On Chest'-Module
@ Backpack floating in the air for other players when getting into a vehicle

+ Added ^ Improved @ Fixed
+ Japanese translation
+ French translation
+ TFAR radio-settings are now handled when backpack radio is put on chest and back (speakers wont work, while rucksack is on chest)
+ removeMagFromChestpack function
^ Modules 'Add Chestpack' and 'Backpack on Chest' can now be activated by triggers
^ ACE-Actions are now avaliable in vehicles and hidden when map is open
^ Backpacks can now be stored in your chestpack
@ German translation typo 'Rucksack auf den Bauck'
@ Script error when putting a backpack, which stores a weapon with no magazine loaded, onto chest
@ Handle weapon attachments / loaded magazines when swapping rucksacks

This Update will include a lot of improvments although the user wont notice a lot of them.
The whole system is now a lot more stable. Some small bugs were fixed and stuff like partially full magazines are now taken into account.
There are new modules and a lot of functions for the mission creators out there.

Some Bug fixing

Added some Functions (see here)
Modifyed some scripts (won't change any features)
Signed PBO

- Initial release

entfernt werden:
Identizee austauschen durch FEMAL3 Standalone (Iteminfo Scope)
Recolor Mod
personal insignia
Pook Camonets
FAP Units
Refined Vehicles
JBad Buildings (weil inkludiert in OCP)

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 05.02.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 5600~ MB.


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Update erfolgt am 16.02.2017.

Arma 3:

TFAR / 0.9.12Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23615

Added CBA Settings implementation to replace userconfig.
Added Teamspeak 3.1 support.
Teamspeak Plugins are now packed in a ts3_plugin installer.
Fixed dead people could hear Zeus.
Fixed Bug where Teamspeak plugin wouldn't load. Big thanks to Dr_Eyeball!

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 16.02.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~ MB.




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Update erfolgt am 05.03.2017.

Arma 3:

ACRE2/ v2.4.0.942Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2/releases/tag/v2.4.0.942


[New] Localisation of ACRE2's ACE3 Interaction menus, ACRE2's CBA Settings and ACRE2's controls. The status of translations can be seen here - Further help is always welcome!
[New] Client side CBA Setting for controlling the volume other spectators are heard at.
[New] CBA Settings for - acre_api_fnc_setLossModelScale, acre_api_fnc_setInterference, acre_api_fnc_setFullDuplex, acre_api_fnc_ignoreAntennaDirection, acre_api_fnc_setRevealToAI - Note these API functions will be depecrated in ACRE2 2.7.0. For now they will override the CBA settings if they are called to maintain backwards compatibility. If no API calls are made the CBA Settings will take effect. Using the API functions will log a message to the RPT.
[New] API function acre_api_fnc_setCustomSignalFunc for overriding the signal model - http://acre2.idi-systems.com/wiki/frameworks/custom-signal-processing.


[Major] Removed desync test as ACRE2 now handles desynced players. Their radios will no longer be garbage collected.
[Update] TeamSpeak 3.1 plugin support (TeamSpeak API 21). The auto-copying of the plugins has been updated to handle the new possible paths for the plugins to be installed to.


[Optimisation] Significant cleanup and several optimisations throughout ACRE2.
[Improvement] Added compiled extensions for 64-bit Arma 3.


[Fix] SEM52SL knob position would not update when the channel was changed using acre_api_fnc_setRadioChannel.
[Fix] WRP parser no longer runs in main menu.
[Fix] Underwater check is now correctly checked for spectators.
[Fix] Direct speech range state 'randomly' changing (i.e. people unexpectedly 'whispering', 'shouting', etc.).
[Fix] SEM52SL now displays properly for all aspect ratios.

GSG Mods/ 1.66Infos +-

 Added Tropentarn Fahrzeuge

CBA A3/ +-

Link: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases/tag/v3.2.1.170227

FIXED: CBA_fnc_addUnitTrackProjectiles/removeUnitTrackProjectiles function names (#599) bux
FIXED: CBA_fnc_getPos broken (#601, #602) commy2


ADDED: Custom chat commands (#507) commy2
ADDED: MRT Accessory Functions (#513, #555) robalo
ADDED: Function for tracking projectiles (#534) bux
ADDED: CBA_fnc_insert (#542) 654wak654
ADDED: Japanese translation (#544) classicarma
ADDED: Updated Joint Rails for 1.66 weapons and attachments (#552) robalo
ADDED: Optional timeout parameter for CBA_fnc_waitUntilAndExecute (#560) 654wak654
ADDED: XEH support for new 1.66 eventhandlers (#575) commy2
ADDED: "CBA_attachmentSwitched" event (#582) PabstMirror
ADDED: CBA_fnc_hashKeys (#590, #591) dedmen commy2
OPTIMIZED: CBA settings use hidden Eden category (#540) BaerMitUmlaut
OPTIMIZED: Use new entities syntax for XEH (#548) dedmen
OPTIMIZED: An if statement in state machine (#550) jameslkingsley
OPTIMIZED: CBA_fnc_formatNumber using new toFixed command (#562) PabstMirror
OPTIMIZED: CBA player eventhandlers using new engine events (#574, #595) commy2 PabstMirror
OPTIMIZED: Substitude functions to reduce eventhandler recompile times (#588, #593) commy2
OPTIMIZED: CBA_fnc_reject (#589) dedmen
FIXED: CBA_fnc_nearPlayer doesn't ignore headless client logics (#545) Cuel
FIXED: AI lowering and raising weapon repeatedly (#551, #570) SilentSpike
FIXED: Keybinding tooltip position wrong (#556) PabstMirror
FIXED: Script error on headless clients (#557, #558) shukari, commy2
FIXED: XEH preInit doesn't run when switching terrain in Eden (#563) PabstMirror
FIXED: RETNIL and RETDEF in scheduled env. (#566, #576, #577) Dorbedo commy2 PabstMirror
FIXED: XEH initPost running twice (#567, #578) SilentSpike PabstMirror
FIXED: Problems with CBA task modules (#571) SilentSpike
FIXED: Patrol pattern of CBA_fnc_taskPatrol (#572) SilentSpike
FIXED: CBA_fnc_getArea broken with area arrays (#579) PabstMirror
FIXED: Keybindings using Shift, Ctrl, or Alt (#583) PabstMirror
FIXED: CBA_fnc_getPos doesn't copy position array (#584, #586) highhead commy2
FIXED: CBA_fnc_randPos working not as expected (#587) commy2
FIXED: seatSwitchedMan event will not be overridden correctly (#592) commy2
FIXED: A function header (#594) commy2

RHS/ +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27150




^ AKS-74 textures & named selection / hiddenSel (body)
^ Added advanced hitpoints to Su-25
^ Adjusted aiming point for Su-25 Kh-29L missiles
^ Tweaked Tu-95 damage configuration
^ Shadow volume for GP-25s on AKS-74 rifles
^ Improved padding on aux 6B7-1M helmets
^ NPZ AKS-74N now accepts barrel-clamp attachments, like all the other AKS-74s (GP-25 version should not)
^ Increased a little bit accuracy of 9K114 & 9K120
^ PKT with zeroing cfg variant
^ Optimized SPO-15 RWR script performance (kudos to Sa-Matra for hints)
^ Changed COM on Su-25
^ Improved Su-25 suspension physx cfg
^ RHS tag in Ka-52 and Mi-28 sights scripts
^ Increased timeToLive for OG7 & TBG7 to 60 seconds
^ Tweaked maxLeadParam for HEATs & HE rounds
^ Tweaked Tu-95 rear gunner collimator transparency
^ Added 2 new vest variants: 6B23 with SSh-92 without radio and 6B23 with SSh-92 VOG without radio for spetznaz


@ Fixed Mi-28 ghost lod
@ Small fix for radar detection by SPO-15
@ Added missing baseWeapon param for AFRF pistols
@ Fixed incorrect NPZ switching on AKS-74N
@ Fixed 9M111/113 not working if player order them to fire from commander seat
@ Moved parachute config to c_a2port_air due to dependencies
@ Fixed typo in BMP3 panel
@ RSP-30 missing component in geometry
@ Fixed searchlight error
@ Fixed some more references to USAF functions in AFRF
@ Fixed BRM-1K ghost LOD
@ Raised landcontactpoints in order to simulate "weight" on the Tu95 tires
@ Inversed wheel animation for Tu-95 wheels
@ Fixed empty proxy triangle showing when Mi-24 lights were turned on (no proxy selection/model path was defined)
@ Fixed basic T-80 optic bug
@ Potential fix for Tu-95 and Tochka-U missile launch in MP
@ Fixed missing RHS_Yield parametr for Tochka-U nuke
@ Remade Tu-95 gear lights
@ Removed cabinOpening=1 (causes issues with multiple people trying to get inisde during MP sessions) from Tu-95 & replaced it with hidding lader based on "rpm" source
@ Fixed dashboard illumination for Ural & GAZ-66 replaced obsolote optics_shine.rvmat with correct car_panelsred.rvmat


ARDEC 4-prong M240 flash-hider
New M252 model


^ M14 AP mine specular values
^ Tweaked maxLeadSpeed parameter for HEAT and HE rounds
^ M397 HET grenades added to RHSUSF supply crates
^ Interior lights for RG-33L
^ RG-33L's rhino mast will now collide with structures and vehicles
^ Adjusted RG-33L Anti Roll Bar force
^ MRZR damage visuals
^ MRZR can now carry small objects with the setVehicleCargo command in Arma 1.68
^ Adjusted MRZR braking force and other PhysX parameters
^ Adjusted HK416-type rifle muzzle-flash rotation limits to work better with flash-hider attachments


@ M14 AP mine missing texture errors
@ Flashlights did not work when attached to MP7
@ Displayname for 6-round M397 magazine was inconsistent with the single round mag
@ Ironsights on M4 w/ Magpul furniture were using the wrong zeroing and memory point settings
@ RG-33L high/low beam headlights weren't functioning properly
@ RG-33L wheels floated slightly above the ground
@ MRZR now uses the correct sound filter for open-topped vehicles
@ F-22 landing lights were not originating from the correct positions
@ M27 IAR with TD grip would not accept some optics that fit the grip-less M27
@ M27 IAR flash-hider did not hide in viewPilot LOD when a muzzle attachment was fitted
@ Some pistols were missing 'baseweapon' parameter and would not show in Arma 1.68 Virtual Arsenal
@ replaced hasBipod animation sources with hasUnderbarrel
@ Missing side skirts on M113 M2 variants



M93 uniform with flecktarn pants (former M93 Flecktarn renamed to M93 Flecktarn Jacket)


^ More LODs for 6b5 vest
^ Updated 6b5 textures
^ L-159 air brake animations
^ 'baseWeapon' parameter added to all weapons except sub variants not visible in VA
^ Reload animations on Zastava rifles are now less tacticool
^ Adjusted recoil on M70, M76 and M92
^ Bolt "hold open" behaviour for M70 and M92 rifles
^ 5.56mm MuzzleSlot compatibility for M21 rifles
^ Folded variants of Zastava rifles moved to hidden scope
^ M76 aimTransitionSpeed made consistant with other DMR-type weapons
^ Adjusted M76 and M92 muzzle-flash rotation limits to work better with flash-hider attachments


@ Unusual shading on the underside of L-39
@ Mi-24G Superhind landing lights and interior lights originated from model centre
@ Railed Mosin Nagant hiddenSelections problems
@ Mountain and Forest versions of TTsKO Field Caps had the wrong textures allocated
@ BRDM2-UM with PKT was missing zeroing
@ M70B1, M76 would turn in to M70AB2 when the weapon-folding action was performed
@ Some pistols were missing 'baseweapon' parameter and would not show in Arma 1.68 Virtual Arsenal

ACE3/ 3.9.0Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.9.0


Add "Muzzle Velocity vs. Temperature Interpolation" and "C1 Ballistic Coefficient vs. Distance Interpolation" and "Truing Drop" to the ATragMX. So that you can calculate more and shoot less, or vice versa (#4639)
Add Japanese translations (#4785)
Add Korean translations (#4794)
Add RH Acc Surefire flashlight map compatibility (#4846)
Add Zeus module for attaching FRIES, but without Ketchup (#4597)
Add Zeus utility modules (#4661)
Add ace_setting for overpressure distance (#4691, #4770)
Add frag definitions for all remaining ammo (#342, #4736)
Add missing orange map chemlight entry (#4839)
Add more Polish translations (#4821)
Add optional "uniforms". Removes side restrictions for vanilla uniforms. Combatant cross-dressing. (#4435)
Add optionals meta.cpp files (#4763)
Add realistic names to civilian Kamaz trucks (#4851)
Add rearm to Vehicle Ammo boxes (#4750)
Add support for rearm vehicle cook off (#4779, #4565)
Add x64 DLLs (#4764, #4765, #4758)


Advanced Ballistics has an improved simulation of transonic flight for even more delightful shooting (#4652)
Advanced Ballistics has increased performance for more pleasant shooting (#4707, #4708)
Change cook off burn rate calculation for more intense initial burn that more decreases with time (should reduce overall cook off length) (#4779)
Change hearing event handlers to player only event handlers (#2627, #4727)
Change overpressure config on 2a70 (used on the bmp-3/bmd-4; it has a very low muzzle velocity) (#4691, #4770)
Change use new private syntax for winddeflection PFH (#4761)
Code cleanups and overhauls of certain modules (#4818, #4813, #4562, #4580)
Decrease concertina "dismount" time (#4812)
Improved readability of the ATragMX's gun list. Sometimes the last part of long gun names were brutally truncated. No more cutting names sho (#4669, #4674)
Sent AI medics back to medical school so they don't fail to perform their duty in some situations (#4797, #4800)
Simplify config crawling in nouniformrestrictions (#4782)
Simplify huntIR configs using += and issue it to RHS' M320 (#4521, #4199)
The "tap shoulder" uses a spiffier non movement blocking animation (#4577, #4578)
The .408 CheyTac has another brother. Say hello to the .408 CheyTac 305gr ammo. (#4667)
The Range card is even more accurate by taking the bore height into account (#4715)
The civilian plane isn't as useless as before, it can now load cargo. A little bit. (#4650)
Update latitude and altitude map data (#4786)
Vastly improved the ACE3 FCS. It doesn't need a compatibility patch anymore. It's perfect on its own now (#4653)
We made the scopes module great again. It doesn't need a compatibility patch as well and it's even more accurate than Arma 3's vanilla zeroing, it's true (#4642)


Fix AI producing no grenade pin pulling sounds (#4799)
Fix AI thrown flashbangs having no effect (#4799)
Fix Kamaz medical truck being incorrectly set as a repair vehicle (#4850)
Fix ace_particles smoke on arty shells (#4766, #4768)
Fix deprecated AW159 and CH-47I config (#4726)
Fix fastrope options don't show up on ACE interaction sometimes (#4819)
Fix global execution of ammo crate cook off code (#4799)
Fix miscellaneous typos (#4854, #4824, #4816)
Fix missing refuel menu on static fuel station (#4533)
Fix rhs gl smoke causing frag (#4691, #4770)
Fix script error caused by new arguments passed to handleDamage (#4866, #4863)
Fixed AI being too fast with locking and shooting Javelins. We had a talk about how not to cheat or at least how to hide it better (#2686)
Fixed Laser codes not properly updating when turned on. Before it would have no effect until turning it off and on again.(#4677)
Fixed a glitch where Javalins wouldn't be able to lock a target after switching launchers or changing fire modes, total losers (#4625)
Fixed clackers not being usable by other players, sharing is caring (#4687)
Fixed minor issues with scopes, too minor to mention (#4681)
Fixed the range of the dead man's switch "detonate all" feature from unlimited to limited, which seems bad, but it's good (#4688)
Fixed the realistic name of the HK416. Bigger is better, right? right? (#4873)
Fixed various issues with the ATragMX, like dividing through 0. The ATragMX was brought up better than this (#4682)
Some stances shouldn't drain or not drain your precious stamina as they wrongly did. Fingers crossed (#4591)
Tactical Ladder, wasn't tactical enough and threw a script error (#4814, #4815)
The Kestrel 4500 can now be used without having Advanced Ballistics enabled. But why would you? (#4544)


Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 05.03.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 ~650 MB.


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Zusatzupdate erfolgt am 01.04.2017.

ACRE2 / +-

Link: https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2/releases/download/v2.4.1.947/acre2_2.4.1.947.zip


[New] Korean and updated Czech translations. The status of translations can be seen here - further help is always welcome!


[Improvement] ACE3 radio self-interaction will now be hidden if no radios are available.
[Improvement] Tweaked the order of left, centre and right spatial configurations in self-interaction. "Set to Left Ear" will now be on the left in radial configuration (or below in list configuration) while "Set to Right Ear" will be on the right (or at the top).

[Improvement] Clean-up and prefix fast hash global variables - Note fast hashes use a custom location with invalid draw style which will be logged to RPT, this is known and required.
[Optimisation] General clean-up and optimisations through all the code.
[Optimisation] Pass functions 'by reference' to BI event handlers (performance improvement).
[Optimisation] Don't compile 117F and 152 menus on preStart (possibly fixes rare display issues).


[Fix] A race condition where players could sometimes not being able to hear transmissions and direct speech but could communicate through direct speech.
[Fix] Previously the acre_api_fnc_setCustomSignalFunc function would error when attempting to reset to the default behaviour in scheduled environment.
[Fix] Antenna direction calculation where the rotation speed of the antenna was twice the rotation speed of the unit.
[Fix] Prevent acre.log from being created since it was never used (can be safely removed from Arma 3/logs folder).

Das Update am 01.04.2017 erfolgt wie geplant.

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 01.04.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 3~ MB.


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Arma 3:

Falluhja / 1.2.0Infos +-

Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12315

•Fixed support for ArmA2 Vanilla (no OA)
•Fixed (hopefully) the problem with Fallujah double bridge (bridge hopping)
•Changed the format of map grid for better GPS/ACE DAGR support
•Added support for ambient civilians (Takistans) (ALICE MODULE)
•Fixed runway headings textures
•Updated config to provide better coordinates with GPS and ACE DAGR
•Some other small enhancements and fix

• Opened another entrance north of the airport for AI movements
• reworked highway bushes with less density
• Fixed some objects placements at airport
• Cleaned some roads from residual bushes
• Planted some palms along the east highway
• Removed bushes from water
• City name location types reworked for better compatibility with mission scripters
• 2 new bridges near dams to enable AI movements in south west area
• Small enhancements all around the map
• Checked every bridge for AI crossing

•Bug #14371: FLIR check
•Feature #14298: Buildings: Airport area
•Feature #14300: Buildings: Add sqm houses accross map
•Feature #14338: CFG: Map names and Alice support
•Feature #14341: Buildings: Industrial Area
•Feature #14464: Mask: Airport mask and clutter
•Feature #14495: CFG: Map Image

•Bug #14661: Map scale
•Feature #14302: Morphing: Terrain smoothing near rivers
•Feature #14357: Vegetation: map vegetation
•Feature #14413: Roads: Training Circuit
•Feature #14522: Terrain: Close Euphrate River Ovest
•Support #14459: Shezan74.bikey
•Support #14758: No .bisign for fallujah_hou.pbo
•Feature #14355: Clutter
•Feature #14332: Buildings: Make a new train station north of Fallujah city

•Bug #14474: Crash while crossing bridges
•Feature #14358: Vegetation: city palms

•Bug #14360: Objects: Warehouses
•Bug #14362: Objects: FOB
•Bug #14417: AIRPORT ILS
•Feature #14299: Buildings: Fix / replace hotels with smaller hotels
•Feature #14340: Roads: Industrial Area
•Feature #14380: Highway passages

First public release - beta version

Taunus / 1.1Infos +-

Link: http://server.grenzschutzgruppe.de/file/Taunus_V2.7z

changed: xCam_Taunus bikey + xCam Prototype bikey instead of 10 different keys
fixed: Missing Landcontact issue Taunus Walls in RPT
fixed: strange convex geo/geo physx Deox Objects
fixed: unaccessible ladder points Deox Objects
fixed: Deox Objects missing config class
fixed: poolpunk RMA objects RPT Spam
fixed: Walls_01,03,04 RPT Spam
fixed: Indust Concrete RPT Spam
fixed: Indust Stairs RPT Spam
fixed: Indust Pipes RPT Spam
fixed: Plants RPT Spam
fixed: Glitch to hide under dirthump in Wehrheim
fixed: Drivability on Taunus Wall Objects
fixed: Localisation Lat/Long
fixed: Missing Roadway Saalburg
fixed: Glitch to hide under dirthump in Wehrheim
fixed: some misplaced objects
fixed: wrong config entries (soundHit)
fixed: Localisation Lat/Long
added: Missing Fence Königsstein
added: Apron Lighting RMA
added: About 50 deerstands around the map
added: Jail-Doors

Beketov / 0.9bInfos +-

Link: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=4616

- NEW: A penitentiary colony in Dubenki.
- NEW: A dairy factory in Beketov.
- NEW: Wheeled vehicles speed is now depends on the type of terrain.
- NEW: A couple of new school buildings in Beketov.
- FIXED: Some geometry issues around Beketov.
- FIXED: Some geometry issues in the central industrial area near Kozlovo.
- FIXED: Some geometry issues in Limonovo.
- FIXED: Many roads around the map.
- And some other minor fixes reported by the community.
- FIXED: compatibility with dedicated servers (some missed bisigns added);
- FIXED: some minor bugs reported by fingolfin, shurka and others;
- FIXED: removed unnecessary dependency of the "CUP Terrains - Maps", only the "CUP Terrains - Core" is enough now.

ACE3/ 3.9.1Infos +-

Link: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/download/v3.9.1/ace3_3.9.1.zip


A new feature to set a name for Slideshows, because each one should be special for you. (#4904)
Add meta data for new community maps and correct latitude. (#4961)
Compatibility for the RHS GREF RKG-3 grenade, thanks to our awesome community. (#4944)


Hide earplug actions if ace_hearing is disabled. You wouldn't wear them for decorative purposes. (#4913)
Use the new CBA Accessory Functions for Laser mode switching. If they can do that why should we? (#4855)
The new Arma 3 update was all bananas about a location called "bananas". Now we use less fruity names. (#4975)
When adding color mapping for the map gesture function, it could sometimes happen that an error is thrown. And that ain't cool. (#4976)
The ATragMX gun list is now more prone to errors on ACE3 updates. It seems you found it annoying to delete your profile each time we made changes to the list. (Sorry) (#4917)
Medical texts in Korean are now properly translated. (Reds, go together!) (#4897)
Corrected the Katiba's barrel lengths. Because size matters ... at least when shooting ... bullets (#4893)

You were able to lockpick an unlocked vehicle from the inside. Since that doesn't make sense we removed it. (#4985)
An error snuck in when Advanced Ballistics was disabled the range card refused by all means to show wind and lead values. (#4964)
Pilots of fast moving aircraft stopped being little sissies and won't die when taking control of them as Zeus. (#4955)
Weapons with integrated scopes can now be used with Advanced Ballistics again. (Still no quick scopes!) (#4945)
When storing a weapon in the gun bag your character will take better care of the loaded magazine and won't lose it anymore. (#4942)
Being unable to use the medical system on a save game after restarting Arma 3 is now a thing of the past. (#4941)
Fixed an issue with setVariablePublic. (#4938)
Sometimes when editing units in Eden an engineer would suddenly switch his profession to medic and a medic would frankly ridiculously prefer to apply WD-40 to a patient instead of Saline. (#4905)
Fixed an issue where multiple slideshows sub-actions would display on the same position resulting in no one being able to read the names (#4904)
A small amount of codegrease has been applied to the medical code leading to performance improvements. (#4885)
The annoying bug of the audiovisual desync in vehicle and ammo cook off won't annoy you anymore. (#4990)

CUP Terrains / 1.2.0Infos +-
OCP / 1.2.0Infos +-
BackpackOnChest / 1.2Infos +-


+ Added @ Fixed ^ Improved
+ A new button in the arsenal screen, which allows you to swap and switch the backpack to chest and back without leaving the arsenal
^ Functions actionOnChest, actionOnBack and actionSwap are now fail proof for release on the wiki page
@ Exploit that allowed you to run after picking up a crate and putting it back down while wearing a backpack on chest
@ Some magazines weren't recognized and therefore not preserved (thanks to Jack Ost)

BWMod / 1.5Infos +-


- hinzugefügt: Eagle IV
- hinzugefügt: Tropentarn "light"
- hinzugefügt: ACRE-Unterstützung für Puma und Leopard2A6M
- hinzugefügt: Hülsenauswurfanimation für Leopard2A6M Ladeschützen-MG5
- hinzugefügt: Apex Souundsystem
- hinzugefügt: TFAR eigenes Funkgerät
- hinzugefügt: Einstellung Gruppenmitglieder auf NaviPad auszublenden
- geändert: NaviPad Position veränderbar
- geändert: Leopard2A6M Texturen
- geändert: Neue Sounds für alle Waffen
- geändert: beim Leopard2A6M MG5 Coax zu MG3 geändert
- geändert: 10x 250 Schuss Coax-Munition zu 1x 1000 Schuss beim Leopard2A6M geändert
- geändert: TI-Texturen für alle Fahrzeuge
- behoben: Pzf3 Masse
- behoben: MG4 Magazin war in LOD 1-5 unsichtbar
- behoben: Leopard2A6M Tarnnetzposition (Wanne)
- behoben: Coax MG war bei Leopard2A6Min Ladeposition des Hauptgeschützes asynchron
- behoben: Fehlende Normalmap an Westen

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 02.04.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 2500~ MB.



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Sk3yn3t / 1.20 Infos +-

Logistik-Portal komplett überholt, neue DB-Struktur. Ab sofort stehen für Einträge 3 Kategorien zur Verfügung: Typ, Gattung und Loadout.

ACHTUNG: Der Name des Dialogs hat sich geändert. Alt: DBCrateEntry, neu: DBLogisticEntry.

Funktion jgkp_fill_crate umbenannt zu jgkp_fill_logistic

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 09.04.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 1~ MB.

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